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Retro Gamer Magazine Next Issue #262 - 1st August 2024


Metal Gear Solid

4 Jul 24

A Moment Ninty Media (Paul Murphy)
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 December 2007
Collectors Corner Simon Williams (Obscure Consoles)
EndGame International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Evolution of Gauntlet
Hardware Heaven Sharp Twin Famicom
Homebrewers Kit Timo's Castle (Roman Werner), Ossuary's (Damian Gareth Walker)
Homebrewers Kit Roguecraft, Binary Battle, Ghostbusters
Hot Topic Speaking Snake: Metal Gear Series
ImpactS of
Metal Gear Solid
In the Chair
Mark Webley
Lost In Translation
Mortal Kombat II, Dragon Ball: Senron No Nazo, Rayman
Making of 
Booty, Tron, Captain Planet and the Planeteers
My Retro Life 
Unlicenced and Unwanted: Nick and Rubbish Emulation Devices
Peripheral Vision
Microsoft Xbox DVD Movie Playback Kit
Retro Gamer's Favourite
Ocean Software Licences
Retro Rated
System Shock, Crow Country, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, Magical Drop VI
Retro Rated
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
Retro Revival Guzzler, Batman, Barbarian II, Baku Baku Animal, Pokemon LeafGreen
Retro Revival Eledees
So You Want To Collect
PlayStation Shmups
Studio Profile
221b Software Development
Ultimate Guide #214
 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Ultimate Guide #215 Dead or Alive 2


Nintendo's Iconic Hardware Innovations

7 Jun 24

A Moment Retro Computer Museum Leicester (Andy Spencer)
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 November 2007
Collectors Corner Luke Teenans (Resident Evil)
EndGame Mario's Time Machine
Extra Gift The Mini Metroid Companion
Feature Nintendo's Iconic Hardware Innovations, Emulation Nation
Feature Thief: The Dark Project - An Enduring Legacy, M2 ShotTriggers: Chasing Perfection
Hardware Heaven Tiger Electronics
Homebrewers Kit Vengeance Hunters (Michael Monaghan), System X (Robert Wilson)
Homebrewers Kit Cecconoid, Kien, Dr Acula
Hot Topic Exploring Emulation
In the Chair
Randal Linden
Making of 
Technician Ted, The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
My Retro Life 
Compiling Compilations: Darran
Peripheral Vision
Nintendo Famicom Family BASIC
Retro Gamer's Favourite
Xbox Live Arcade Gems
Retro Rated
Toplan Shoot'em Up Collection Vol 4, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Retro Rated
Endless Ocean Luminous, Rainbow Cotton, The Epyx Collection: Handheld
Retro Revival Yie Ar Kung Fu, Panoram Cotton, Daytona USA
Retro Revival Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise, Mad World
Story of
Little Big Adventure
Ultimate Guide #213
 Warioware Inc: Minigame Mania
Whatever Happened Pen & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors


Super Metroid

9 May 24

A Moment The Con5Ole Book: 50 Years of Home Video Gaming (Mike Diver)
Back to
 October 2007
Collectors Corner Tom Turner (Sega Mega Drive & Nintendo Wii U)
EndGame Deadly Moves
Feature Super Metroid: An Enduring Legacy
Hardware Heaven Sony PSP Go
Homebrewers Kit Toxic Tomb (Locomalito), Lufthoheit (Shannon Birt)
Homebrewers Kit The Storied Sword, Good Kniight & Harharagon, Pang Plus
Hot Topic Metroidvania Magic
Impact of 
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Making of 
Captain Blood, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Burnout 3: Takedown
My Retro Life 
Retro in Wroclaw: Darran in Poland
Peripheral Vision
Commodore 64 Datasette
Retro Gamer's Favourite
Retro Compilations
Retro Inspired
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants
Retro Rated
The Atari 400 Mini, Berserk Boy, C-Smash VRS
Retro Rated
Analogue Pocket Adaptor Set for Neo Geo Pocket Color, PC Engine & Atari Lynx
Retro Rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants
Retro Revival
Henry's House, Safari Hunt, Super Fire Pro Wrestling X
Retro Revival Rapid Reload, The Beatles: Rock Band
Story of
Broken Sword
Tribute to
Beam Software
Ultimate Guide #211 California Games
Ultimate Guide #212 Rolling Thunder


Inside Game Boy Advance

11 Apr 24

A Moment Tetris NES Broken (Willis Gibson)
Back to
 September 2007
Classic Moments The Chaos Engine
Collectors Corner Stephen Baker (Amiga)
EndGame Captain Quazar
Evolution of TOCA
Feature Inside the Game Boy Advance and Mini Making of Shantae Advance
Hardware Heaven VTech Socrates
Homebrewers Kit Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess, Jonathan Cauldwell
Homebrewers Kit Yeti Mountain, Sergio Kidd, Golf Monday
Hot Topic Essential Game Boy Advance Games
Making of 
Aplha Storm, Sim City 3000, Slave
Minority Report
Mastertronic Games: Video Meanies, Play It Again Sam, Tutti Frutti
My Retro Life 
Lost in Space: Nick's Terra Galactica
Peripheral Vision
ColecoVision Expansion Module #1 Atari 2600
Retro Inspired
Contra: Operation Galuga
Retro Rated
Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story, Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster
Retro Rated
Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, Piko Interactive Collection 4
Retro Rated Princess Peach: Showtime!, Top Racer Collection
Retro Revival
Crackpots, Tecmo Super Bowl, Empire of Steel, Blood Lines
Retro Revival Shadow of Rome, Pursuit Force
Story of
Ultimate Guide #209 Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
Ultimate Guide #210 Dodonpachi


The 100 Greatest Retro Games (Retro Gamer's 20th Anniversary Issue)

14 Mar 24

A Moment TR Fight Stick's Octopus (Yunus Emre Sogukkanli, Dan Morelle)
Back to
 August 2007
Classic Moments Virtua Racing
Collectors Corner Mike Winterbauer (Box Art Paintings)
EndGame Cool Spot
Extra Gift The Complete History of Retro Gamer (32 Page Booklet)
Extra Gift Double-Sided Poster (256 Covers of Retro Gamer Magazine & Atari Box Art)
Feature The 100 Greatest Retro Games
Hardware Heaven Nintendo GameCube
Homebrewers Kit Dracula: Dark Reign, Special Ninja Squad (Antoine Fantys)
Homebrewers Kit Toxic Tomb, Turbo OutRun
Homebrewers Kit 40 Best Machine Code Routines for the ZX Spectrum 4th Edition Book
Hot Topic Favourite Features
In the Chair
Richard Jacques
Making of 
Fable, Daxter
My Retro Life 
Riding the Retro Wave: David Crookes
Retro Rated
Tekken 8, Evercade Cartridges: The C64 Collection 3 & Indie Heroes Collection 3
Retro Rated
Mario Vs Donkey Kong, N64: A Visual Compendium, Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore
Retro Revival
Super Sprint, Grind Stormer, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Retro Revival Kuru Kuru Kururin
Tribute to Llamasoft Jeff Minter & Ivan Zorzin
Ultimate Guide #207 Spellbound
Ultimate Guide #208 Counter Strike
Whatever Happened Retro Gamer's Missing Issue


Crash Bandicoot

15 Feb 24

A Moment ZX Touch (Goran Radan)
Back to
 July 2007
Classic Moments Klaxx
Collectors Corner Charlie Weller (Crash Bandicoot)
EndGame Centipede
Evolution of Crash Bandicoot
Feature Tanks for the Memories: Jonathan Griffith's Gaming Odyssey
Hardware Heaven Nintendo DS Lite
Homebrewers Kit Toki (Davide Bottino), Data Man (Olof Naessen)
Homebrewers Kit Briley Witch Chronicles 2, Strife Sisters, Forest Escape - A Knight's Quest
Hot Topic Early 3D Platformers
In the Chair
Richard Browne
Making of 
Yes Prime Minister, Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story
My Retro Life 
Portable Power PSP: Nick
Peripheral Vision
Atari 5200 Trak-Ball Controller
Pushing the Limits
Chikyuu Kaihou Gun ZAS
Retro Gamer's Favourite Games Featuring Dinosaurs
Retro Rated RetroTink 4K, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Another Code: Recollection
Retro Rated
The Monty Mole Collection, Dark Chambers
Retro Rated
Toaplan Arcade Shoot'em-Up Collection Vol 3
Retro Revival
Kung-Fu Master, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, SoulStar
Retro Revival Harmful Park, Skies of Arcadia, Deadly Creatures
Story of The 7th Guest
So You Want To Collect Apple II Games
Ultimate Guide #205 Buggy Boy
Ultimate Guide #206 ICO
Whatever Happened Bio Force Ape


The 90s

18 Jan 24

A Moment RetroRGB (Robert Neal)
Back to
 June 2007
Classic Moments Robotron: 2084
Collectors Corner Phil Garner (Game Gear, Game Boy, Virtual Boy)
EndGame Punch-Out!!
Feature The 90s: A Decade of Definitive Games!
Hardware Heaven Magnavox Odyssey
Homebrewers Kit The Vectrex Academy (Peer Johannsen), SNK Vs Capcom, Fydo's Magic Tiles
Homebrewers Kit Sabre Wulf Remastered (Robert Troughton), CPCRetroDev 2023 Competition
Hot Topic Console Wars
In the Chair
David Bishop
Making of 
Vectorman 2, Budokan: The Martial Spirit, Diablo II
My Retro Life 
Rediscovering the PS2: Darran
Peripheral Vision
Sony PlayStation 2 Multitap
Pushing the Limits
Retro Gamer Guide Broderbund
Retro Rated Evercade Cartridges: Duke Nukem Collection 1+2, Goodboy Galaxy + Witch N'Wiz
Retro Rated 
Evercade Cartridges: Demons of Asteborg + Astebros
Retro Rated 
Sonic Dream Team, Double Dragon Collection, The Dreamcast Encyclopedia
Retro Rated 
Shinorubi, Analogue Duo (PC Engine)
Retro Revival
Asteroids, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
Retro Revival Silent Scope, Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Ultimate Guide #204 Rick Dangerous


Dreamcast 25 Years

21 Dec 23

A Moment Curious Video Game Machines Book (Lewis Packwood)
Back to
 May 2007
Collectors Corner Ben Boyd (Dreamcast, Saturn, Mega Drive)
EndGame Dark Wizard
Feature Don't Wake Me: 25 Years of the Dreamcast
Hardware Heaven Panasonic Q Nintendo GameCube
Homebrewers Kit Grind, Spheroid (Andy Vaisey), Gridlock/Jam!
Homebrewers Kit Dragonhym, Petscii Side-Scrolling Platformer
Hot Topic Dreamcast Memories
In the Chair
Raph Koster
Making of 
Spellbound Dizzy, Comanche: Maximum Overkill
Minority Report
Gamate Games: The Further Adventures of Hannibal the Cat
Minority Report
Gamate Games: Kill Shot, Tough Guy
My Retro Life 
Meeting My Heroes: Paul Drury
Peripheral Vision
Atari 7800 CX78 Joypad
Retro Gamer's Favourite Games Starring Living Toys
Retro Rated Atari 2600+, Evercade Cartridges: Full Void, Home Computer Heroes Collection 1
Retro Rated 
Berzerk: Recharged, Quarter Arcades: Space Invaders Part II
Retro Rated 
Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection
Retro Revival
Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back!, Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers
Retro Revival Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Namco Classic Collection Vol 2
Retro Revival Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, Exit
Story of The Graphic Adventure Creator
Tribute to Graftgold
Ultimate Guide #202 Power Strike
Ultimate Guide #203 James Pond II: Codename RoboCod


Inside the Atari 2600

23 Nov 23

A Moment RetroTink 4K (Mike Chi)
Back to
 April 2007
Collectors Corner Adam Kessel (Arcade & NES)
EndGame Tekken 5: Lee's Ending
Evolution of Disney's Illusion Games
Extra Gift 2024 Calendar: Pixel Platformers, From Miner Willy to Mario
Feature Inside the Atari 2600, The Map Makers
Future Classic #94 Suika Game
Hardware Heaven Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
Homebrewers Kit Rogue Declan Zero (John Girvin), Assembloids, Frasier Fantasy
Hot Topic A Look at Lucasarts
In the Chair
Paul Cuisset
Making of 
Atari 2600+, Ancipital, Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III
Making of Spider-Man
My Retro Life 
Precious Memories: Darran
Peripheral Vision
NEC TurboGrafx-16 TurboStick
Retro Rated Super Mario Bros Wonder, Super Pocket Capcom & Taito, Sonic Superstars
Retro Rated 
Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1, Formula Retro Racing - World Tour
Retro Revival
Krillys, Chase HQ, F-Zero, MotorStorm
So You Want To Collect Lucasarts Games
Studio Profile Volition Inc
Whatever Happened Home Alone 2: Kevin's Dream


The Magic of Mario

26 Oct 23

A Moment Perler Beads Cross Stitch Art (Sarah Roberts)
Back to
 March 2007
Collectors Corner Shaun M Neary (Compilations)
EndGame Axelay
Hardware Heaven Funtech Super A'Can
Homebrewers Kit Wild Wood (John Henderson), Under 4Mhz, Sam's Journey
Homebrewers Kit Savage Princess 2, Beyond
Hot Topic Mario Memories
In the Chair
Clive Townsend
Making of 
Golf, The Lost Patrol
Minority Report
Psygnosis Sony PlayStation Games: Sentient, Assault Rigs, Lomax
My Retro Life 
Days of Play: Martyn Carroll's First Magazine Roles
Peripheral Vision
Vectrex Control Panel
Retro Gamer Guide Mortal Kombat
Retro Gamer's Favourite Finishing Moves
Retro Rated Mortal Kombat 1, Evercade: Sunsoft Collection 1, Horizon Chase 2
Retro Rated 
Dynablaster, Shark! Shark!
Retro Revival
Enduro, Super Columns, Gates of Zendocon
Retro Revival Psychic Force, Ridge Racer V, Soulcalibur IV
Tribute to First Star Software Inc
Ultimate Guide #200 Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure
Ultimate Guide #201 Katamari Damacy
Whatever Happened Super Star Wars (PC)


Star Wars: Dark Forces and Starfighter

28 Sep 23

A Moment The Making of Karateka (Chris Kohler)
Back to
 February 2007
Collectors Corner Jordan Maison (Star Wars)
EndGame Barbie: Game Girl
Hardware Heaven Nintendo DSi
Homebrewers Kit Laszlo Rajcsanyi, Astebros, Space Taxi, Lemmings
Hot Topic Xbox Live Arcade
Making of 
Star Wars: Starfighter & Jedi Starfighter, Katakis, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Making of 
Call of Duty
My Retro Life 
Downsizing Darran
Peripheral Vision
Sega Master System 3-D Glasses
Pushing the Limits Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Retro Gamer Guide Gradius
Retro Rated Taito Milestones 2, The Art of the Box, WrestleQuest, GameBook, Pocket Bravery
Retro Revival
Super Pac-Man, The Offical Frogger on Atari 2600 Starpath Supercharger
Retro Revival Streets of Rage, Castlevania Chronicles, Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3
Retro Revival Space Giraffe
So You Want To Collect Donkey Kong Games
Ultimate Guide #196 Star Wars: Dark Forces
Ultimate Guide #197 LED Storm
Ultimate Guide #199 Hogs of War
Whatever Happened Pokemon Picross



01 Sep 23

A Moment FPS: First Person Shooter Documentary (David L. Craddock)
Back to
 January 2007
Collectors Corner Marc Chaggar (Rare)
EndGame Sonic Wings 3 - Spanky's Ending
Extra Gift The Ultimate Mini Rare Companion
Feature A Rare Celebration
Hardware Heaven Nintendo Game Boy
History of Sensible Soccer
Homebrewers Kit The Making of A Pig Quest, Antonio Savona
Hot Topic We've Got It Covered
Lost In Translation
Konami GB Collection Vol 1, Colin McRae Rally 2.0, Parappa the Rapper 2
Making of
The Newzealand Story, Jurassic Park, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Making of
Castle of Shikigami 1 & 2
My Retro Life
Retro Revamp: Nick's Console Setup
Retro Rated Evercade Piko Arcade 1 & Sydney Hunter Collection, Antstream Arcade
Retro Rated
Flying Shark, Pikmin 4, Hellfire
Retro Revival Hero, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Quake, F-Zero GX, Dead Space
Ultimate Guide #194 Jet Set Willy
Ultimate Guide #195 Gran Turismo


Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles

03 Aug 23

A Moment Arcade Britannia (Dr Alan Meades)
Back to
 December 2006
Collectors Corner Dean and Sharon Gear (PlayStation 1)
EndGame Super Bases Loaded
Evolution of Midnight Club
Feature Legacy of System Shock
Hardware Heaven Bandai Apple Pippen Atmark
Homebrewers Kit Dango Dash, Zeta Wing 2, Super Bomberman 2 Remix
Hot Topic Gotta Go Fast
Making of
Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic & Knuckles, Xeno Crisis
My Retro Life
A Dream from Nightmares: Graeme Mason's ZX Nightmares Book
Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast Mouse
Retro Gamer's Favourite Frogs
Retro Inspired Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons, RoboCop 3
Retro Rated Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons, Ray's Arcade Chronology
Retro Rated
Operation Wolf Returns: First Mision VR, Gimmick! Special Edition
Retro Rated Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Retro Revival Zenji, Moon Patrol, American Gladiators
Retro Revival Fade to Black, Roommania #203, Prince of Persia Classic
Studio Profile Kalisto Entertainment
Tribute to Gremlin Graphics
Ultimate Guide #193
 The Lords of Midnight
Unconverted Planet Harriers, Superman, Fire Truck, Hero


Inside the NES

06 Jul 23

A Moment BBG Entertainment (Stephan Berendsen)
Back to
 November 2006
Classic Moments Forgotten Worlds
Collectors Corner Callum Stannard (SNES - Youtube: Retro Ghetto)
EndGame Socket
Feature Inside the Nintendo Entertainment System, Alwa's Awakening: 8-Bit Edition NES
Future Classic #93 Stray
Hardware Heaven Sega SG-1000 II
History of Raiden
Homebrewers Kit Hamulet, Go for It!, 2021: Moon Escape, Hellgineers, Lester
Hot Topic Gore Galore!
Making of
Werewolves of London, World Rally Championship, BioForge, Fantavision
My Retro Life
Revisiting Blip Magazine: Paul Drury
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Famicom Controller
Retro Rated Street Fighter 6, Lego Pac-Man Arcade, We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie
Retro Rated
The Computer: A History from the 17th Century to Today, D Life
Retro Revival Xevious, Ninja Golf, Qwak, Tobal No 1, Fire Heroes, WarioWare: Touched!
Tribute to Bizarre Creations
Ultimate Guide #191
Ultimate Guide #192 Puzznic


OutRun 2 20 Years

09 Jun 23

A Moment RichCast (Philip Oliver)
Back to
 October 2006
Classic Moments Pac-Mania
Collectors Corner Benjamin Wimmer (Big Box Computer Games)
Desert Island Disks Matt Householder
EndGame R-Type Complete CD
Extra Gift The Mini Sega Arcade Companion Book
Feature The Legend Lives On: 20 Years of OutRun 2. Tingle: Unsung Hero
Future Classic #92 Marvel's Spider-Man
Hardware Heaven Watara Supervision
Homebrewers Kit Bruxolico, Maria Renard's Revenge, Renegade Reloaded
Hot Topic Time to Accessorise
Making of
Turbo the Tortoise, Blade Warrior, Clockwork Knight 1 & 2
My Retro Life
It Only Does Everything: Darran Investigates the Xbox Series X
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation Sixaxis Controller
Retro Gamer's Favourite Advergames
Retro Rated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Retro Rated
Final Fantasy I-VI: Pixel Remaster, Evercade: Team 17 Collection 1
Retro Rated Nuclear Blaze, Evercade: Toaplan Arcade 2
Retro Revival Front Line, Mayhem in Monsterland, Star Parodier, Mirror's Edge
Retro Revival International Superstar Soccer '98, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Tribute to
Ultimate Guide #189
Ultimate Guide #190 Magic Pockets


The Legend of Zelda

11 May 23

A Moment Chris Huelsbeck - The Piano Collection (Patrick Nevian)
Back to
 September 2006
Classic Moments Rampage
Collectors Corner Jesus Martinez del Vas (ZX Spectrum, Nintendo Game & Watch)
EndGame Kurukuru Kuruain
Evolution of The Cruis'n Series (Cruis'n USA)
Feature The Adventurer's Guide to The Legend of Zelda, Cracking the Scene
Hardware Heaven Sony PlayStation 2 (SCPH-70000 Series) (PlayStation Slim)
Homebrewers Kit Wordle Wonders, Skate Cat, Wycheweald, Soh Tactics GX, Force Bot
Hot Topic Out on the Open Ocean
In the Chair
Alistair Crooks
My Retro Life
Third Time's the Charm: Darran's Interest for Sony PlayStation 3
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Power Glove
Retro Gamer's Favourite Hardware Quirks
Retro Rated Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, R-Type Final 3 Evolved
Retro Rated
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
Retro Rated The Super Mario Bros Movie, Xeno Crisis
Retro Revival Spatter, Enduro Racer, Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W, Blast Wind
Retro Revival The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny, Def Jam: Fight for NY
Studio Profile
Images Software
Tribute to Ocean Software
Ultimate Guide #187
Ultimate Guide #188 Bonanza Bros.


Lara Croft & Core Design

13 Apr 23

A Moment Xenotilt: Hostile Pinball Action (Ralph Barbagallo and Adam Ferrando)
Back to
 August 2006
Classic Moments Fatal Fury
Collectors Corner Frank Schwartztrauber (The RPG Guy)
EndGame Magical Drop Pocket
Feature The Weird World of Atari 2600 Accessories
Hardware Heaven Atari 5200
History of Stronghold
Homebrewers Kit Comp.Sys.Sinclair Game Competition 2022, 
Homebrewers Kit Samuel Blanchard (Miracle Boy in Dragon Land)
Homebrewers Kit Dungeon and Souls, Revenge of Trasmoz, Beep's Escape, Cecconoid
Hot Topic Revisting the Game Boy Advance
Making of
Tomb Raider II, HeroQuest, Sentinel Returns
My Retro Life
One Day in Stroud: Nick's First Retro Event In Years
Peripheral Vision Nyko Intercooler EX for Xbox 360
Retro Inspired C-Smash VRS
Retro Rated Resident Evil 4 (Remake), Tetris (Movie)
Retro Rated
Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, GrimGrimoire: OnceMore
Retro Rated Tiny Troopers: Global Ops
Retro Revival Ms Pac-Man, Air Rescue, Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest
Retro Revival Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi, Worms World Party
Retro Revival
Jaws Unleashed, Virtua Tennis: World Tour
Tribute to Core Design
Ultimate Guide #185
 Game Over
Ultimate Guide #186 Zool


Resident Evil 4

16 Mar 23

A Moment Clive 'N' Wrench (Rob Wass)
Back to
 July 2006
Collectors Corner Garth Coyle (Sega Master System)
EndGame Forgotten Worlds
Extra Gift The Mini Resident Evil Companion (32 Page Booklet)
Feature Sega System 24 Heaven
Future Classic #91 Dicey Dungeons
Hardware Heaven Bally Professional Arcade
Homebrewers Kit Impossible Mission III (Trevor Storey & Stuart Collier), Matt Hughson
Homebrewers Kit A Pig Quest, Dungeon and Souls, Microgames Jam Pak, Roguecraft
Hot Topic Revisting Resident Evil
Impact of 
Resident Evil 4
In the Chair
Roger Hector
Making of
Jet Bike Simulator / Jet Ski Simulator, Lionheart, The Rumble Fish 1 & 2
My Retro Life
Unearthing Gems: David Crookes
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation 2 Vertical Stand
Retro Gamer's Favourite Lovable Losers
Retro Radar In Memory of Steve Riding
Retro Rated Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Akka Arrh, Metroid Prime Remastered
Retro Rated
Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1985-2001
Retro Rated Clive 'N' Wrench
Retro Revival Crush Roller, Space Harrier 3-D, James Bond 007: The Duel
Retro Revival Sengoku Blade, Densetsu No Stafy 2, Pure
Studio Profile Twilight
Ultimate Guide #183
 Stunt Car Racer
Ultimate Guide #184 Shining Force
Whatever Happened Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


The 80s

16 Feb 23

A Moment Akka Arrh (Jeff Minter)
Back to
 June 2006
Collectors Corner Jaime Gonzalez Sorianio (Amstrad CPC)
EndGame Final fight: Streetwise
Feature The 80s: A Decade of Incredible Games
Hardware Heaven NEC TurboGrafx-16
Homebrewers Kit Gilded Lilly, Andrea Baldiraghi (Theroboz)
Homebrewers Kit Muddy Racers, Magic and Legend - Time Knights, Hyperdrive
Hot Topic The Price Isn't Right
In the Chair
Chris Lancaster
Making of
Marko's Magic Football, SIM Copter
My Retro Life
Matters of Import: Nick and Nintendo Import Games
Peripheral Vision Nintendo WII Classic Controller
Retro Radar Roger Kean: A Lasting Legacy
Retro Rated
Blazing Rangers, Toaplan Arcade Shoot'Em Up Collection Vol. 1
Retro Rated
OmegaBot, Breakers Collection
Retro Rated Like A Hurricane: An Unofficial Oral History of Street Fighter II
Retro Revival Trashman, Cobra Triangle, Cosmic Smash, Contra 4
Studio Profile Enigma Variations
Ultimate Guide #181
 The Way of the Exploding Fist
Ultimate Guide #182 Aliens



19 Jan 23

A Moment (Matt Sephton)
Back to
 May 2006
Classic Moments R-Type
Collectors Corner Alex Crowley (Arcade)
EndGame The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Evolution of Shadow of the Beast
Feature Games That Defined the Amiga, The Retro Gamer Guide to Imagine Software
Feature Level 9's Huge Adventures
Hardware Heaven Victor Wondermega RG-M2 (Sega Mega-CD)
Homebrewers Kit Monster Maze Max Hall,  Jonas Hulten (The Kollektivet)
Homebrewers Kit Tynesoft Commodore 16 Classics
Homebrewers Kit Amiga Blitz Basic Jam, CPC Jewels
Hot Topic Achievement Hunters
My Retro Life
Creating Desperation: David Crookes Makes a Retro Game
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation Jogcon
Retro Radar Archer Maclean - Celebrating a Gaming Legend
Retro Rated Blaze Entertainment Evercade EXP, Donut Dodo
Retro Rated
Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol 2, Evercade: Toaplan Arcade 1
Retro Revival Bat 'N' Ball, Plaque Attack, Golden Axe
Retro Revival Fighting Vipers 2
So You Want To Collect
Atari Lynx Games
Ultimate Guide #179
Ultimate Guide #180 Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

22 Dec 22

A Moment Space Runaway (Sergei Kolobashkin) 
Back to
 April 2006
Collectors Corner Nick Mantzoros (Nintendo NES)
EndGame Streets of Rage 3
Hardware Heaven Panasonic 3D0 FZ-10
History of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Homebrewers Kit Robocop Returns on Amiga and Sega Mega Drive, Alastair Low (Flea!)
Homebrewers Kit Devil's Temple: Son of the Kung-Fu Master, Toki
Homebrewers Kit Gherbert Groundhog in Save the Date
Hot Topic Spectacular Sports Games
Making of
The Fear: Storm II, Fightin' Spirit, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Making of 1080° Snowboarding, Lego Star Wars: The Video Game
My Retro Life Meeting the Master: Nick and the Sega Master System
Peripheral Vision Sega Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick II
Retro Gamer's Favourite Cheeky Clones
Retro Rated Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, RepliCade X; Missile Command
Retro Rated
Sonic Frontiers, Itchy Tasty: An Unoffical History of Resident Evil
Retro Rated The Rumble Fish 2
Retro Revival Freeway, The Jungle Book, Zero Wing, Virtual On: Cyber Troopers
Retro Revival The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, WipEout Pure
So You Want To Collect
Super Nintendo SNES
Tribute to
Ultimate Guide #177
 Sabre Wulf
Ultimate Guide #178 Cannon Dancer


Atari 50 Years

24 Nov 22

A Moment Arcade Paradise (Andreas Firnigl)
Back to
 March 2006
Collectors Corner Jamie Depledge (Sony PlayStation)
EndGame Supremacy: Your Will Be Done
Extra Gift 2023 Atari Retro Gamer Calendar
Feature 50 Years of Atari
Hardware Heaven Samsung Nuon Extiva DVD-N2000
History of Legacy of Kain
Homebrewers Kit Magnificent MSX, Fabrizio Caruso, Black Dawn Technomage
Homebrewers Kit Spaceman Kerl, Nosy
Hot Topic Xbox Memories
Making of
Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration
My Retro Life Fan Fare: Nicks Remembers His Years As An Amateur Writer
Peripheral Vision Panasonic 3DO Real Pad Soldier
Retro Rated Sega Mega Drive Mini 2, Aranoid: Eternal Battle, Sophstar
Retro Rated
Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike & The Quest for Stale Gum
Retro Rated Evercade Cartridges: The C64 Collection 1 and Alwa's Awakening & Cathedral
Retro Revival Cybernoid II: The Revenge, Trailblazer, Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu
Retro Revival Nekketsu Oyako, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, Gears of War
Studio Profile
Tribute to
Ultimate Guide #174
Ultimate Guide #175 Rayforce
Ultimate Guide #176 Discworld


Inside the Evercade EXP

27 Oct 22

A Moment Atari Mania (Mark Perloff)
Back to
 February 2006
Classic Moments Operation Wolf
Collectors Corner Steven Bagley (Mario)
EndGame Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition - Xiangfei's Ending
Feature Inside the Evercade EXP: Everade Expands
Hardware Heaven SNK Neo Geo AES
History of Arkanoid
Homebrewers Kit Ted Triumphs, Mojon Twins, Eye of the Beholder
Homebrewers Kit Hakkenkast, Lala Prologue
Hot Topic Licensed Games
Making of
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
Making of Heroes of Might and Magic II, Wiz 'N' Liz, The Legends of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
My Retro Life Action-Packed: David Crookes Reveals the Inspiring Impact of Amstrad Action. 
Peripheral Vision Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw
Retro Gamer's Favourite Videogame Deaths
Retro Inspired Return to Monkey Island
Retro Rated Return to Monkey Island, GamesMaster: The Oral History
Retro Rated Rick Henderson, Aquaventure, WitchCrafty
Retro Revival Ice Hockey, Prince of Persia, Electrocop, Puchi Carat, Jetpac Refuelled
Retro Revival 90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football
Ultimate Guide #173
Tribute to System 3


Commodore 64 40 Years

29 Sep 22

A Moment Ken and Roberta Williams (Sierra On-Line - Colossal Cave)
Back to 
January 2006
Classic Moments James Pond 2: Codename: Robocod
Collectors Corner The Retro Hunter - Chris Bowman
EndGame The Apprentice
Evolution of Crimson Skies
Feature 40 Years of Commodore 64
Hardware Heaven Sega Mega Drive 32X
Homebrewers Kit Age of Aquarius, Richard Lowenstein
Homebrewers Kit Lykia - The Lost Island, Magipanels, Triangle Circle Square AKA /\O[]
Hot Topic Commodore 64 Memories
In the Chair
John Newcomer
Making of
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Vectorman, Mr Driller
My Retro Life Nick's Childhood Arcade
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Wii Zapper
Retro Gamer's Favourite Crates
Retro Radar Oliver Frey: A Legacy of Art
Retro Rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection
Retro Rated Yars Revenge: Recharged, Kirby's Dream Buffet, Pac-Man World Re-Pac
Retro Rated The N64 Encyclopedia: Every Game Released for the Nintendo 64
Retro Revival Phoenix, Light Force, Rick Dangerous, Strikers 1945
Retro Revival Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2, Stranglehold
So You Want To Collect
Atari 2600
Story of Leisure Suit Larry
Ultimate Guide #172 Super Mario Land


Donkey Kong Country

1 Sep 22

A Moment Zapped to the Past (Adrian Mills C64 Podcast)
Back to 
December 2005
Collectors Corner Richard Ellis (SNES & PlayStation)
EndGame Virtua Fighter Kids: Jeffry's Ending
Evolution of Donkey Kong Country
Hardware Heaven Nokia N-Gage QD
History of Screamer
Homebrewers Kit Binary Books, Jeffrey Janssen
Homebrewers Kit Duckstroma, Red Planet, Brainbreak
Hot Topic Ninja Skills
In the Chair
John Calhoun
Lost In Translation
Ranma 1/2: Chounai Gekitou Hen, Gunner's Heaven
Lost In Translation Alexi Lalas International Soccer
Making of
Circus, Demon Attack, Mega Lo Mania, Bioshock
My Retro Life Consumed By Collecting
Peripheral Vision PlayStation ASCII Grip
Retro Gamer's Favourite Weird Character Names
Retro Rated Atari Video Computer System Lego, Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium
Retro Rated Turrican Anthology Vol 1 & Vol II, Mega Man Battle & Fighters
Retro Rated Jumping for Joy: The History of Platform Video Games, Evercade: Jaleco Arcade 1
Retro Revival Myth: History in the Making, Sensible Soccer, Gauntlet IV, One Piece Mansion
Retro Revival Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins, Mario Kart DS
So You Want To Collect
Amstrad CPC 464
Studio Profile Digital Eclipse
Ultimate Guide #171
 Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


Street Fighter 35 Years

4 Aug 22

A Moment Wave Game Studios
Back to 
November 2005
Classic Moments ToeJam & Earl In Panic On Funkotron
Collectors Corner Rees Stephenson (Atari)
EndGame Pokemon Mini: Togepi's Great Adventure
Feature 35 Years of Street Fighter, The Retro Gamer Guide to Codemasters - Budget Games
Future Classic #90 Elden Ring
Hardware Heaven Amstrad GX4000
Homebrewers Kit Scorpion Engine Rising, Jon Cortazaz
Homebrewers Kit Miner 2019'er, Deva, Indestrutotank!
Hot Topic Street Fighter
In the Chair
Franz Lanzinger
Making of
Agony, Nocturne
My Retro Life Puzzle Paradise
Peripheral Vision Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Retro Rated Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, Capcom Fighting Collection, GoldenEra
Retro Rated Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series, Evercade: Morphcat Games Collection 1
Retro Revival Starquake, Ninja Gaiden, Klax, League Bowling
Retro Revival Ridge Racer 64, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Studio Profile Software Invasion
Ultimate Guide #168
Ultimate Guide #169 Super Space Invaders
Ultimate Guide #170 Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
Unconverted 2 Spicy, Polygonet Commanders, Orbs, Play Girls 2


Wonder Boy

7 Jul 22

A Moment Llamasoft (Tempest 4000)
Back to 
October 2005
Classic Moments WWF No Mercy
Collectors Corner Darren Browne (16 Bit)
EndGame Wild Woody
Feature CD-ROM: The Early Years, Top 25 Lightgun Games
Future Classic #89 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy 
Hardware Heaven Nintendo Wii
History of Wonder Boy
Homebrewers Kit Arcade Attack, Bernd Buchegger (Panther)
Homebrewers Kit Zeta Wing, Rival Gangs Ext, Black Sea
Hot Topic Mega-CD Memories
In the Chair
Andrew Sleigh
Lost In Translation
Panel De Pon, Jumping Flash!, Kamen No Ninja-Hanamaru
Making of
Kick Off 2, Donkey Kong Land, Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun
My Retro Life Mame Scrolling
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation DualShock Controller
Retro Rated Final Vendetta, Sonic Origins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge
Retro Rated The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History, Snow Bros: Nick & Tom Special
Retro Revival The Legend of Kage, Total Eclipse, Sonic Wings Special
Retro Revival Capcom Vs SNK: Milennium Fight 2000, Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Studio Profile The Sales Curve
Ultimate Guide #167


Sonic Origins

9 Jun 22

A Moment Shank Mods
Back to 
September 2005
Collectors Corner Dustin Vogel (Commodore)
EndGame The Story of Thor
Evolution of Driver
Extra Gift Sonic's Greatest Moments Mini Magazine: 50 Memories That Defined Sega's Mascot
Hardware Heaven Epoch Game Pocket Computer
Homebrewers Kit Amigamejam 2021, Juan J Martinez
Homebrewers Kit The Empire Strikes Back, Powa!, Chopper Defence
Hot Topic Online Antics
In the Chair
Paul Niemeyer
Making of
Hunter, Net Fighter, Glover
My Retro Life Can I Get A Wii-Wind?
Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick
Retro Rated Rogue Legacy 2, Cotton Fantasy, Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound
Retro Rated Taito Milestones, HunterX
Retro Revival Pirate Ship Higemaru, Sailer Moon S: Jogai Ranto!? Shuyaku Sodatsusen
Retro Revival Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, F-1 Live Information
Retro Revival Feeding Frenzy, Advance Wars: Dark Conflict
Story of
Sonic Origins, E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo
Ultimate Guide #165
 Back to Skool
Ultimate Guide #166 Typhoon


The Evolution of WipEout

12 May 22

A Moment Neil Thomas (RMC - The Cave)
Back to 
August 2005
Classic Moments Bucky O'Hare, Street Fighter Alpha 3
Collectors Corner Jon Gage (Formula 1 Games)
EndGame UN Squadron
Evolution of WipEout
Feature The Adventures of Major Havoc: The Promised End, Top 25 GameCube Games
Hardware Heaven Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Homebrewers Kit ZX-Dev 2021 Coding Competition, Paul Nicholas (Pico-8 1k Jam / UnDUNE II)
Homebrewers Kit Montezuma's Revenge, Final Assault, Soul of the Beast
Hot Topic The Need for Speed (Futuristic Racers)
Making of
Professional Ski Simulator, Krull, Super Cars II, Red Faction
My Retro Life Fighting Failures (How ageing machines have added new challenges to Nick's hobby)
Peripheral Vision NEC TurboExpress (Turbo Grafix 16) TurboVision
Retro Rated Kirby and the Forgotten Land, The House of the Dead: Remake
Retro Rated Andro Dunos II, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Movie), Xenocider
Retro Revival Dig Dug II, Rescue Mission, Be Ball
Retro Revival Tempest 2000, New Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man Championship Edition
Ultimate Guide #163
 Donkey Kong 3
Ultimate Guide #164 Bubble Bobble Symphony
Whatever Happened Fido Dido


ZX Spectrum 40 Years

14 Apr 22

A Moment Red Art Games (Michaek Binkowski)
Back to 
July 2005
Classic Moments Metal Slug
Collectors Corner Jonathan McNeill (Sega)
EndGame Galerians
Evolution of Ecco the Dolphin
Feature 40 Years of the ZX Spectrum, Inside the Egret II Mini, The Restoration Masters
Hardware Heaven SNK Neo Geo CDZ
Homebrewers Kit Comp.Sys.Sinclair Game Competition 2021
Homebrewers Kit Llum, Tiny Dungeons, Puzzle Bobble, Graeme Cowie (McGeezer)
Hot Topic Fighting Frenzy
Making of
The Terminator, Shogun: Total War, The Simpsons: Hit & Run
My Retro Life My Retro Shed (Where Darran Works, Rests and Plays)
Peripheral Vision Sega Mega Drive Six-Button Control Pad
Retro Inspired Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX
Retro Rated The A500 Mini, Retro-Bit Prism HDMI Adaptor & Component Cable
Retro Rated Evercade: Renovation Products Collect 1, Tempest 4000, Gunborg: Dark Matters
Retro Revival Chicken Shift, Kung-Fu Master, Tetris, Guardian Force, Shadow The Hedgehog
Studio Profile
Ultimate Guide #162 SNK Vs Capcom: The Match of the Millennium
Whatever Happened Propeller Arena


Inside the A500 Mini

17 Mar 22

A Moment Sega Powered Magazine
Back to 
June 2005
Classic Moments Alien Soldier
Collectors Corner Matt Paprocki (Dreamcast & 32X)
Desert Island Disks David Lubar
EndGame Space Ace
Evolution of PGR: Project Gotham Racing
Extra Gift Ultimate 80s Retro Gaming Collection Bookazine
Feature Inside the (Amiga) A500 Mini, 30 Years of the (Nintendo SNES) Super Scope
Hardware Heaven Sega Master System II
History of After Burner
Homebrewers Kit Sonic The Hedgehog C64, Witch N' Wiz, Amidar500, Old Towers
Homebrewers Kit Mika Keranen (Misfit)
Hot Topic Amiga Memories
Making of
Sir Lancelot, Tin Star, God of War
My Retro Life Too Much Stuff
Peripheral Vision Nintendo NES Controller NES-039
Retro Rated Egret II Mini, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Rush Rush Rally Reloaded: Special Edition
Retro Rated Go Straight: The Ultimate Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat'em-ups, Sol Cresta
Retro Revival Sabre Wulf, Robocop, Machine Hunter, Kirby: Power Paintbrush
Retro Revival
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
Story of CJ the Elephant
Studio Profile Double Fine Productions
Ultimate Guide #161 Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams


Earthworm Jim

17 Feb 22

A Moment Remute (DJ on R64 Album)
Back to 
May 2005
Classic Moments Paperboy
Collectors Corner Oliver Hale (Game Consoles)
EndGame Puzzle Bobble 2
Evolution of Earthworm Jim
Feature Chiptune Concerto
Hardware Heaven Sony PlayStation 3 PS3
History of SSX
Homebrewers Kit Amstrad CPCRetroDev2021, The Briley Witch Chronicles 
Homebrewers Kit Travels Through Time Volume 1: Northern Lights, Puzzle Bobble 
Homebrewers Kit Chester Kollschen (Sam's Journey) 
Hot Topic First Loves (The Machines That Formed Our Gaming Habits)
In the Chair
James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd)
Making of
Storm, Dark Seed, Alien Resurrection, Crash Bandicoot Fusion & Spyro Fusion
My Retro Life Signed, Unsealed and Delivered
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Network Adaptor
Retro Inspired Aggelos
Retro Rated Windjammers 2, Melkhior's Mansion, SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash
Retro Rated Shadow Man: Remastered, Breakout: Recharged
Retro Revival Terra Cresta, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Rolling Thunder 2, R-Type Delta
Retro Revival
Sega Touring Car Championship, Disaster: Day of Crisis
So You Want To Collect Sonic The Hedgehog
Ultimate Guide #159 Mikie
Ultimate Guide #160 Pinball Dreams


Pilot Wings

20 Jan 22

A Moment The Retro Hunter (Ally Hogg: Retro Hunter store and Neon Knights arcade)
Back to 
April 2005
Classic Moments Head Over Heels
Collectors Corner Matt Taylor (Boxed Games)
EndGame Thunder Force III
Evolution of Battletoads
Feature Super-Powered: 30 Games That Pushed the Limits of the SNES
Feature The Retro Gamer Guide to Commodore 64
Hardware Heaven Sega SG-1000
Homebrew Spectrum Next Special
Homebrew Heroes Andy Laird, Michael 'Flash' Ware 
Hot Topic Downers and Disappointments
Making of
Gravity, Gremlin's Top Gear Games, Gargoyles
Making of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
My Retro Life X Marks the Spot (Why Darran Loves Microsoft's First Console: Xbox)
Peripheral Vision Sony PSone LCD Screen
Retro Inspired Clockwork Aquario
Retro Rated Analogue Pocket, Evercade Gaelco Arcade 1, Evercade Atari Arcade 1
Retro Rated The Little Book of Sound Chips, Clockwork Aquario, Lemmings: Can You Dig?
Retro Revival BB4CPC: Bubble Bobble, Contra, Road Avenger
Retro Revival
No One Can Stop Mr Domino, Super Mario 64 DS, Excite Truck
So You Want To Collect Nintendo Game Boy Adavance
Ultimate Guide #158 Pilotwings


Micro Machines

23 Dec 21

A Moment Gracious Films (Sinclair ZX Spectrum Documentary by Anthony and Nicola Caulfield)
Back to 
March 2005
Classic Moments Out Run
Collectors Corner Peter Chrichard (Nintendo)
EndGame Action Man: Robot Atak
Evolution of Micro Machines
Future Classic #88 Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Hardware Heaven
Microsoft Xbox 360
History of Dune, Psychonauts
Hot Topic Abandoned Adventures (Games We Did Not Complete)
Making of
Chiller, Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
My Retro Life Fight Fiend (Nick's Fighting Games)
Peripheral Vision Atari Jaguar CD
Retro Inspired Spectacular Sparky
Retro Radar GamesMaster 2021
Retro Rated Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon: Shining Pearl
Retro Rated Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, Zdey The Game, Centipede: Recharged
Retro Revival Berzerk, Jet Set Willy, Neo Turf Masters,
Retro Revival
Dead or Alive, Metroid: Zero Mission
Studio Profile Arc Developments
Ultimate Guide #155 Beach-Head
Ultimate Guide #156 Streets of Rage 3
Ultimate Guide #157 Ridge Racer Revolution
Unconverted Jingi Storm, Slashout, Pistol Daimyo No Boken, Match It II


Halo: Combat Evolved 20 Years

25 Nov 21

A Moment Four Quarters
Back to 
February 2005
Classic Moments Super Mario 64
Collectors Corner Peter Riezebos
EndGame Football Frenzy
Evolution of Lode Runner
Feature 20 Years of Halo: Combat Evolved, 50 Things that Changed Gaming
Hardware Heaven Mattel Intellivision II, Atari Jaguar Pro Controller
History of Rez
Hot Topic Festive Fun
In the Chair
Steve Meretzky
Making of
Nigel Mansell's World Championship, Darkwatch
My Retro Life PS2 for Pennies
Peripheral Vision Atari Jaguar Pro Controller
Retro Inspired Unmetal
Retro Rated Evercade VS, Resident Evil 4 VR, GB Operator
Retro Rated Gleylancer, The Making of Tomb Raider, Gynoug
Retro Revival Rainbow Islands, The Flintstones, Tatsujin, Headhunter
Story of Quakecon
Ultimate Guide #154 Tapper



28 Oct 21

A Moment Dave Cook (Go Straight: The Ultimate Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat-'Em-Ups)
Back to 
January 2005
Classic Moments Batman Returns
Collectors Corner Robb Alvey (Colecovision)
EndGame Tom & Jerry In Infurnal Escape
Evolution of Boulder Dash
Feature Evercade Level Up (Evercade VS), DMA Design: The N64 Years
Future Classic #87 Guacamelee! 2
From the Archives Nu Wave Software
Hardware Heaven
Super Nintendo (SNS-101)
Hot Topic Revisiting the Nintendo GameCube
In the Chair
Steve Golson
Making of
Microprose Soccer, First Samurai, Future Cop: LAPD
Minority Report BBC Master: Repton Infinity, Time and Magik, Firetrack
My Retro Life Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit (Nintendo Wii)
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation Controller
Pushing the Limits Aladdin
Retro Inspired Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
Retro Rader In Memory of Sir Clive Sinclair
Retro Rated Metroid Dread, Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block
Retro Rated Super Monkey Ball Bannana Mania, Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon
Retro Rated Castlevania Advance Collection
Retro Revival Galaxian, Super Mario Bros 3, Robotron:2084
Retro Revival Command & conquer: Red Alert 2, LocoRoco
Whatever Happened Maui Mallard 2


Super Monkey Ball

30 Sep 21

A Moment Tim Lapetino (Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon & Art of Atari books)
Back to 
December 2004
Bluffers Guide Rhythm Action Games
Classic Moments Power Diggerz
Collectors Corner Matthew Edwards (Fighting Games)
EndGame Hot Chase
Evolution of Nodes of Yesod
From the Archives Strictly Limited Games
Hardware Heaven Sega Nomad
Hot Topic Plug in the Multitap
Lost In Translation
Prince of Persia, Gegege No Kitarou: Youkai Daimakyou
Lost In Translation Fire Pro Wrestling A
Making of Theme Park, Maui Mallard
Minority Report Nintendo Famicom: Booby Kids, Crisis Force, Cosmic Epsilon
My Retro Life Shmups Forever
Peripheral Vision ColecoVision Expansion Module #2 Steering Wheel
Pushing the Limits Metal Slug 3
Retro Inspired Carve Snowboarding
Retro Rated Intrepid Izzy, Evercade: Codemasters Collection 1, WarioWare: Get It Togehter!
Retro Rated  Polybius Quarter Arcade Cabinet Charger, Quake
Retro Revival Barnstorming, Nitro Ball, Mortal Kombat II, Super Smash Bros
Retro Revival Street Fighter Alpha 3
So You Want To Collect Sega Mega-CD
Ultimate Guide #151 Super Monkey Ball
Ultimate Guide #152 Chuckie Egg
Ultimate Guide #153


Inside the Nintendo 64

2 Sep 21

A Moment Sega Mania Magazine (Tim Hugall, Simon Pike, Sam Forrester)
Back to 
November 2004
Classic Moments Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Collectors Corner Phil Ayres (Amiga)
EndGame Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - Mai's Ending
Evolution of Dizzy
Feature Inside the Nintendo 64, True Perspective
Future Classic #86 Umurangi Generation
Hardware Heaven Atari 800
Hot Topic Difficulty in Games
In the Chair
Matt Furniss
Lost In Translation
Yokai Buster: Ruka No Daiboken, Magical Hoppers, Sim City
Making of Castle Master, The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The Space Mutants, Litil Divil
Making of Ghost Hunter
My Retro Life Sound Investments (Nick's Music)
Peripheral Vision Neo Geo CD Controller
Retro Rated Evercade Multi Game Cartridges, Picross S: Mega Drive & Master System Edition
Retro Rated Blaster Master Zero 3, The Ultimate History of Video Games: Wolume 2
Retro Rated Space Invaders Invincible Collection
Retro Revival Cheeky Mouse, The Berlin Wall, Slap Fight MD
Retro Revival Dungeons & Dragons Collection, Beach Spikers
So You Want To Collect Neo Geo Pocket Color
Tribute to Falcom
Ultimate Guide #150 Double Dragon II: The Revenge


The Star Wars Saga

5 Aug 21

A Moment Shoot to Thrill: FPS Documentary (Robin Block and David L Craddock)
Back to 
October 2004
Classic Moments Batman
Collectors Corner Rob Gregory and Joanne Richardson (NES)
EndGame Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - Johnny Cage's Ending
Evolution of Pyjamarama
Feature Star Wars: An Alternative Galaxy Far, Far Away
From the Archives Personal Software Services (PSS)
Future Classic #85 Hyper Light Drifter
Hardware Heaven Nintendo Game Boy Light
History of Benny Bunny
Homebrew Hero A Tribute to Jason Kelk
Hot Topic The Team Reminisces (Star Wars Games)
Making of Skull & Crossbones, Bloodshot, Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat
Making of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance I & II
My Retro Life Going Live (Nick Streams Games)
Peripheral Vision Microsoft Controller S
Retro Rated Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
Retro Rated Cotton Reboot, Legend of Mana, Pine Creek
Retro Revival Basketball Nightmare, Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition, Magic: The Gathering
Retro Revival Virtua Fighter Animation, QuickSpot
Ultimate Guide #148 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Ultimate Guide #149 Jet Set Radio Future
Unconverted Cachat, Virtua NBA, The Final Round, Meteoroids
Whatever Happened Madden NFL 96


The King of Fighters

8 Jul 21

A Moment Piepacker (Benjamin Devienne)
Back to 
September 2004
Classic Moments Smash TV
Collectors Corner Craig Burgess (Master System / PC)
EndGame Earthworm Jim 2
Evolution of The King of Fighters, Summer Games
Feature Mame & Watch
Future Classic #84 Paradise Killer
Hardware Heaven Tiger Telematics Gizmondo
Hot Topic Zelda's 35th Anniversary
In the Chair Charles Martinet
Mailbag Park Productions Retro Gamer Contents Guide
Making of Video Pinball, Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, Mutant League Football
Making of The Suffering 1 & 2
My Retro Life Sega Saturn Memories
Peripheral Vision N64 Nintendo Rumble Pak
Retro Rated Wonder Boy: Asha In Monster World, Guilty Gear Strive, Raiden IV X Mikado Remix
Retro Rated Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection
Retro Revival Battlezone, Sensible Train-Spotting, Metal Slug X
Retro Revival FIFA Soccer 95, Metal Gear Acid
So You Want To Collect Sega Saturn Arcade Ports
Ultimate Guide #147 Xevious
Whatever Happened Castlevania: Resurrection


Sonic The Hedgehog 30 Years

10 Jun 21

A Moment Audacity Games (David Crane, Dan Kitchen, Garry Kitchen)
Back to 
August 2004
Classic Moments Lemmings
Collectors Corner Zoe Kirk-Robinson (PlayStation 2)
EndGame Bomberman
Evolution of Spy Vs Spy
Feature 30 Years of Sonic The Hedgehog, PICO-8: Gaming's Fantasy Console
From the Archives Nexus
Future Classic #83 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Hardware Heaven Tiger Electronics R-Zone
Hot Topic Going Against the Grain
In the Chair Violet Berlin
Making of Oink!, The Stole A Million, Shantae, No One Lives Forever 1 & 2
My Retro Life Endless Runner (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn NetLink
Retro Rated Resident Evil Village, R-Type Final 2, A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games
Retro Rated New Pokemon Snap, Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: The Guide to Shoot-'Em-Ups 2
Retro Inspired Battle Axe
Retro Revival 1942, Ninja Gaiden, Vagrant Story, European Super League
Retro Revival OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
So You Want To Collect MSX Games
Ultimate Guide #146 The Legendary Axe
Unconverted Tenkomori Shooting, Cool Riders, Rumba Lumber, Police Trainer



13 May 21

A Moment Andrew Byatt & Sean Cleaver (Evercade VS)
Back to 
July 2004
Classic Moments Twisted Metal: World Tour
Collectors Corner Scott Pearce (Resident Evil)
EndGame Oshidashi Zintrick: Pukies's Ending
Evolution of Impossible Mission
From the Archives Eidos Interactive
Future Classic #82 Celeste
Hardware Heaven Atari 7800
History of R-Type, Amstrad's Roland Character
Hot Topic Sony's Digital Store Closures
In the Chair David Thiel
Making and Remaking of Monster World IV
Making of Reckless Rufus, Balance of Power, X-Men Legends
My Retro Life Switched On (Nintendo Switch)
Peripheral Vision Commodore Amiga CD32 Controller
Retro Rated Evercade Multi Game Cartridges
Retro Revival Lock 'N' Chase, Star Fox, NFL 2K, Ninja Gaiden Black
Ultimate Guide #144 Donkey Kong Jr.
Ultimate Guide #145 Power Stone
Unconverted Heavy Smash, Road Burners, Blazer, Logger


A Tribute to Treasure

15 Apr 21

A Moment Kevin McDowell & Tom Massey (Total War: Rome Remastered)
Back to 
June 2004
Classic Moments Battletoads In Battlemaniacs
Collectors Corner Faith Johnson (Sonic The Hedgehog)
EndGame Red Hawk
Extra Gift Nintendo Archives Bookazine
Evolution of Miner 2049er
From the Archives Monolith Productions
Future Classic #81 Red Dead Redemption II
Hardware Heaven NEC TurboDuo
Hot Topic Videogame Movies
In the Chair Laurant Weill
Making of Ghostbusters II, Atlantis, Civilization II
Making of Speed Freaks, Soldier of Fortune
Minority Report Sega Mega Drive: Pulseman, Herzog Zwei, Stormlord
My Retro Life Reliving the Dream (Sega Dreamcast Online)
Peripheral Vision Nintendo GameCube WaveBird
Retro Rated Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol 1
Retro Inspired Horace
Retro Revival Seaquest, Target: Renegade, F1 (Vroom)
Retro Revival Ridge Racer Revolution, Luigi's Mansion
Tribute to Treasure
Ultimate Guide #143 Silkworm

Nintendo Archives
5th Edition


Back to the 90s

18 Mar 21

A Moment Jan Hofmeister (LucasArts Art Restorations)
Back to 
May 2004
Collectors Corner Elin Eriksson (Super Nintendo SNES RPGs)
Desert Island Disks Darran Jones
EndGame Power Stone: Rouge's Ending
Evolution of Pitfall
Feature Back to the 90s
Future Classic #80 428: Shibuya Scramble
Hardware Heaven Panasonic 3D0 FZ-1
History of TimeSplitters
Hot Topic Keeping Collections
Mailbag Park Productions Retro Gamer Contents Guide
Making of BMX Simulator, Starlord, Clock Tower
My Retro Life Double the Fun (Nintendo DS)
Peripheral Vision Atari Lynx Sun Visor / Screen Guard
Retro Rated Capcom Arcade Stadium
Retro Inspired Ghosts 'N Goblins Resurrection
Retro Revival Double Dragon II: The Revenge, The New Zealand Story
Retro Revival Contra Spirits, Final Fantasy VII, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
So You Want To Collect Sega Mega Drive RPGs
Ultimate Guide #141 Buck Rodgers: Countdown to Doomsday
Ultimate Guide #142 Fighters Megamix
Unconverted Techno Drive, Premier Soccer, Azumanga Daioh Puzzle, Name That Tune


Capcom: An Arcade Legacy

18 Feb 21

A Moment Jerry Ellis (Arcade Imperfect Book)
Back to 
April 2004
Classic Moments Mega Man 2, Damocles: Mercenary II
Collectors Corner David Sheppard (Signed Items)
EndGame Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Evolution of Tau Ceti
Feature Capcom: An Arcade Legacy, PlayStation: Recapturing a Lost Art
Future Classic #79 River City Girls
Hardware Heaven Bit Corporation / Telegames Personal Arcade
Hot Topic What is Retro
In the Chair Brian Flanagan
Making of NARC, Wizkid
Minority Report Classic Mobile Games: Bioshock 2D, Blur Mobile, XIII
My Retro Life Pocket Rocket Neo Geo Pocket
Peripheral Vision Nintendo GameCube Modem Adaptor / Broadband Adaptor
Retro Revival Rainbow Walker, Arkanoid, Ranma ½: Hard Battle, Ristar, Gradius Gaiden
So You Want To Collect Sega Master System Games
Story of The Laura Bow Mysteries
Ultimate Guide #140 Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Zombies Ate My Neighbors


Story of the PS2

21 Jan 21

A Moment Andrew Byatt (Blaze's Evercade Handheld)
Back to 
March 2004
Bluffers Guide Metriodvanias
Classic Moments Rambo III
Collectors Corner Gray Walton (Game Boy)
EndGame The Mask
Evolution of The Last Ninja
Feature The Retro Gamer Guide to Tim Schafer & Double Fine
Future Classic #78 Hades
Hardware Heaven SNK Neo Geo Pocket
Hot Topic Guilty Pleasures
In the Chair Betty Ryan
Making of The Last Express, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Project ZERO 1-3
My Retro Life NTSC for Life!
Peripheral Vision Sony PlayStation 2 Namco G-Con 2 (GunCon 2)
Retro Rated Wonderful Dizzy (ZX Spectrum 128)
Retro Inspired RetroMania Wrestling
Retro Revival Doki Doki Penguin Land, Missile Command, Doom 64, Earth Defence Force 2017
Story of Critical Mass: The Story of the PS2
Ultimate Guide #139 Manic Miner
Unconverted Drift Out '94: The Hard Order, J-League Soccer V-Shoot, Blasted


The Future is Now: Inside the Neo Geo

29 Dec 20

A Moment Andy Palmer (Arcade Club)
Back to 
February 2004
Classic Moments Project Firestart
Collectors Corner George 'G' Gracin (Sega Genesis)
EndGame 3D Tetris
Evolution of Wizball
Feature The Future is Now: Inside the Neo Geo
Future Classic #77 God of War
Hardware Heaven NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx
Hot Topic Mini Consoles
In the Chair Jon Dean
History of Seymour
Lost In Translation Galerians, Gex: Enter the Gecko, Cyber Brawl
Making of Utopia, Alfred Chicken, Enter the Matrix, Sabre Wulf
My Retro Life Graeme Mason: Games Collection
Peripheral Vision Atari 5200 Controller
Retro Inspired Blazing Rangers
Retro Revival Space Panic, Fantasy Zone Gear, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Action Man: Robot Atak
So You Want To Collect Nintendo 64 Games
Story of Special Reserve
Ultimate Guide #138 The Simpsons Arcade



26 Nov 20

A Moment Carleton Handley (Millie And Mollie)
Back to 
January 2004
Classic Moments Axelay
Collectors Corner Graham Packer (Hardware)
EndGame Pro Sport Hockey
Feature 25 Years of Worms, Retro Gift Guide 2020
Hardware Heaven Sega Genesis 3
How To Add a Backlight to the Game Boy Advance
Hot Topic Retro Game Prices
In the Chair Mike Archer
History of Turrican
Making of Dan Dare III: The Escape, The Detective Game, ZX Spectrum Interface 1+2
Making of John Madden Football
My Retro Life Nike Thorpe: Getting Back Into Gear (Game Gear Micro)
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Virtual Boy Controller
Reinventing Silent Hill
Retro Inspired Spelunky 2
Retro Revival Feud, Moonstone: A Hard Day's Knight, Muscle Ranking: Road To Sasuke
Retro Revival Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games
Ultimate Guide #136 Battlezone
Ultimate Guide #137 Skies of Arcadia


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

29 Oct 20

A Moment Glen McDonald (Retro Replay)
Back to 
December 2003
Classic Moments Psycho Pinball
Collectors Corner Aditya Rai (Doki Doki Station)
EndGame Phantasy Star II
Evolution of Gribbly's Day Out
Feature The Mystery of St Brides, Arcade Heaven (Numskull Designs)
Future Classic #76 Outer Wilds
Hardware Heaven Coleco Gemini
Hot Topic The Masters of Remasters
In the Chair Reg Stevens
History of Green Beret
Licence to Thrill #15 The Evil Dead
Making of Grand Prix Simulator 2, Pharaoh, DIY Gaming: The Rom-Hacking Scene
Making of PaRappa The Rapper, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure
My Retro Life Darran Jones: Nintendo 64 Collection
Peripheral Vision Nintendo 64 Doctor V64
Retro Revival RealSports Boxing, Ballz 3D, Streets of Rage II, G-Darius
Story of The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Whatever Happened Thrill Kill


The Legacy of Monkey Island

1 Oct 20

A Moment Laurence Bennion (Vectrex Overlays)
Back to 
November 2003
Classic Moments Jumping Flash!
Collectors Corner Barry Harmon (Sega)
Desert Island Disks Dan Kitchen
EndGame Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally
Feature Legacy of Monkey Island
Future Classic #75 Yakuza 0
Hardware Heaven NEC PC-FX
Making of Karateka, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Games World
Making of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Guitar Hero
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Retro Inspired Battletoads
Retro Revival Spy Hunter, Darkwing Duck, Silpheed, MUSHA Aleste, TimeSplitters 2
So You Want To Collect Commodore 64 Games
Ultimate Guide #135 Super Castlevania IV


Playing with Super Power

3 Sep 20

A Moment From Bedrooms to Billions (PlayStation Revolution)
Back to 
October 2003
Classic Moments Burning Rangers
Collectors Corner Brett Martin (Gaming Memorabila)
EndGame WWF Wrestlemania
Feature Playing with Super Power: Inside the Super Nintendo, Let's Get Physical
From the Archives OG Intelligent Games
Hardware Heaven SNK New Geo CD
History of Brian Lara Cricket, Gabriel Knight
Lost In Translation Dead or Alive 2, Decathlete (Athlete Kings), Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury)
Making of Dominos, Knight Tyme, Surfchamp, Lure of the Temptress
Retro Inspired Tricky Towers
Retro Revival Pinball Fantasies, Screamer, Metroid Fusion
So You Want To Collect XBOX Games
Ultimate Guide #134 Rocket Knight Adventures
Whatever Happened 
Joe Blade 4


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

6 Aug 20

A Moment Andy Spencer (Retro Computer Museum)
Back to 
September 2003
Classic Moments Skate Or Die!
Collectors Corner Pete (NEC TurboGrafx-16)
EndGame Flink
Feature Picture Perfect, Shining Force: The Early Years, Evercade: Forgotten Gems
Hardware Heaven Welback Holdings Mega Duck
History of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
In the Chair Tony Pomfret
Making of Scuba Dive, Conquests of Camelot and Conquests of the Longbow
Minority Report MS-DOS: The Dagger of Amon RA, Dune, Simant
Peripheral Vision Intelligent Systems Wide-Boy64 AGB
Retro Revival Tom & Jerry, Basketbrawl, Salamander 2, Vandal Hearts
So You Want To Collect Mega Man Games
Ultimate Guide #133 Space Harrier II
Whatever Happened
Uridium Advance


The Return of Alex Kidd

9 July 20

A Moment The Oliver Twins (Website & Evercade)
Back to 
August 2003
Classic Moments Knight Lore, Tekken 3
EndGame Chew-Man-Fu
Evolution of 3D Monster Maze
Hardware Heaven iQue Player / Nintendo 64
History of The Settlers
In the Chair Chris Cannon
Making of Alex Kidd In Miracle World / DX, Star Wars: Rebel Assualt, Monster Hunter
Minority Report BBC Micro: 3D Pool, Contraption, Imogen
Peripheral Vision NEC TurboGrafx-16 TurboPad
Pushing the Limits Cannon Fodder
Retro Revival Asteroids, Mr Heli, California Games, Felony 11-79
So You Want To Collect Futuristic Racing Games
Ultimate Guide #132 Black Tiger


Back to the 80s

11 Jun 20

A Moment Leo Burke (Auto Museum 64)
Back to 
July 2003
Classic Moments Time Gal
Collectors Corner Jason Lindsey aka MetalJesusRocks
EndGame Ufouria: The Saga
Feature Back to the 80s, The Legacy of Myst
From the Archives Ocean Software France
Hardware Heaven Nokia N-Gage
History of Destruction Derby
Making of Formula One, Spider-Man, Plok, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Peripheral Vision ColecoVision Hand Controller
Pushing the Limits The Last Blade 2
Retro Revival Lunar Rescue, Spy Vs Spy  III: Arctic Antics, Yoshi's Story, Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Ultimate Guide #131 Out Runners


Pac-Man 40 Years

14 May 20

A Moment Aubrey Hodges (Composer Doom 64)
Back to 
June 2003
Classic Moments Summer Games
Collectors Corner Tony Cruise (MSX)
EndGame Basketball Nightmare
Evolution of Questprobe
Feature Pac-Man 40th Anniversary
Future Classic #74 Alien: Isolation
Hardware Heaven Sega Mark III
History of Beneath A Steel Sky
The Amstrad Revolution
In the Chair Howie Rubin
Making of
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, Shadow Man
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Famicom Network System
Retro Inspired The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest
Retro Revival Galaga, Mercs, Rebelstar: Tactical Command
Ultimate Guide #129 Return of Double Dragon
Ultimate Guide #130
 Sakura Wars



16 Apr 20

A Moment Andrew Dickinson (Dreamcast:Year One Book)
Back to 
May 2003
Bluffers Guide Wrestling Games
Classic Moments Toy Story
EndGame Mr Driller.
Evolution of Ant Atack
Videogame Stamps of the World
History of Disaster Report
Millie and Molly, A Fairy Without Wings, Aquariworm, Angry Betty
Impact of Half-life
In the Chair 
Simon Brattel
Making of
Grand Prix Simulator, Suicide Express
Peripheral Vision Nintendo NES Zapper
Pushing the Limits Resident Evil 2
Retro Revival Global Defense, Crime Fighters, Stunt Car Racer, Tetris DS
Ultimate Guide #127 SCI: Special Criminal Investigation (Chase HQ II)
Ultimate Guide #128
Whatever Happened


Sega vs Nintendo: The 16-Bit War

19 Mar 20

A Moment Q*bert's Warren Davis
Back to
April 2003
Classic Moments Numan Athletics
Collectors Corner Justin Hickman (Super Nintendo)
Conversion Kings
Desert Island Disks
Martyn Carroll
Alien Hominid 
Evolution of Uridium
The 16-bit War: Nintendo vs Sega
History of Heretic, Animal Crossing
Who Dares Wins, Espitenen Und Herr Pimponen
Homebrew The Shadow Over Hawksmill, Raymaze 2000
In the Chair
Tim Kitzrow
Making of
Skidmarks & Super Skidmarks, Robocop versus Terminator
Minority Report Commodore 64: Motos, Bully's Sporting Darts, Mancopter
Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast Race Controller
Retro Revival Lode Runner, Dynamite Headdy, Formula 1, Mario Kart 64
Ultimate Guide #125 Spy Hunter
Ultimate Guide #126
Hard Drivin'
Whatever Happened
Polaroid Pete 


PC Engine Mini

20 Feb 20

A Moment Sonic Team's Jun Senoue
Back to
March 2003
Classic Moments Phantasy Star, Banjo-Kazooie
Collectors Corner Carl Sammons (Nintendo 64)
Desert Island Disks
Jeff Lee
Evolution of The Great Escape
PC Engine Mini
From the Archives Denki
Future Classic #73 Dead Space: Extraction
Hardware Heaven Nintendo Game Boy Color
History of Commandos
Uchusen Gamma, Muncher Mouse, Runner Bear, Git Gud or Get Rekt
Making of
Footballer of the Year, Freespace 2, Claw 
Minority Report ZX Spectrum: Zombi, Mailstrom, Sceptre of Bagdad
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Game Boy Player Compatible Hori Digital Controller
Pushing the Limits Panorama Cotton
Retro Inspired Wrath
Retro Revival Joust, Arkanoid, Super Off Road, Nintendogs
Ultimate Guide #123 Dragon Spirit
Ultimate Guide #124
The Mystical Ninja
Wing War, Explosive Breaker
Unconverted Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II, Zunzunkyou No Yabou


Mario: Platform Superstar

23 Jan 20

A Moment Stephen Sharp (Yesterzine YouTube)
Back to
February 2003
Classic Moments Superfrog
Collectors Corner Paul Martin (Converted Garage Retro Room)
Last Bronx: Red Eye's Ending
Feature Mario: Platform Superstar, The Next Level: Introducing the ZX Spectrum Next
Feature Please Release Me, It's Good to Talk: Retro Gaming Podcasts Special
From the Archives Aqua Pacific
History of The Strike Series (Desert, Jungle, Urban, Soviet, Nuclear)
Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019, Antonio Savona's Activision Trilogy...
Homebrew ...Chopper Command / Keystone Kapers / Frostbite
Homebrew X-Zero, Starfighter 77, Assembloids
In the Chair Stefano Arnhold
Lost In Translation
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle, Puzznic
Making of
Deliverance: Stormlord II, Crackpots, Nosferatu the Vampire, Full Tilt! Pinball
Pushing the Limits Street Fighter Alpha 2
Retro Revival Lemmings, Strider 2, Tenchi Muyo: Rensa Hitsuyou, Ridge Racer
Ultimate Guide #122 Marble Madness
Flashgal, Puzzle Uo Poko, Dunk Mania, Ta.O Taido


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

31 Dec 19

A Moment Robert Fletcher (Retro Gamer Cables)
Back to
January 2003
Collectors Corner Josh Fairhurst (Dreamcast)
Conversion Kings
Psycho Pigs UXB
Command & Conquer: Nod Ending
Feature Digital Destinations
From the Archives Arc System Works
Future Classic #72 Disco Elysium
Hardware Heaven Microsoft Xbox
History of
Pinball Dreams CPC, Zenobi's Text Adventures, Alien 8, Alpharay
Homebrew Tut-Tut, Astro Blaster, DMG Deals Damage
In the Chair Alex Verrey aka Big Boy Barry
Making of
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Bactron, Ghost Hunters
Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller
Retro Revival Shanghai, Road Blasters, The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
Retro Revival Garou: Mark of the Wolves
So You Want To Collect Castlevania Games
Ultimate Guide #119 Twin Cobra
Ultimate Guide #120
Street Racer
Ultimate Guide #121
Time Crisis


Analogue Pocket

28 Nov 19

A Moment Ryan Brown (Numskull Quarter Arcade Machines)
Back to
December 2002
Classic Moments Super Mario Bros, Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Collectors Corner Mark Howlett (Lord Arse)
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Duck King's Ending
Extra Gift Retro Gamer Spectrum Calendar 2020
Extra Gift Games Radar+ Presents The Ultimate Guide to Nintendo 2019/2020 Catalogue
Feature Introducing the Analogue Pocket, Jet Set Willy: A Guided Tour
Feature Loki: The Lost Spectrum
From the Archives Nihon Falcom
Hardware Heaven Sega Saturn This Is Cool
Pinball Dreams CPC, Jet Set Willy 2019, VIC Nibbler, Berzerk
In the Chair Barry Leitch
Making of
Spellbound, Conan, Fist II: The Legend Continues, BITS, Far Cry
Peripheral Vision Microsoft Xbox Controller AKA The Duke
Retro Revival Frogger, It Came From The Desert, Final Fantasy VI, Sonic & Knuckles
Retro Revival Shadow of the Colossus 
Ultimate Guide #118 Pole Position



31 Oct 19

A Moment Chris Huelsback (Turrican Music)
Collectors Corner
Darran Jones (Games Shed), Woz Brown (Loft)
Retro Gamer 200
Extra Gift Music CD Volume 3: Turrican Ultimate Collection
Extra Gift Poster Army of Trolls' Gary Lucken Cover / Craig Stevenson's map of Melkhior's Mansion
Feature A Journey Through Video Games History 1960's to 2010's 
Feature 1960's: The Big Bang: Steve Russell and the Creation of Spacewar
Feature 1970's: Out of the Lab and into the World, Hardware of the Seventies
Feature 1970's: Atari: King of the Seventies
Feature 1980's: A Decade of Expanding Horizons and Artistic Ambition
Feature 1980's: Hardware of the Eighties, Rise of the Bedroom Coder
Feature 1980's: Jey Set Willy at 35: In the Bedroom with Matthew Smith
Feature 1980's: The Rise of Nintendo
Feature 1990's: A Decade of Great Innovation and Seismic Shifts, Hardware of the Nineties
Feature 1990's: The Rise of the World Wide Web
Feature 1990's: A New Dimension: 3D Games Take Over
Feature 1990's: Disc-Covery: The Importance of CD-ROM
Feature 1990's: Sony's Game-Changer
Feature 2000's: A Decade of Expanding Horizons and Artisc Ambition
Feature 2000's: Hardware of the Noughties
Feature 2000's: Online Gaming Gets Huge, Brave New Open Worlds (Grand Theft Auto III)
Feature 2010's: The Decade Where Seemingly Everyone Becomes a Gamer
Feature 2010's: Hardware of the Ten's, The Retro Revolution
Feature 2010's: Virtual Reality Blows Up
History of Video Game Magazines
The History of Homebrew
Making of World of Warcraft
Retro Revival Pong, Tetris, Super Mario 64, Wii Sports, Minecraft



3 Oct 19

A Moment David L. Craddock (Arcade Perfect Book)
Back to
November 2002
Bluffers Guide Cyberpunk Games
Classic Moments Worms: The Director's Cut
Collectors Corner Matt Henzel
Wasted Dreams
Feature Dissecting Doom
Hardware Heaven Fujitsu FM Towns Marty
History of
Alien Videogames
Timo Visser: Foreign Frugglers, Endless Forms Most Beautiful 64
Homebrew Landfill, Heartlight, Pillman
How to
Research Old Games
Lost In Translation
Ristar: The Shooting Star, Street Fighter II
Lost In Translation Super Mario: Yoshi's Island
Making of Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons, Amstrad Action, Get Dexter 2
Making of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Peripheral Vision Nintendo NES Max Controller
Retro Inspired The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors
Retro Revival Radar Rat Race, Pit-Fighter, Virtua Fighter 2
Retro Revival Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
So You Want To Collect Game Gear Platform Games
Ultimate Guide #117 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening


Sega Mega Drive Mini

5 Sep 19

A Moment Ted Sterchi (Orange Island)
Back to
October 2002
Classic Moments Rocket Ranger
Collectors Corner Peter Leigh (Nostalgia Nerd)
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Feature Creating the Mega Drive Mini
From the Archives The Software Toolworks
Future Classic #71
Return of the Obra Dinn
Hardware Heaven
Nintendo Famicom Titler
History of
Rollercoaster Tycoon
Reshoot R, Grid Pix, Boulder Run, Foreign Frugglers
In the Chair Francois Lionet
Lost In Translation
Jet Set Radio, Mickey Mouse II, Alex Kidd: Tenkuu Majou
Making of 3D Space Wars, Blackthorne
Making of Astro Clone, XIII
Peripheral Vision Konami HyperBoy
Retro Inspired Pacer
Retro Revival Bomber, Bad Dudes vs Dragan Ninja, Incredible Crisis
Retro Revival Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Story of M2: Masters of Retro
So You Want To Collect Neo-Geo Fighters
Ultimate Guide #116 Shadow Dancer



8 Aug 19

A Moment Steve Jarett (The Last 8 Bit Games Shop)
Back to
September 2002
Collectors Corner Anne Bras (PC Games)
Conversion Kings
Rainbow Islands
Gunbee F99
From the Archives Black Legend
Future Classic #70
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Hardware Heaven
Sega TeraDrive
History of
The Sims
Night Knight, Tobu Girl Deluxe, Darkula, Misplaced, Plutonium Caverns
Homebrew Mr Do!, The Coffee Break Shootout and Total Refill
How to
Get The Most From Your Neo-Geo
Making of Super Hero, Morpheus, Donkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns
Making of Super Robin Hood, Samurai Shodown
Minority Report PlayStation 2 Simple 2000 Series: The Pirate, The Zombie vs Ambulance
Minority Report PlayStation 2 Simple 2000 Series: The Maid Uniform and Machine Gun
Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn Virtua Stick
Retro Revival Highlander, Klax, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Feel the Magic: XX/XY
Story of Shenmue
So You Want To Collect Sega Mega Drive Shmups (Shoot-'em-Ups)
Ultimate Guide #113 Gemini Wing
Ultimate Guide #114
Urban Strike
Ultimate Guide #115 Super Star Wars


Game Boy 30 Years

11 Jul 19

A Moment Chris Wilkins (Fusion Books Zzap!64 Annual)
Back to
August 2002
Classic Moments Point Blank
Collectors Corner Gary Pinkett (Import Computers)
Star Wars: Rebel Assault
Feature 30 Years of the Game Boy
From the Archives PF Magic
Hardware Heaven
Nintendo Game Boy Micro
History of
X-COM, 2000 AD Videogames
Berks 4, Chip Resue, Total Refill, Coffee Break Shootout
Homebrew Night Knight, Fuz, Scotbot, Biojet
How to
Play Every PC Engine Game
In the Chair Vincent Baillet
Making of Firelord, Loco, Colums, LMA Manager
Peripheral Vision Sega Game Master Converter
Retro Revival Pitfall!, Metroid, Police Trainer, Alien Trilogy
Ultimate Guide #111 Ninja Spirit
Ultimate Guide #112
Super Adventure Island
Unconverted Go! Go! Mile Smile, Aqua Rush, Dirty Pigskin Football, Best of Best


Konami 50 Years

13 Jun 19

A Moment KillPixel (Jeremiah Fox - Wrath: Aeon of Ruin)
Arcade Perfect #14
After Burner
Back to
July 2002
Classic Moments Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Collectors Corner Beau & Emily Dalton
Zero Wing
Feature 50 Years of Konami
From the Archives Running With Scissors
Hardware Heaven
Nintendo DS
History of
Lethal Wedding, Bruce Lee - Return of Fury, Wasteland, Modsurfer, Blastergear
How to
Manage Your Games Collection
Making of Robocop 2, Amiga Power, Us vs Them
Peripheral Vision N64 Nintendo Transfer Pak
Retro Inspired Wargroove
Retro Revival Wriggler, Shinobi, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Astal
Ultimate Guide #108 Solomon's Key
Ultimate Guide #109
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Ultimate Guide #110 G-LOC:Air Battle - Loss of Consciousness By G-Force
Asterix, Lightning Fighters, Metamorphic Force, MIA - Missing In Action
Whatever Happened
Daffy Duck and the Great Paint Caper 



16 May 19

A Moment Chip Bit Day (Richard Lewis)
Arcade Perfect #13
Back to
June 2002
Bluffers Guide Immersive Sims
Collectors Corner Steven Furnell (Home Computers)
Desert Island Disks
Mark Greenshields
Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers
Evolution of Cybernoid
From the Archives Tower Studios
History of
Burnout, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Guilty Gear
 Reshoot R, Stunt Car Racer, Berks 4, Scramble, Galaxy Force
Making of Ultracore / Hardcore, Army Men, The X Files: Resist or Serve
Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast 3D Control Pad
Retro Inspired Dangerous Driving
Retro Revival Formation Armed F, T2: The Arcade Game, Earthworm Jim 2
Ultimate Guide #107 Skool Daze


Mortal Kombat

18 Apr 19

A Moment The Retro Hour Podcast (Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott)
Arcade Perfect #12
Back to
May 2002
Bluffers Guide Stealth Games
Classic Moments Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Collectors Corner Neil Thomas (RetroManCave)
Conversion Kings
SNK Gals' Fighters
Evolution of Mortal Kombat, Paradroid
Feature Mastertronic: 35 Years - 35 Games
Feature The Strange Story of the Casio Loopy
From the Archives Kingsoft GMBH
Hardware Heaven
Pioneer LaserActive
 Quadron, L'Abbaye Des Morts, Pet Frogger, Kami, Old Towers
How to Save Money by Going Digital
In the Chair Stuart 'Stoo' Cambridge
Making of Zero Tolerance, NERF Arena Blast, Gun
Peripheral Vision Konami LaserScope (NES)
Retro Revival Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, Road Rash, Virtua Cop
Ultimate Guide #106 Alex Kid in Shinobi World


Yoshi's Island

21 Mar 19

A Moment Ryan Meloy Last Commanders CBBC
Arcade Perfect #11
Robotron 2084
Back to
April 2002
Classic Moments Panic!
Collectors Corner Chris McCallum
Dragon Buster
Evolution of Head Over Heels
Feature Head Above Water: My First Month at Ocean Software
Extra Gift Music CD Volume 2: Rob Hubbard Remixed C64
From the Archives
Mythos Games
Hardware Heaven
BBC Micro
 Flight of Pigarus, Phantomas 2.0, Quadron, Gravitica, Dangan GB
How to Get Ready For Sigil (Doom)
In the Chair Rebecca Heineman
Making of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Space Taxi, Skitchin', Afterlife
Making of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Minority Report Amiga CD32: Guardian, Diggers, Beneath A Steel Sky
Retro Revival Shadow of the Beast II, Hyper Duel
Retro Revival The King of Fighters 99: Evolution
Retro Inspired Yoshi's Crafted World
Ultimate Guide #105 Road Runner
Whatever Happened Vectorman 


The Bitmap Brothers

21 Feb 19

A Moment Spectrum Cinema: Paolo Santagostino - Jet Set Willy Film
Arcade Perfect #10
Back to
March 2002
Classic Moments Bonanza Bros
Collectors Corner Dimitrios Zikos
The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2
Feature The Bitmap Brothers, 35 Years of the Amstrad CPC 464
Feature Top 25 PlayStation 2 Games
History of Total War 
Homebrew 30 Years of Nintendon't, Highway Encounter, Druidarium, Digiloi
Homebrew Tronic Kids, Flight of Pigarus, Tetraminis Deffect
How to Play Modded Console Games
In the Chair Chris Shrigley
Making of Gods, Fat Worm Blows A Sparky, Split Personalities, The Longest Journey
Pushing the Limits Terracon
Retro Revival Amidar, Zillion II: The Tri Formation, Eliminate Down
Retro Revival Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Ultimate Guide #102 Bounty Bob Strikes Back
Ultimate Guide #103 Badlands
Ultimate Guide #104 International Superstar Soccer Pro


Resi-Recting Resident Evil 2

24 Jan 19

A Moment Sega Heroes: Bart Simon of Demiurge Studios
Arcade Perfect #9
Back to
February 2002
Classic Moments NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Collectors Corner Patrik Prusak
Conversion Kings
Operation Wolf
EndGame Mario & Wario
Feature Resi-Recting Resident Evil 2, Mixing It Up: Rise of the Randomiser
Feature Mario: Master of the Spin-Offs
From the Archives Topo Soft
Homebrew Merchant, Mission Liftoff, Dizzy's New Adventure, Portal V1
Homebrew Old Tower, Sheep It Up, UWOL: Quest For Money
How to Connect Retro Systems to Modern TVs
In the Chair Tony Takoushi
Making of Fast Food! (Dizzy), Ruff 'N' Tumble, Divine Divinity, Dog's Life
Minority Report Naomi and Atomiswave: Slashout, Dolphin Blue, Toy Fighter
Retro Inspired Arca's Path
Retro Revival Renegade, Super Metroid, XI [Sai] Little
Ultimate Guide #100 Vigilante
Ultimate Guide #101 Galaxy Force


Sonic Adventure

27 Dec 18

A Moment Evan Amos (Vanamo Online Game Museum)
Arcade Perfect #8
Out Run
Back to
January 2002
Bluffers Guide Detective Games
Classic Moments Bob's Bad Day
Collectors Corner Kevin Arnold (PlayStation 1)
Conversion Kings
Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone
EndGame Psychic Force 2: Regina's Ending
The Legacy of the Jaguar
From the Archives Coktel Vision
Future Classic #69 Diablo III
Homebrew Nogalious, Zombie Calavera Prologue, Linez
Homebrew Astronaut Labyrinth, 30 Years of Nintendon't
How to Stream Your Retro Consoles
In the Chair Peter McConnell
Making of Sonic Adventure, Intensity, Poster Paster,
Making of Bushido: The Way of the Warrior, Space Station Silicon Valley
Retro Revival Mr Do!, Rampage, Adventure Game
Ultimate Guide #97 Ninja Gaiden
Ultimate Guide #98 Mega Man II
Ultimate Guide #99 Jungle Strike


Inside the PlayStation

29 Nov 18

A Moment Art With Depth (Steven Gauntley 8 Bit Boutique)
Arcade Perfect #7
Back to
December 2001
Classic Moments Devil Crash MD
Collectors Corner Brenda Romero (Doom)
EndGame Liberty or Death
Feature Inside the PlayStation
Extra Gift 2019 Retro Gamer Calendar
From the Archives
Bits Studios
History of Baldur's Gate
Homebrew Nebs 'N Debs, Mission: Liftoff, Kikstart, Trap Runner, Nova the Squirrel
How to Spot Pirate Games
In the Chair Kevin Edwards
Making of Fantasy World Dizzy, Arcade Club, The Count, Trespasser
Minority Report BIT Corporation Gamate: Bao Qing Tian, One Million Ways
Minority Report BIT Corporation Gamate: Nightmare of Santa Claus
Peripheral Vision Namco neGcon
Pushing the Limits Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Retro Revival Double Dragon, Splatterhouse 3, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Ultimate Guide #95 Toki
Ultimate Guide #96 Spyro The Dragon


SNK 40 Years

1 Nov 18

Back to November 2001
Bluffers Guide Western Games
Classic Moments Starquake
Collectors Corner Karl Taylor (Nintendo)
Desert Island Disks Darren Melbourne
EndGame Mario Kart 64
Feature 40 Years of SNK, Restoring the Past SNK, Celebrating Game Boy Color
Extra Gift The Mini SNK Companion Book, SNK Stickers
From the Archives
Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd
Hardware Heaven Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3
Homebrew Jon Williams' Baby Berks, Dawn of Kernel, Piconian
Homebrew Sir Ababol, Radar Rat Race
How to
Navigate Japanese Menus
Lost In Translation Ozaki Naomichi No Super Masters, The King of fighters '94
Lost In Translation Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match
Making of The Eidolon, Gauntlet: The Third Encounter, The Getaway
Pushing the Limits RoboCop 3
Retro Revival Centipede, The King of Dragons, Jumping Flash!
Ultimate Guide #93 NARC
Ultimate Guide #94 Gynoug



4 Oct 18

A Moment Jess Morrissette: The Video Game Soda Machine Project
Arcade Perfect #6
Back to
October 2001
Classic Moments Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Collectors Corner Paul Monaghan (Magazines)
EndGame Rockin' Kats
Feature The Art of the 16-bit Loading Screen, Team 17: There and Back Again
Feature PlayStation: Inside Demo 1
From the Archives WJS Design
Hardware Heaven Bandai WonderSwan
History of Fallout
Homebrew Prince of Persia BBC, Cheril the Writer, Baby Berks
Homebrew Tomato Worm, Scramble
How to
Run an Import Console
In the Chair David Mullich
Licence to Thrill #14 The Neverending Story
Making of Stormlord, Skydiver, Krusty's Fun House
Peripheral Vision Sega Game Gear TV Tuner Pack
Retro Revival Warlords, FIFA Soccer 95, Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth
Ultimate Guide #91 1943: The Battle of Midway
Ultimate Guide #92 Neo Drift Out New Technology
Unconverted Fantasy, Hoops '96,  Asian Dynamite, Avengers in Galactic Storm


Space Invaders 40 Years

6 Sep 18

A Moment Simon Butler: Dinosaur Pie
Back to
September 2001
Classic Moments Lords of Thunder
EndGame Danan the Jungle Fighter
Feature Mega Cat Studios
Hardware Heaven Philips Videopac G7000, Nintendo Virtual Boy
History of Codemasters Simulators, Syphon Filter
Homebrew The World War Simulator: Part II, Gridiron
Homebrew Prisonnier 2, Project ZX 2, Bomb Jack Beer Edition
How to Run Arcade Games at Home
Impact of Space Invaders
In the Chair David Jones
Making of Batalyx, Starion, The Neverhood, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Minority Report Game Gear: Kishin Douji Zenki, Buster Ball
Minority Report Game Gear: Ninkuu Gaiden: Hiroyuki Daikatsugeki
Pushing the Limits STUN Runner
Retro Revival Ice Climber, Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge
Retro Revival Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Ultimate Guide #89 Raiden
Ultimate Guide #90 Another World


Daytona USA

9 Aug 18

A Moment Clive Townsend: Saboteur for Nintendo Switch
Back to
August 2001
Classic Moments AMC: Astro Marine Corps
EndGame Pengo
From the Archives Emerald Software Limited
Feature Unlicensed to Thrill
Hardware Heaven Atari 2600, Super Nintendo
History of Cool Spot
Homebrew Train, VVVVVV, Galencia, Pyramid, The Sword of Ianna
Homebrew Time Pilot, Buddhagillie, 3D Monster Maze
How to Clean Your Cartridge Contacts
In the Chair Brian Colin
Lost In Translation Nekketsu Kouha Kumio-Kun: Bangai Rantou-Hen
Lost In Translation Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
Lost In Translation Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-O
Making of Daytona USA, Oregon Trail, R-Type II, Loaded, Quake II
Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast Controller
Pushing the Limits Deep duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck
Retro Revival Astro Plumber, Devilish, Out Run, Eye of the Beholder
Ultimate Guide #87 R-Type II
Ultimate Guide #88 ThunderJaws
Unconverted The Maze of the Kings, Evolution Soccer, Dolphin Blue, The Next Space


Tetris 35 Years

12 Jul 18

A Moment Tommy Tallarico: Intellivsion Returns
Back to
July 2001
Classic Moments Shinobi
EndGame Evolution Soccer
From the Archives Gilsoft
Feature The Art of the 8-bit Loading Screen
Hardware Heaven Neo-Geo Pocket Color, Atari Jaguar
History of Tetris, RealSports
Homebrew Sam's Journey, Galatic Tomb, Quahappy
Homebrew Mooncat's Trio, Bomb Jack Beer Edition
In the Chair Alain Fernandes
Lost In Translation Fighting Vipers, Elitserien 95, Gunbird
Making of Punch & Judy, Thrust, Sonic 3D: Flickies Island
Making of I have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Total Annihilation
Minority Report PlayStation: Sheep Dog 'N' Wolf, Firebugs, One Piece Mansion
Peripheral Vision
Commodore 1541 Disk Drive
Pushing the Limits Stardust
Retro Inspired Stardew Valley
Retro Revival Overdrive, 3D Monster Maze
Retro Revival Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!
Ultimate Guide #86 The Last Blade
Unconverted TH Strikes Back, War: Final Assault, Silent Dragon, Deer Hunting USA


Sega Mega Drive 30 Years

14 Jun 18

A Moment Chris Wilkins: Return of ZZAP!64 / Jacqueline Ashwell: Text Games
Back to
June 2001
Classic Moments Kirby's Adventure, Micro Machines V3
Collectors Guide Software Projects
Engine Room Build
EndGame Punky Skunk
From the Archives Digital Fantasia
Feature Inside the Sega Mega Drive
Extra Gift Mini MEGA Mega Drive Companion Book, 20 Sega Stickers
Future Classic #68 The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Hardware Heaven Nintendo 64
Homebrew Mazebord, Sam's Journey, Magic Blocks, Prince of Persia, Golden Wing
In the Chair Matt Gray
Making of Savage, Rock N' Roll Racing, Sony EyeToy
Minority Report Atari 8-Bit: Zybex, Ninja, Attack of the Mutant Camels
Peripheral Vision
Sega Mega Drive Control Pad
Retro Revival Sindbad Mystery, Kokotoni Wilf
Retro Revival Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, Super Sidekicks
Ultimate Guide #84 WEC Le Mans
Ultimate Guide #85 Mercs
Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game, 1944: The Loopmaster
Unconverted Battle Circuit, Avengers


Street Fighter

17 May 18

A Moment Makin Games: Raging Justice
Back to
May 2001
Desert Island Disks Andy Beale
EndGame Street Fighter: The Movie - Captain Sawada's Ending
From the Archives Digital Pictures
Feature Street Fighter: Blow by Blow, The 8-Bit Architects
Feature The Simpsons Hit the Nes, Extra Life: Keeping Old Games Alive
Hardware Heaven Commodore Amiga CD32
Homebrew Heroes of Gorluth, Bosconian, Steel Ranger, Supa Zazai Da!
Homebrew Lunatic - Starring Miner Willy
Making of Rescue, Avalon and Dragontorc
Making of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Hitmam: Codename 47
Minority Report Playstation 2: Mr Moskeeto, Gitaroo Man, Michigan: Report from Hell
Peripheral Vision
Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Player
Retro Revival Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Renny Blaster
Ultimate Guide #82 Pengo
Ultimate Guide #83 Samurai Showdown


Inside the Chaos Engine

19 Apr 18

A Moment The Museum of Play's Jeremy K Saucier
Back to
April 2001
Classic Moments Mickey Mania
Collectors Corner Paul Megara (various)
EndGame Dear Boys
From the Archives Legend Entertainment
Feature Inside the Chaos Engine, Creating the C64 Games System
Hardware Heaven Sony Playstation 2
History of Battlezone, Saga
Homebrew Dungeons of Noudar 3D, Pets Rescue, Galencia, Stunt Car Racer
Homebrew Return to Genesis
In the Chair Ken Williams
Making of Total Eclipse & Total Eclipse II: The Sphinx Jinx
Making of Renegade III: The Final Chapter, Spider-Man vs The Kingpin, Arx Fatalis
Peripheral Vision
Sega Master System Control Pad
Pushing the Limits Under Defeat
Retro Inspired Wulverblade
Retro Revival Podd, Bomb Jack, Super Aleste, Dino Crisis 2
Ultimate Guide #81 Power Drift
Whatever Happened Sonic Crackers

*First issue to have a subscribers exclusive cover - retail cover shown.


Pac-Man & Pac-Mania

22 Mar 18

A Moment Two Point Studios Theme Hospital
Back to
March 2001
Classic Moments Sabre Wulf
EndGame The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
Feature BBC Micro: King of the Arcade Clone
Extra Gift Music CD Volume 1: C64 Remix, Bob Wakelin / C64 Double Sided Poster
Future Classic #67 Nex Machina
Collectors Guide Collecting Quicksilva
Hardware Heaven Sega Mega Drive, Sony Playstation PSone
History of Sonic on the Master System
Homebrew Mighty Final Fight, Ninja Gaiden Shadow
Homebrew Stranger Things, MAH, Weka Invaders, Icebox plus
In the Chair Gregg Mayles
Lost In Translation Elevator Action EX, Ganbare Gorby!, Soulcalibur
Making of Dark Star and Forbidden Planet, Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight
Making of Aladdin (Sega Mega Drive)
Minority Report Dreamcast Import: The Lost Golem, Mars Matrix, Super Speed Racing
Peripheral Vision Archer Super-Deluxe Competition Joystick
Retro Revival Space Taxi, Fray CD: Xak Gaiden, Metal Gear Solid
Retro Revival Jurassic Park, Manx TT SuperBike
Story of Pac-Man on Atari 2600
Ultimate Guide #79 Pac-Mania
Ultimate Guide #80 Parodius
Unconverted Flip Maze, Pnickies, Toryumon, Puzzle King: Dance & Puzzle


GoldenEye 007

22 Feb 18

A Moment Jerry Ellis
Back to
February 2001
Classic Moments Samurai Shodown
Collectors Corner Cathrine DeSpira (Arcade)
EndGame South Park
From the Archives Warthog
GoldenEye 007: The Declassified Report
Hardware Heaven Commodore 64
History of Championship Manager and Football Manager
History of CRL's Horror Adventure Games: Courting Controversy
Homebrew White Light, SQIJ 2018, Genius 2 - Into the Toy Caverns
Homebrew Cops and Robbers Chess
In the Chair Jane Whittaker (Andrew Whittaker)
Making of Oh Mummy, The Need for Speed, Kingpin: Life of Crime
Minority Report Wrestling Games: Giant Gram 2000: All Japan Pro Wrestling 3
Minority Report Wrestling Games: Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special
Minority Report Wrestling Games: Extreme Warfare Revenge
Peripheral Vision Nintendo GameCube Controller
Pushing the Limits Town & Country II: Thrilla's Surfari
Retro Revival Thomas The Tank Engine, Ranarama, Crash Bandicoot
Story of MUD: The Original Dungeon Delver
Ultimate Guide #78 Enduro Racer
Unconverted Charlie Ninja, Double Axle, The Killing Blade, Hyperdrive


Greatest Game Systems of All Time

25 Jan 18

Back to January 2001
Classic Moments Super Skidmarks
Collectors Corner John Paul Sutherland (Nintendo)
EndGame Spider-Man vs The Kingpin
From the Archives Looking Glass Studios
The All Time Greatest Game Systems
Homebrew Amstrad Retro Dev 2017, XSpelunker, Draconic Throne, Zevimodoki
Homebrew RetroForce, Egghead 6: Egghead Goes to Town, Chibi Akumas - Episode 2
Homebrew Cookie, The Big Burrito
Licence to Thrill #13 Big Trouble In Little China
In the Chair Tony Williams
Making of Venture, Earthworm Jim 2
Retro Revival Roland on the Ropes, Rocket Knight Adventures
Retro Revival Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Ultimate Guide #77 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Unconverted Fighting Layer, Battle K-Road
Unconverted Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty, Solitary Fighter



28 Dec 17

A Moment Pixwerk
Back to December 2000
Classic Moments Navy SEALs, Pilot Wings
Collectors Corner Martin Brear (Games Shed)
EndGame Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon
From the Archives Graftgold Creative Software
Future Classic #66 Bloodborne
Hardware Heaven Sega Master System
History of Amstrad: From CPC to PCW
Homebrew Blake's 7, Bears!, Cave81, Way of the Exploding Fist
Homebrew Sheep It Up, Space Hippies, NitroWheels
Licence to Thrill #12 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
In the Chair Jason Kingsley
Making of Contra III: The Alien Wars & Contra: Hard Corps, Frost Byte
Making of Eliminator, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Minority Report Football Games: Redcard, Ultimate Soccer, Premier Manager 3
Peripheral Vision Atari CX40 Joystick
Pushing the Limits Solaris
Retro Revival 3D Dotty, Cannon Fodder, Gate of Thunder, Aztarac
Ultimate Guide #75 Flying Shark
Ultimate Guide #76 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Whatever Happened Rayman


Sonic The Hedgehog 2

30 Nov 17

A Moment Vinny Mainolfi
Back to
November 2000
Classic Moments Quackshot Starring Donald Duck, Galaga '88
Collectors Corner Toddy McDonnell (SNES)
EndGame Pocket Fighter: Dan's Ending
From the Archives Dynamix
Feature Collecting Ultimate Play The Game, The Sound of the Amiga
Feature Amiga CD32: 1993-1994
Hardware Heaven Game Boy Advance
History of Wolfenstein
Unofficial Game Boy Jam 2017, Resident Evil Mega Drive
Homebrew Prince of Persia BBC, Planet Golf, Zukinox
Homebrew Killer Bees, Magical Tower Adventure
In the Chair
Yuzo Koshiro
Making of
Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Dark Chambers, The Lion King, Crash Team Racing
Minority Report BBC Micro: Fortress, Caving, The Alien From Outer Space
Peripheral Vision Donkey Kong DK Bongos
Pushing the Limits X
Retro Revival Jumping Jack, Llamatron 2112, Bubble Bobble
Ultimate Guide #74 Moon Cresta
Unconverted Chaos Heat, Demolish Fist, Hot Rod, Hard Dunk


Inside the Xbox

2 Nov 17

A Moment John Linneman at Digital Foundry
Back to
October 2000
Classic Moments Lionheart
Collectors Corner Oliver Knagge (Amiga)
Desert Island Disks Mark Pierce
EndGame Knucle Heads: Gregory's Ending
From the Archives Artic Computing Ltd.
Feature Inside the Xbox, Collecting Sinclair Research, 40 Years of the Atari 2600
Hardware Heaven Intellivision
History of YS
Rescuing Orc, Tetravex, Draconic Throne, Pac-Mad
Making of
Seaquest, Star Paws, Toonstruck, Conker's Bad Fur Day & Live & Reloaded
Minority Report PlayStation Simple 1500 Series: The Kendou Ken No Hanamichi
Minority Report PlayStation Simple 1500 Series: The Shooting, The Uchuu Hikoushi
Retro Revival Prohibition, Krusty's Super Fun House, The Chaos Engine
Retro Inspired Metroid: Samus Returns
Ultimate Guide #73 Legendary Warrior Rygar


Super Mario Sunshine

5 Oct 17

A Moment Andy Roberts
Back to
September 2000
Classic Moments Castlevania: Blood Lines
Collectors Corner Steven Leicester (Various)
EndGame Link: The Faces of Evil
From the Archives Sierra On-Line: The Adventure Game Years
Feature Great Expectations: Videogame Adaptations of Classic Books
Feature CD-i: Engineering Interactivity
Hardware Heaven Atari XL 800
History of Chuck Rock
Trzaskowski's Tensor, Cross Chase, Bomb Runner 2, That Sinking Feeling
In the Chair
Rob Zdybel
Making of Super Mario Sunshine, Rasputin, Emerald Isle, Zeewolf
Minority Report Super Nintendo Satellaview: BS Legend of Zelda
Minority Report Super Nintendo Satellaview: Radical Dreamers, BS F-Zero Grand Prix
Peripheral Vision PlayStation 2 Taiko Drum Controller
Retro Revival
Gyruss, Elemental Master, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Ultimate Guide #71 Laser Squad
Ultimate Guide #72 Shock Troopers
Unconverted Metamoqester, Chase Bombers, Top Secret, Ranger Mission
Whatever Happened Resident Evil: Game Boy Color


PC Engine: Import Icon + Super Play

7 Sep 17

A Moment Andy Remic
Back to
August 2000
Classic Moments Phoenix, Sunset Riders
Collectors Corner Jamie Monk (Various)
Desert Island Disks Adrian Longland
EndGame Star Parodier
From the Archives M Network
Feature PC Engine: Import Icon, The ZX Spectrum: 35 Years - 35 Games
Extra Gift Super Play Magazine Issue 48
Future Classic #65
Hardware Heaven
Sega Game Gear
History of Medal of Honor
Trailblazer, Quasarius, Roboprobe/48, Stranded
Making of Mayhem in Monsterland, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Minority Report Atari ST: Eye of Horus, Ork, Son Shu Shi
Peripheral Vision NES Advantage
Retro Revival
Palace of Magic, Rod-Land, Super Hang On, Jet Set Radio
Ultimate Guide #69 Moon Patrol
Ultimate Guide #70 Night Trap
Unconverted Dead Connection, Spikers Battle, Goalie Ghost
Whatever Happened Dragon Sword

Super Play
Issue 48


The Kings of Donkey Kong

 10 Aug 17

A Moment George Cropper
Back to
July 2000
Classic Moments The Immortal, Mischief Makers
Collectors Corner Matt Fisher (Game Boy)
EndGame Splatterhouse 3
From the Archives Introversion Software
Feature The Kings of Donkey Kong, Nintendo Classic Mini SNES, PocketStation
Future Classic #64 Undertale
Hardware Heaven
Sinclair QL
Homebrew Abu Simbel Profanation, Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom, Void Quest, Blimpgeddon
In the Chair
Simon Phipps
Licence to Thrill #11
Lost In Translation Enduro Racer, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2, Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Making of Saboteur 2, Arch Rivals, Wild Guns
Minority Report Game Boy Advance: Ninja Cop, Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting, Guru Logi Champ
Peripheral Vision Nintendo Super Scope
Pushing the Limits
Retro Revival
Shadow Fax, Shanghai, Super Adventure Island, Dungeon Explorer
Ultimate Guide #68 Zaxxon
Unconverted Spider-Man: The Videogame, Toy Fighter, Mister Viking, Bullet


Final Fantasy 30 Years

 13 Jul 17

A Moment Eugene Jarvis
Back to
June 2000
Classic Moments Starglider
Collectors Corner Sophie Tabak (Harvest Moon)
EndGame Metal Slug X
From the Archives Tronix
Feature 30 Years of Final Fantasy, Collecting Codemasters, 35 Years of Commodore 64
Future Classic #63 Dishonored
Hardware Heaven
Sega Mega-CD 
Homebrew Jubbles, Pet Snake, Space Junk, El Tesoro Perdido De Cuauthemoc
In the Chair
David Kelly
Licence to Thrill #10
Making of Final Fantasy XII, Obsidian, StarCraft
Minority Report Sega Mega Drive Modem: Pyramid Magic, Ikasuze! Penguin Land, Sonic Eraser
Peripheral Vision Sega Master System Control Stick
Pushing the Limits
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Retro Revival
Keystone Kapers, Wizkid, Air Zonk
Ultimate Guide #67 The Ninja Warriors


Virtua Fighter

 15 Jun 17

A Moment Shaun McClure
Arcade Perfect #5
Double Dragon
Back to
May 2000
Classic Moments Kirby's Fun Pak, Football Glory
Collectors Corner Simon Platt (The Codie Collector)
EndGame Night Trap
From the Archives Bally Sente
Feature 30 Years of Dizzy, Super Game Boy
Future Classic #62 Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan
Homebrew Astro Force, Code Zero, Zevimodoki, Bear Essentials
Impact of Scramble
In the Chair Nobuo Uematsu
Making of Virtua Fighter, Koronis Rift, Redhawk and Kwah!, Chimera, Alien Front Online
Minority Report Text Adventures: The Pawn, Terrormolinos, The Hobbit
Peripheral Vision Steel Battalion Controller
Pushing the Limits
Flimbo's Quest
Retro Revival
Cadash, Vroom, Gunstar Future Heroes
Ultimate Guide #66 Puyo Puyo


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

 18 May 17

A Moment Retro Radio
Back to
April 2000
Classic Moments The Tale of Beta Lyrae
Collectors Corner Tom Rabett (game shed)
EndGame Soul Blade: Voldo's Ending
From the Archives Imagine Software
Feature 40 Years of Commodore PET, MSX: The Best of the West
History of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Alien Breed
Homebrew Standard Deviation, RMB, A Game of Life, Mega Cheril Perils
In the Chair Mark Cerny
Making of Nebulus, Out on a Limb, Half-Life 2
Minority Report Sega SG-1000: Girl's Garden, GP World, Hustle Chumy
Peripheral Vision PlayStation Dance Mat
Retro Revival
Chuckie Egg 2, Mega Man X, Saturn Bomberman
Retro Inspired Fire Emblem Echoes
Ultimate Guide #65 Sly Spy


Mario Kart

 20 Apr 17

A Moment Mikado Game Center
Back to
March 2000
Classic Moments Wings
Collectors Corner Mark R jones (ZX Spectrum)
Desert Island Disks Richard Costello
EndGame Vitua Fighter Kids: Sarah Bryant's Ending
From the Archives Mosaic Publishing
Feature Making a Splash: Frogger, 35 Years of The Colecovision
Future Classic #61 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
History of Gex
Homebrew Slipstream, Oh Mummy!, Slime Center, GPAC Dementia Defender
Making of Super Mario Kart, Phantasy Star, Screamer
Minority Report Amstrad CPC 6128: Mega Blasters, Fres Fighter II Turbo, B.A.T.
Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn Controller
Readers Revival
Mystery House
Retro Revival Kirby's Dream Land, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
Retro Inspired Thimbleweed Park
Ultimate Guide #64 APB: All Points Bulletin


Road Rash

 23 Mar 17

A Moment Rene Richard db Electronics
Arcade Perfect #4
Donkey Kong
Back to
February 2000
Bluffers Guide Disney
Classic Moments Target: Renegade
Collectors Corner Mark Crosby (Sega Mega Drive)
EndGame Art of Fighting 3: Kasumi Todoh
From the Archives Cronosoft
Feature The Rise of the Amiga 500
Hardware Heaven PlayStation Portable
Homebrew Minesnake, Tujate, Boxx 3, Geometrix
In the Chair Mo Warden
Licence to Thrill #9 Labyrinth
Making of Road Rash, Tusker, Lomax
Pushing the Limits The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Readers Revival Wario Land II
Retro Rated Doom: The Board Game (2017)
Retro Revival Alley Cat, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, "I, Robot"
Retro Inspired Yooka-Laylee
Ultimate Guide #62 Thunder Blade
Ultimate Guide #63 Windjammers


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

 23 Feb 17

Back to January 2000
Classic Moments Rolling Thunder
Desert Island Disks Bob Smith
EndGame The Strangers
From the Archives Bubble Bus Software
Feature Nintendo Switch Retro Titles, Action Max, Top 20 Apple II Games
Future Classic #60 Viva Pinata
Hardware Heaven Nintendo Super Famicom
History of Iron Soldier
Homebrew Chibi Akuma(s), Lizard Willy, Frogger Arcade, Pietro Bros
Making of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Uridium 2, Bubsy 3D, Black
Minority Report Sega Mega Drive: Generations Lost, Eliminate Down, Master of Monsters
Peripheral Vision Game Boy Printer
Pushing the Limits Savage
Readers Revival Aztec Adventure
Retro Revival Bactron, Autoduel
Ultimate Guide #61 Alien Storm


Resident Evil

 26 Jan 17

A Moment Philip and Andrew Oliver
Arcade Perfect #3 Space Harrier
Classic Moments Panzer Dragoon
Collectors Corner Arron Davis (various)
EndGame World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
From the Archives Top Ten Hits
Feature The Legacy of Resident Evil, Game Genie
Future Classic #59 Batman Arkham Asylum
History of Match Day, Discworld
Homebrew CPC RetroDev, Mini Doom, Amiga Mario,
Homebrew Codename: Intruder, 1010!, Snake Escape, Donkey Kong
In the Chair Suda51
Making of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Hunchback, Todd's Adventures in Slime World
Minority Report Super Nintendo: Hagane: The Final Conflict, Phalanx, Legend
Peripheral Vision Dreamcast Gun
Readers Revival The Goonies
Retro Revival Pole Position, Wizard of Wor, SonSon II
Ultimate Guide #60 Gauntlet II


Tomb Raider 20 Years

 29 Dec 16

A Moment Hardlight
Arcade Perfect #2
Missile Command
Classic Moments Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior
EndGame Cho Aniki
From the Archives Blitz Games Studios
Feature 20 Years of an Icon: Tomb Raider, Sega SG-1000, 20 Games that Pushed the Limits
Future Classic #58 The Witness
GBJam, Bosconian, Bridge Strike, Merry Christmas from Horace
Homebrew Moonspire, Pang, Magica
In the Chair Satoru Okada
Making of Microsurgeon, Area 51, Destruction Derby 2
Minority Report Atari 2600: Solaris, Secret Quest, Defender II
Readers Revival Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Retro Revival Mario's Picross, Mercenary
Story of Diablo
Ultimate Guide #59


Chase HQ

 30 Nov 16
(Future Publishing)

A Moment Piko Interactive
Arcade Perfect #1
Star Wars 
Classic Moments Dynamite Cop
Collectors Corner Mega Drive
EndGame Home Alone
From the Archives Abbex Electronics
Feature The Legacy of Metroid, Play Retro Today
History of Warcraft
Hardware Heaven ZX Spectrum
Homebrew 2016 C64 4K Game Coding Competition, Space Hawks, Mysterious Dimensions
Homebrew Deus Ex Machina 30th Anniversary, Genius into the Toy Warehouse, Vilq, Spycat
In the Chair Kevin Bayliss
Licence to Thrill #8 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Making of Panther, Myriad, Zool, Pandemonium!
Minority Report Sega Saturn Shoot-'em-Ups: Darius Gaiden, Soukyugurentai, Guardian Force
Readers Revival Cybertron Mission
Retro Revival Qix, Armalyte
Ultimate Guide #58 Chase HQ



 3 Nov 16

A Moment Bespoke Arcades
Back to December 1999
Classic Moments Syndicate
Collectors Corner Mega Drive
Desert Island Disks Paul Clansey
EndGame The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants
From the Archives Imagic
Feature How Pokemon Caught The World, Atari 2600 Jr, Top 25 Game Boy Advance Games
Homebrew Chunk Zone, AlarCity, Advanced Space Battle, Gravitus Minus, Super Uwol, Shotgun
Homebrew Defence, Treasures of Ali-Gear, Super Robin, Golden Tail
Licence to Thrill #7 Toy Story
Making of The Horace Trilogy, Umihara Kawase, Clay Fighter
Minority Report Amiga CD32: Benefactor, Banshee, Shadow Fighter
Peripheral Vision Beatmania Controller
Readers Revival Dork's Dilemma?
Retro Revival Mazogs, Blood Money, Saboteur II: Avenging Angel
Ultimate Guide #56 Darius
Ultimate Guide #57 Rez


Super Mario 64

 6 Oct 16

A Moment Gary Vincent
Back to November 1999
Classic Moments Double Dragon, Super Scramble Simulator
Collectors Corner Classic Computers 
EndGame Ridge Racer Type 4
From the Archives Beyond Games
Feature Super Mario 64: Nintendo's 3D Game Changer, The Hit Squad
Feature 15 Years of Nintendo GameCube
In the Chair Glen Corpes
Homebrew Doomsday Lost Echoes, Golden Tail, Papi Commando Tennis
Homebrew Dungeoneer Games and Simulations, Manic Mower, Ancient Legends
Homebrew Fantasy World Daisy, Tourmaline, Bubbo World 2
Making of Marauder, The Tex Murphy Series, Frostbite
Minority Report Amstrad 6128 Plus: Prehistorik 2: Back to Hungerland
Minority Report Amstrad 6128 Plus: Fluff, Stryker in the Crypts of Trogan
Peripheral Vision EyeToy
Readers Revival Popeye's Beach Volleyball
Retro Revival Ninja Baseball Bat Man, Stop The Express, Bandit
Ultimate Guide #54 The Story of Thor
Ultimate Guide #55 The House of the Dead


Streets of Rage II

 8 Sep 16

Back to October 1999
Classic Moments Horace Goes Skiing
EndGame The House of the Dead
From the Archives 30 Years of Codemasters
Feature NES Mini: Now Even Smaller, Neo-Geo CD
History of Worms, Crash Bandicoot
In the Chair Jim Huether
Homebrew Uwol Quest For Money, Cave Story, Agony!, Yun, Athanor, Car Wars
Homebrew BitBitJam 3, Knight 'N More, Guns And Riders, Pac-Pac
Making of Streets of Rage II, Snapper, Halls of the Things
Minority Report Master System: Masters of Combat, Power Strike, Megumi Resue
Peripheral Vision Super Game Boy
Readers Revival Virtual Boy: Wario Land, Bandana City
Retro Revival Chain Reaction
Ultimate Guide #53 Pang


Sonic The Hedgehog 25 Years

 11 Aug 16

A Moment Jason Daniels
Back to September 1999
Classic Moments Another World
EndGame Capcom vs. SNK 2
From the Archives Delphine Software
Feature March of the Mascots, Inside the Sinclair ZX81, Clash of the Handhelds
Future Classic #57 Grand Theft Auto V
Hardware Heaven
In the Chair Gregg Tavares
Homebrew Kabura, Excalibur, Adios A La Casta 2, The Dark, Space Chase, Coolbox
Homebrew Quod init Exit Iim, Blocky Skies, Space Invaders Arcade Emulator, Ralph 4
Licence to Thrill #6 Top Gun
Making of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Fur Fighters
Minority Report Amiga 500: Floor 13, Ultimate Soccer Manager, Base Jumpers
Readers Revival Army Moves
Retro Revival Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Inside Outing
Story of Sonic The Hedgehog
Ultimate Guide #51 Slap Fight
Ultimate Guide #52 Super Smash Bros.


N64: Nintendo's Midas Touch 20 Years

 14 Jul 16

A Moment Joypad Arcade
Back to August 1999
Bluffers Guide Pinball
Classic Moments The Trap door
EndGame Rapid Reload: Axel's Ending
From the Archives Big Five Software
Feature 20 Years of N64: Nintendo's Midas Touch 20 Years
Hardware Heaven PlayStation
History of Bonk
In the Chair Ashley Routledge and Dave Saunders
Homebrew Game Jolt's Adventure Jam 2016, SceptreQuest 1, Popeye
Homebrew Manic Miner, Sokoban, Pentagram, Jewel Warehouse
Licence to Thrill #5 Alien 3
Making of Combat, Fire and Ice
Minority Report ZX Spectrum: The Biz, Mean Streak, Hijack
Readers Revival Super Robot Pinball
Retro Revival Karateka, Magical Hat No Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken
Ultimate Guide #49 Hyper Sports
Ultimate Guide #50 Final Fight


Out Run: The Road Trip of a Life Time 30 Years

 16 Jun 16

A Moment Luke Zapart
Back to July 1999
Classic Moments The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Desert Island Disks Terry Pratt
EndGame Space Invaders '95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies
From the Archives
Probe Software
The A-Z of JRPGs, Game Boy Advance
Future Classic #56
Super Mario Galaxy
History of
Out Run
SMS Power 2016, Mr Vintik, Sky Kid, Hessian, Llamatron, RGCD 16K 2015
Homebrew Deep Core Raider, Oubliette, A Prelude to Chaos
Licence to Thrill #4 Aladdin
Making of Universal Hero, Gravitar, Hydro Thunder
Peripheral Vision Kempston Competition Pro
Readers Revival Galaxions
Retro Revival Turbo Esprit, Samurai Shodown II, Rick Dangerous 2
Retro Inspired Enter The Gungeon
Ultimate Guide #48 Mr Do!


NES 30 Years

 19 May 16

A Moment Kyle Edwards WWE Experience
Back to June 1999
Classic Moments 3D Ant Attack
EndGame Target: Renegade
Feature NES 30 Years of Entertainment, The Need For Speed (Running)
History of
Sega, Fatal Fury
Mah Jongg, Towers of Hanoi, Pothole Percy, Husband Chores, Frank N Stein
Homebrew The Lands of Zador, Egghead, Hessian, Wing Warriors, Nadral, Battle City
In the Chair Ed Fries
Licence to Thrill
#3 The Godfather
Making of
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Master of Orion
Minority Report Commodore 64: Rocket Ball, Bird Mother, The Detective Game
Peripheral Vision Master System Converter
Readers Revival Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time
Retro Revival Scramble, Fruit Machine Simulator
Ultimate Guide #46 BurgerTime
Ultimate Guide #47 Ghouls 'N Ghosts


Quake 20 Years

 21 Apr 16

A Moment The Dark Room
Back to May 1999
Classic Moments Atic Atac, Mario Kart 64
EndGame Cyber-Lip
From the Archives Microids
Feature 20 Years of Quake, VIC-20: Alive & Kicking
Future Classic #55
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
History of Dead or Alive
Hardware Heaven
Atari 1040ST
Homebrew Dark Castle, Balloon Girl, Slime Deluxe, Ghost Town, Shadow Gangs
Homebrew Spaceball 2016, Cracker's Revenge, IntyBasic 2015, Popeye, Castaway, Hugohunt
In the Chair Stuart Cox
Licence to Thrill
#2 Cobra
Making of 3D Starstrike & Starstrike II
Making of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Minority Report Atari Lynx: Battlezone 2000, Battlewheels, Checkered Flag
Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn 4MB Extended Ram Cartridge
Readers Revival Blue Meanies From Outer Space
Retro Revival Top Gear, Popeye
Ultimate Guide #44 Renegade
Ultimate Guide #45 Desert Strike


Sega's Big Gamble

 24 Mar 16

A Moment Shark Protectors
Back to April 1999
Classic Moments Samba De Amigo Ver. 2000
EndGame Sonic Wings 3 - Robo-Keaton's Ending
Feature Sega's Big Gamble: Mega-CD & 32X, 40 Years of Apple,
How Rare Ruled The N64
History of Operation Wolf
Homebrew Penguin Adventure, Bobby Bearing, Skool Daze, Bubbo World, Rock Maze
Homebrew Tyrian, Spring Warrior, Solargun, Asteroidx, Priest John McPuke
In the Chair Chuck Sommerville
Licence to Thrill #1 Robocop
Making of
Yar's Revenge, Blagger & Son of Blagger, Omikron: The Nomad Soul
Minority Report Super Famicom: Hameln No Violin Hiki, Cosmo Gang: The Video
Minority Report Super Famicom: Super Mad Champ
Peripheral Vision Super Nintendo SNES Controller
Readers Revival Timeslip
Retro Revival T.L.L - Tornado Low Level, Thrust
Ultimate Guide #43 Super Monaco GP


WipEout 2097

 25 Feb 16

A Moment London Gaming Market
Back to March 1999
Classic Moments Everyone's A Wally, Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight
Desert Island Disks Mike Dailly
EndGame Time Gal
From the Archives Eurocom
Future Classic #54 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
History of Ikari Warriors, Sega Rally
Hardware Heaven ZX Spectrum +2, Vectrex
Homebrew Frogger Arcade, Bomb Munchies, Jump Ninja, E-Type, Begemed, Ninja Savior
Making of WipEout 2097, Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper, Blue Lightning, Psychonauts
Minority Report Game Boy Color: Samurai Kid, Lil' Monster
Minority Report Game Boy Color: Macross 7 - Ginga No Heart O Furuwasero
Readers Revival Roland Ahoy!
Retro Revival Batman Returns, Blockbusters
Ultimate Guide #41 Turrican II: The Final Fight
Ultimate Guide #42 Duke Nukem 3D


Street Fighter II 25 Years

 27 Jan 16

A Moment Park Productions
Back to February 1999
Classic Moments S.D.I. Strategic Defence Initiative
EndGame Road Rash
Feature Celebrating The Macintosh
Feature A Deck of Legends: Walter Day's Videogame Trading Cards
Feature Top 25 Neo-Geo Games
From the Archives 21st Century Entertainment
History of Hunchback
Homebrew Saboteur, Issyos, Super Obliteration, ABBUC Software Competion 2015
Homebrew Dork Dave And The Dirty Trick, Waimanu Scary Monsters Saga, Piggy Bank
In the Chair Ron Gilbert
Making of Scooby Doo, Zzoom, Micro Machines 2 & Turbo Tournament
Minority Report Nintendo 64: Beetle Adventure Racing, Operation Winback
Minority Report Nintendo 64: Rocket: Robot On Wheels
Peripheral Vision Intellivision Controller
Readers Revival Night Stalker
Retro Revival JCB Digger, Realm of the Trolls
Story of Street Fighter II
Ultimate Guide #40 Head Over Heels


Your 150 Greatest Games Ever

 31 Dec 15

Back to January 1999
EndGame Behind The Scenes Of Retro Gamer Issue 150
Feature Your 150 Greatest Games Ever!, Inside The Commodore 64
Feature Alexey Pajitnov Celebrating Tetris, The Arcade Pioneer: The Story Of Yu Suzuki
History of Nintendo
Making of Jet Set Willy, Sid Meier's Civilization, Resident Evil 4


Star Wars

 27 Nov 15

A Moment Monster Finger Games
Back to December 1998
Classic Moments Fantastic Dizzy, Virtua Cop
EndGame Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose
Feature The Greatest Star Wars Games Ever, Philips Videopac G7000
Feature Radiating Quality: The Legacy of Half-Life
From the Archives
Future Classic #53
Pursuit Force
History of
The Games Series
Hardware Heaven Atari Lynx
Msxdev 2015, Total Eclipse, Sprint 1 C64, Boom!, Cap'n Rescue: The Escape
Homebrew Demons of Dex, Squarex, Pingouin Rose, Blap 'N Bash
In the Chair Mike Hally
Making of
Saboteur, Walker
Minority Report GameCube: Lost Kingdoms, Chibi-Robo!, Beach Spikers
Peripheral Vision G-Con 45
Readers Revival Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Retro Revival Thunder Force IV, F355 Challenge
Ultimate Guide #39 Star Wars


All-Time Greatest BBC Games

3 Nov 15

A Moment Stuart Ashen
Back to November 1998
Classic Moments Fat Worm Blows A Sparky
EndGame World Heroes 2: Ryoko's Ending
Feature All-Time Greatest BBC Games, The Chronicles of Midnight
Feature Playing With Power: The Super Nintendo 25 Years on
From the Archives
Homebrew 2015 ZXS Retro Game Jam, Boom!, RoboCop Classic v1.1 (Park Productions)
Homebrew The Ultimate Guide To Amiga PD Games, Forum 64 Game Competition 2015
Homebrew Sprint 1, Tetris MD, Hop 'N' Frog, Pac-Mania
In the Chair
Charles Cecil
Making of
Get Dexter, Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City, Gunblade NY
Making of Command & Conquer
Peripheral Vision Atari 2600 Paddle Controller
Readers Revival The Quest For Camelot
Retro Revival Kikstart 2, Space Invaders
Ultimate Guide #37 Gunstar Heroes
Ultimate Guide #38 Karnov


30 Greatest Super Mario Moments

8 Oct 15

A Moment Jamie Crook
Back to October 1998
Classic Moments Typhoon Thompson In Search for the Sea Child
Desert Island Disks Patricia Curtis
EndGame Football Glory
Feature 30 Greatest Super Mario Moments, Interton Electronic VC 4000 Retrospective
From the Archives Human Engineered Software
History of Splatterhouse
Hardware Heaven Amiga 1200
Homebrew GB Jam, Text Adventure CPC, Bomber, Majesty of Sprites
Homebrew Serpent Caves - Retro Edition, Tro-Now
Homebrew RoboCop Classic (Park Productions), Red Planet
Making of Vortex, Friday The 13th, Tomb Raider
Minority Report Game Boy: Ultraman Ball, Burning Paper, Dragon Tail
Peripheral Vision Intellivoice
Readers Revival Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams
Retro Revival Kick Off 2, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Ultimate Guide #36 Mortal Kombat II


Space Harrier

10 Sep 15

A Moment Maya Pixelskaya
Back to September 1998
Classic Moments Tales of the Arabian Nights, Way of the Exploding Fist
EndGame Psycho World
Feature Arcade Perfect: Neo-Geo Retrospective 25 Years, 30 Greatest Weapons Ever!
Feature Coding Back The Years, Kevin Toms: From Board Games to Pitchside
From the Archives Audiogenic
History of Broken Sword
Hardware Heaven Coleco Vision
Homebrew Game Jolt: Indies vs Gamers, Fairlight, The Return of Traxtor
Homebrew The Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games, Laserball 2015, Zombo
Homebrew Bomberman: Milena's Test, Pixel Pix
Making of H.E.R.O., Jumping Jack
Minority Report Dreamcast: Cosmic Smash, Outtrigger, Sports Jam
Peripheral Vision N64 Controller
Readers Revival Darxide
Retro Revival Enduro Racer, Booty
Ultimate Guide #35 Metal Gear Solid


Space Harrier

13 Aug 15

A Moment Darren Melbourne
Back to August 1998
Classic Moments ESWAT: City Under Siege, Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Gran Turismo
EndGame Super Mario World
Feature The Budget BBC: An Acorn Electron Retrospective, Top 25 PC Engine Games
From the Archives New Generation Software
Future Classic #52 Amnesia: The Dark Descent
History of The Bard's Tale
Hardware Heaven Sega Saturn
Homebrew Dylan The Spaceman, The Great Escape, Boray Gammon, Jam It, Super 48K Box
Homebrew Poetiru, James And Watch - Arm, Ghosts 'N Goblins Arcade
In the Chair Simon Pick
Making of Space Harrier, Bruce Lee, Alleykat
Minority Report ZX Spectrum 128: Where Time Stood Still, Navy Seals, Blizzard Pass
Peripheral Vision Game Boy Camera
Readers Revival Chameleon Twist
Retro Revival Defenders of Oasis, NHL 96, Final Fight CD
Ultimate Guide #34 Arkanoid



16 Jul 15

A Moment Jesse McClure
Back to July 1998
Bluffers Guide Marvel Superhero Games
Classic Moments Granny's Garden
EndGame Atomic Robo-Kid
Feature Top 25 Xbox Games
From the Archives Gamestar
Hardware Heaven Amstrad CPC 464
Homebrew Booming Boy, The Legends of Owlia, Jet Set Willy, P0 Snake
Homebrew Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery, Stormfinch, Puzcat, Dribol, Flype
In the Chair David Darling
Making of Firetrack, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Magic: The Gathering
Making of Diddy Kong Racing
Minority Report PlayStation: Slap Happy Rhythm Busters, Fox Junction, Speed Power Gunbike
Peripheral Vision Visual Memory Unit
Readers Revival Shark! Shark!
Retro Revival Fire Emblem, Shenmue
Retroinspection Magnavox Odyssey
Ultimate Guide #32 1942
Ultimate Guide #33 Dig Dug


F-Zero 25 Years

18 Jun 15

A Moment Devin Monnens
Back to June 1998
Classic Moments Tusker
Desert Island Disks David Lowe
EndGame No One Can Stop... Mr Domino
Feature F-Zero: A Racing Revolution 25 Years, Top 25 Atari ST Games
Feature Amstrad GX4000: 25 Years on
From the Archives Black Isle Studios
Future Classic #51 Blur
History of Repton
Homebrew GameJolt 2015, JBiplane, Matilda Castle, Kaboom!, Mr Angry Dude
Homebrew Break 64, Lander 2, Vade Retro
Making of Xenophobe, Dungeon Keeper, Max Payne
Minority Report PC Engine CD: Akumajou Dracula X: Chi No Rondo
Minority Report Galaxy Deka Gayvan, Motteke Tamago
Peripheral Vision Master System Light Phaser
Readers Revival Rebel
Retro Revival Powerplay: The Game of the Gods, Stryker's Run, Body Blows
Talking Shop Games You Loved
Ultimate Guide #31 Master of Darkness

Park Cover



21 May 15

A Moment Jonathan Smith
Back to May 1998
Bluffers Guide Shoot-'Em-Ups
Classic Moments Spy vs Spy
EndGame Penguin Adventure
Feature The Greatest Multiplayer Games Ever!, Texas Instruments TI-99
From the Archives Loriciels
In the Chair Andrew Hewson
History of Rebelstar, Twisted Metal
Homebrew Tecno Ninja, Ultima IV Remastered, Pacapong, Bruce Lee 2
Homebrew Robots, Shoot The UFO 2015, Knightmare, Bruce Lee
Making of Black Widow, Blade Runner
Readers Revival Pro Wrestling
Retro Revival Side Pocket, Wheelie
Talking Shop Time Trap Arcade
Ultimate Guide #30 Bionic Commando

Park Cover


Gaming's Biggest Disasters

23 Apr 15

A Moment Simon Thomley
Back to April 1998
Bluffers Guide Licensed Games
Classic Moments Kenseiden, Power Stone 2
EndGame Mr Driller 2
Feature Gaming's Biggest Disasters, Creating Centipede
From the Archives System 3
Future Classic #50 The Walking Dead: Season One
In the Chair Brian Fargo
Homebrew Dragon's Lair, Toledo AtomChess, G-Zero, Castlevania: Spectral Interlude
Homebrew Dangerous Rick, Unheart, Rock Paper Scissors, Doroppu
Lost In Translation Anmitsu Hime, Shenmue II, The Simpsons
Making of Driller, 720º
Minority Report NEC PC-98: Totsugeki! Mix, Garyuoh, Tamashii No Mon
Readers Revival Blagger
Retro Revival Airball, Time Bandit
Talking Shop Console Passion
Ultimate Guide #28 Parasol Stars
Ultimate Guide #29 Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road



26 Mar 15

A Moment Jim Bagley
Back to March 1998
Classic Moments Game Over, The House of the Dead 2
EndGame Sonic The Hedgehog
Feature Atari ST: A 30 Year Legacy, Top 25 Sports Games, 
From the Archives Strategic Simulations Inc
Future Classic #49 FEZ
In the Chair Carleton Handley
Homebrew Chimera+, Pac-Man Arcade, Mini Cookie, Scramble Slug, #MSXDEV 2014
Homebrew Pointless Fighing, Mr. Balloon, Solomon's Key 2: Fire 'n' Ice, Wipeout 2600
Homebrew Burgers of Hanoi, Megablasters: Escape From Castle In The Clouds
Making of Jetstrike, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
Minority Report Oric-1: Zorgon's Revenge, The Hobbit, L'Aigle d'Or
Readers Revival Dragon Trek
Retro Revival Supremacy: Your Will Be Done, Boulder Dash
Retro Inspired Shovel Knight
Story of Trashman: Taking Out The Trash, Deus Ex: Augmented Gaming
Ultimate Guide #26 Lemmings
Ultimate Guide #27 Kung-Fu Master


The Greatest NES Games

3 Mar 15

A Moment Paul Rose
Back to February 1998
Classic Moments Citadel, Aladdin
EndGame Power Blade 2
Feature The Greatest NES Games, RCA Studio II, RPG Heaven: The Greatest SNES RPGS of All Time
From the Archives Titus Software
In the Chair Mark Healey
Homebrew SSCGC: Shadow of the Beef, Boxx 2, Scramble C64, Ralph Baer's Pinball
Homebrew RGCD 16K Cartridge Competition, Jet Paco, Ice SLider Z, Pusher, Automania
Lost In Translation Megami Ibunroku Persona, Biohazard, Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone
Making of Batman, Sonic R, Road Rash, Resident Evil Remake
Minority Report Amstrad GX4000: Pang, Switchblade, Plotting
Readers Revival Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Retro Revival The Transformers, Winter Games, Perfect Dark
Talking Shop Warez Retro Shop
Ultimate Guide #25 Operation Thunderbolt


From Point to Click

5 Feb 15

A Moment Alkis Polyrakis
Back to January 1998
Bluffers Guide Point And click Adventures
Classic Moments Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper
EndGame Gemfire
Feature Sega Game Gear: 25 Years On, Top 25 ZX81 Games
From the Archives Sirius Software
In the Chair Chris Sawyer
History of Star Wars: Dark Forces and the Jedi Knight Series
Homebrew The Prisoner CPC, Ludum Dare 31, A Shot In The Dark, Xplode Man, Tank Battalion
Homebrew Donkey Kong Junior, Scramble Slug, Superted: The Search For Spot
Making of Hired Guns, Super Bug, Agent X: In The Brain Drain Caper
Minority Report Dragon 32: Phantom Slayer, Backtrack, Time Bandit
Readers Revival Hoppit
Retro Revival Tekken 2, Arkanoid III, Cloud Master
Retro Round Up Resident Evil HD, Burnin' Ranger (Park Productions)
Retro Round Up Tetris Ultimate, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
Retro Inspired Super Meat Boy
Talking Shop Funstock
Ultimate Guide #24 Commando
Unconverted Demon Front, Fast Lane, Surf Planet


PlayStation 20 Years

2 Jan 15

A Moment Matt Gray
Back to December 1997
Bluffers Guide Dungeons & Dragons
Classic Moments Ys: The Vanished Omens, Monty Python's Flying Circus
Desert Island Disks Jez San
EndGame Dizzy: Prince of the Yolk Folk
Feature How The PlayStation Changed Gaming 20 years, 
From the Archives Automata UK
Future Classic #48 Hotline Miami
History of Eternal Champions
Homebrew Demoneyicon, Donkey Kong Junior, Montezuma's Revenge, ABBUC 2014
Homebrew X-Force, Willy The Wasp 2, The Holy Emperor, Mad Crash Racing 
Lost In Translation Puyo Puyo, Commando, Kato-Chan & Ken-Chan
Making of Highway Encounter, Pit-Fighter
Minority Report Commodore Plus/4: Bridgehead: Legionnaire 2, Ace, Mercenary
Readers Revival Drain Mania
Retro Revival Penguin Land, Shanghai Warriors
Talking Shop Video Game Market 2
Ultimate Guide #23 Combat School


Elite 30 Years

4 Dec 14

A Moment Mike Diskett
Back to November 1997
Classic Moments Cauldron, Contra: Hard Corps
EndGame Metal Gear Solid
Feature Elite: 30 Years of Being Elite, The Greatest Gifts Ever!
Feature Top 25 Master System Games
Feature My Gaming Memories: Archer Maclean, One Vision: A Microvision Retrospective
From the Archives Nutting Industries
Homebrew Ball 'N' Flag, Super Cell Dungeon, Zombi Terror, Cousin Horace, Thro' The Wall
Homebrew Sector: Invasion, Red Hot Overdrive, Radioactive Happens
Import Only Cool Cool Toon
Lost In Translation Super Mario Bros 2, Um Jammer Lammy, Probotector
Lost In Translation Kid Dracula, Streets of Rage 3
Making of Ranarama, Blood, Mad Planets
Minority Report Amiga 1200: Super Stardust, One Escapee, Banshee
Readers Revival Zombi
Retro Revival Deflektor, Alien Breed: Special Edition 92, Ape Escape
Retro Inspired Volgarr The Viking
Talking Shop Magix Buttons
Ultimate Guide #22 Puzzle Bobble



6 Nov 14

A Moment Ned Langman
Back to October 1997
Classic Moments Rocket Knight Adventures, Wild Guns
EndGame Cybernator
Evolution of Pokemon
Feature 25 Years of the NEC Turbografx-16, Defender: A Legacy
Feature The King Of Fighters: 20th Anniversary, 30 Years of Duck Hunt
From the Archives Adventure Soft UK
Future Classic #47 Half-Life 2
In the Chair Tommy Tallarico
Homebrew Retro Racer, Dimo's Quest, Return to the Golden Age, X=Y=Z
Homebrew Boxx, Archeomania, Roguelight, Invenies Verba
Making of Exolon, Food Fight, Halo: Combat Evolved
Minority Report VTech CreatiVision: Locomotive, Police Jump, Crazy Chicky
Readers Revival Monkey Puncher
Retro Revival Geordie Racer, Leaderboard
Talking Shop From Bedrooms To Billions


Sega Saturn

9 Oct 14

A Moment Pete Daniels
Back to September 1997
Classic Moments Desert Strike
Desert Island Disks Andrew Hutchings
EndGame F-Zero: GP Lagend
Feature Sega Saturn: 20th Anniversary, The Scariest Moments of All Time, Gaming Obsessions
From the Archives Origin Systems
Future Classic #46 Oni
History of Batman Videogames, Soft Aid
Homebrew Lawless Legends, Jam It, Oricium, Temple of Terror, Ummo, Death Race, Zombi Terror
Making of Wasteland, Medal of Honor
Minority Report Commodore 128: The Rocky Horror Show, Kikstart, Beyond Zork 
Readers Revival Popils: The Blockbusting Challenge
Retro Revival Alien Crush, WarioWare Inc: Mega Microgames!
Retro Inspired Retro City Rampage
Talking Shop Games World Bodmin
Unconverted Gaiapolis, Borench, Extreme Downhill, Bloodstorm



11 Sep 14

A Moment Nick Burcombe
Back to August 1997
Bluffers Guide Turn-Based Strategy Games
Classic Moments Road Rash, Saboteur
EndGame Power Stone
Feature Fred Harris: Micro Man, Top 25 Amiga 500 Games, Sega 32X: 20th Anniversary
From the Archives Martech Games
Future Classic #45 Dark Souls
History of Punch-Out!!
In the Chair Simon Nicol
Homebrew Donkey Downfall, The Gears Don't Grind, MSXDEV 2014, Junkbots
Alter Ego, Power Rangers: Beats of Power, Kyd Cadet 3
Making of Finders Keepers, Hard Drivin', Streets of Rage
Minority Report Neo-Geo CD Special: Ironclad, Crossed Swords 2, Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
Readers Revival Conan: Hall of Volta
Retro Revival Gryzor, The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck
Talking Shop Retro Towers
Ultimate Guide #21 Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja


Atari 7800

14 Aug 14

A Moment Colin Jones
Back to January 1980, July 1997
Bluffers Guide First-Person Shooters
Classic Moments Sid Meier's Pirates!
EndGame Wall Street Kid
Feature Atari 7800 ProSystem - 30th Anniversary, Top 25 Atari 8-Bit Games
From the Archives Oddworld Inhabitants: An Oddworld Inhabitants Retrospective 
Future Classic #44 Resident Evil 4
History of Banjo-Kazooie
In the Chair Graeme Devine
Homebrew Atlantean, Assembloids, The Monk, Tiger Jenny, Xain'D Sleena, Horace Miner 2
Homebrew Sky Rogue, Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places
Making of Zynaps, Feud, Sanitarium
Minority Report TRS-80 Special: A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, Crystal City, 13 Ghosts
Readers Revival Final Fight One
Retro Revival Dragon's Lair, Wonder Boy In Monster Land
Retro Inspired Rogue Legacy
Talking Shop Play Expo 2014
Ultimate Guide #20 Shinobi
Unconverted Tinkle Pit, Arbalester, Rim Rockin' Basketball, Mirai Ninja



17 Jul 14

A Moment Bill Harbison
Back to February 1980, June 1997
Bluffers Guide Interactive Movies (FMV)
Classic Moments Super Turrican
EndGame The King of Fighters '95
Feature The Marathon Men
From the Archives Gang of Five
Future Classic #43 Bioshock
History of Rampage, Elder Scrolls 20 Years
In the Chair Mev Dinc
Homebrew FTL: Faster Than Light, Thetris, Commando Arcade, L'Abbaye Des Mortes
Homebrew Galaxy Frontier, Thorn, Pixeroids, Barbarian
Making of Tau Ceti, Monster Max, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Minority Report Amstrad PCW Special: Silicon Dreams, Head Over Heels, The Last Mission
Readers Revival Advanced Pinball Simulator
Retro Revival Mario Is Missing, WWF SmackDown! 2
Retro Inspired OlliOlli
Talking Shop Revival 2014
Ultimate Guide #19 RoadBlasters
Unconverted Dragoon Might


Crazy Taxi

19 Jun 14

A Moment Geoff Brown
Back to September 1980, May 1997
Bluffers Guide Football Games
Classic Moments Wizball
Desert Island Disks Karl Hörnell
EndGame Shinobo II: The Silent Fury
Feature 30 Years of Amstrad CPC: Sugar's Marvellous Machines, Top 25 N64 Games
From the Archives Telegames: Oceans Apart: A Telegames Retrospective
Future Classic #42 Okami
History of Crazy Taxi
Homebrew 2048, The World's Largest Game, Cosmos, Love Story, Bertie The Ball, Floodit
Making of Theme Hospital, Super Cars
Minority Report Commodore Vic-20 Special: Jelly Monstors, Sword of Fargoal, Bandits
Readers Revival BMX Racers
Retro Revival Video Poker, Putt & Putter
Talking Shop Four Quarters Arcade Bar (Retro Game Base)
Ultimate Guide #18 Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Unconverted Motor Raid


Maze Games

22 May 14

A Moment Ian Malcolm
Back to August 1980, April 1997
Bluffers Guide Maze Games
Classic Moments Robocop, Shinobi III: Revenge of the Ninja Master
EndGame Jungle Strike
Feature Lynx Awakening: An Atari Lynx Retrospective 25th, The Hardest Games of All Time
From the Archives The War Lords: MC Lothlorian
History of Driver, 25 Years of Atari Lynx
Homebrew Pulse, Impossible Game, 2048, Hires Pacman, Flappy Bird.
In the Chair RJ Mical
Making of Heartland, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Minority Report Japanese Warriors Special: Kaze Kiri, Kenseiden, Edge
Readers Revival Blitz
Retro Revival Game Over Screens, Panzer Dragoon Mini
Ultimate Guide #17 Midnight Resistance
Unconverted Mach Breakers, Hot Shocker, Winding Heat, Lord of Gun


Golden Axe

24 Apr 14

A Moment Roland Perry
Back to December 1980, March 1997
Bluffers Guide Scrolling Beat'em-ups
Classic Moments Twinkle Star Sprites
Desert Island Disks Karl Hilton
EndGame Twisted Metal World Tour
Feature Boy Wonder: A Game Boy Retrospective 25 Years, The Rise and Fall of Cheats
Feature Tekken 20 Years, Top 25 Sega Saturn Games
From the Archives Lore Design
Future Classic #41 The Last of Us
Homebrew Rocky Memphis and the Temple of Ophuxoff, Atari Blast, Dimo's Quest
Homebrew Flappy Bird, Boulder Dan, Road Hunter, Retro Fever, Captain Drexx
Import Only Live A Live
Making of Golden Axe, Zarch
Readers Revival Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Retro Revival Rock 'N Roll Racing, Bobby Bearing
Unconverted Martial Masters, Knights of Valour, Grand Tour


When Arcades Ruled the World

27 Mar 14

A Moment Bobby King
Back to November 1980, February 1997
Classic Moments Time Crisis
EndGame Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck
Feature When Arcades Ruled the World, Top 25 PlayStation Games
Feature Television With Intelligence: An Intellivision Retrospective (35 Years)
From the Archives Design Design: A Crystal Design
Homebrew Land of Mire Mare, La Guerra De Gamber, Pooyan, Perplexity
Import Only Jang Pung 3
In the Chair Ronald Wayne
Making of Jack the Nipper, Fairlight I & II, Commander Keen
Minority Report ColecoVision Special: Nova Blast, Mr Do's Castle, Monkey Academy
Readers Revival F-Zero GX
Retro Revival Chuckie Egg
Ultimate Guide #16 Pac-Land
Unconverted Zero Gunner, Gigandes, Fixeight, Zaviga


Knight Lore 30 Years

6 Mar 14

A Moment Jason Fitzpatrick
Back to October 1980, January 1997
Bluffers Guide Real-Time Strategy
Classic Moments Sega Rally Championship
EndGame Resident Evil Gaiden
Feature Knight Lore: A 30 Year Legacy, Swan Song: A WonderSwan Retrospective
Feature Top 25 Game Boy Games, The Amstrad CPC Games That Time Forgot
From the Archives Thalion Software: The Scene Kings
Future Classic #40 Valkyria Chronicles
Homebrew RGCD 16K Cartridge Competition, Doom, CGE Adventures, Mountain Panic
Import Only Kirby’s Dream Land 3
In the Chair Pete Cooke
Making of Ballblazer, Knights in the Sky
Minority Report Sharp X68000 Special: Genocide, Etoile Princesse, Geograph Seal
Readers Revival Grid Trap
Retro Revival Killer Gorilla, Pokemon Stadium
Story of Strider
Unconverted Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic, Knuckle Bash, China Gate, Tecmo Knight


Paperboy 30 Years

6 Feb 14

A Moment Charles Cecil
Back to March 1980, December 1996
Classic Moments Tekken
EndGame Galaga '88
Feature Resurrecting Putty Squad, The Translation Kings
Feature Movie Licence Awards, Atari 8-bit: 35 Years Young
Future Classic #39 Xenoblade Chronicles
History of ToeJam & Earl
Homebrew Fuze, SGT Helmet Zero, Uncontrolled, Lamb Chops
In the Chair Howell Ivy
Making of Paradroid, Sinistar, Battletoads
Minority Report Acorn Archimedes Special: Star Fighter 3000, E-Type, Apocalypse
Readers Revival Rygar
Retro Revival The Story of Thor, Einhander, Advance Wars
Ultimate Guide #15 Paperboy


Speed Kings: Arcade Racers

9 Jan 14

A Moment Roy Fielding
Back to July 1980, November 1996
Bluffers Guide Arcade Racers
Classic Moments Lylat Wars / Star Fox 64
EndGame Streets of Rage 3
Feature How Activision Rewrote Videogame History, Atari XEGS Retrospective
From the Archives Wonder Boys: A Westone Retrospective
History of Boulder Dash
Homebrew Bomberland, Sacred Line: Genesis, Coconut Cake Caper, Battle of Hoth
In the Chair Jim Bagley
Making of Metropolis Street Racer, Altered Beast, Mined-Out, UFO: Enemy Unknown
Minority Report Chinese RPGS: Xin Xian Jian
Readers Revival Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
Retro Revival R-Type
Ultimate Guide #14 Bomb Jack
Unconverted Surprise Attack, Panodora's Palace, City Bomber, Hot Chase



5 Dec 13

A Moment Miles Jacobson
Back to June 1980, October 1996
Classic Moments Sega Marine Fishing
EndGame Darkman
Feature Top Chumps - Gaming's Greatest Underdogs, 21 Budget Games
Future Classic #38 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
History of Killer Instinct, Cinemaware
Homebrew ABBUC Software Competition 2013, Submarine Rescue, Cadaverion, Valley of Treasures
In the Chair Garry Kitchen
Making of Comix Zone, Stonkers, Tempest 2000
Minority Report Atari ST Special: Lethal Xcess: Wings of Death II, Starray, Obsession
Readers Revival Deluxe Galaga
Retro Revival Vigilante, Haunted House
Story of Alex Kid - Gaming's Greatest Underdog
Ultimate Guide #13 Salamander
Unconverted Willow, Armored Warriors, Nemo, Slipstream


3DO: Ahead of its Time

8 Nov 13

A Moment Graeme Devine
Back to May 1980, September 1996
Classic Moments Mercs, Ecco the Dolphin
Desert Island Disks Phil Tossell
EndGame Rolling Thunder 2
Feature Ahead of its Time - A 3DO Retrospective (20 years)
Feature Miner Willy's Retirement Home (30 Years), C64 Games That Time Forgot,
From the Archives Software Creations - Bubbles, Baseball and Buzz Saws
History of Impossible Mission
Homebrew Guns 'N' Ghosts, Pitfall!, Brik, Mission: Moon
Making of Grand Theft Auto III, Creating Chaos - The Chaos Engine, Movie
Minority Report Apple II Special: Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension, Alien Mind, Power Bots
Readers Revival Oscar
Retro Revival Beetle Adventure Racing
Ultimate Guide #12 Forgotten Worlds


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

10 Oct 13

A Moment Smooth McGroove
Back to April 1980, August 1996
Bluffers Guide RPGs
Classic Moments Command & Conquer: Red Alert
EndGame Beneath A Steel Sky
Feature Compilation Kings, Fairchild Channel F Retrospective
From the Archives English Software
History of Rambo Video Games
Homebrew Alien 8, Classic Game Designer, Lab Escape, Titanium
Import Only Tobal 2
In the Chair Nigel Alderton
Making of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Bombuzal, Gribbley's Day Out
Minority Report Atari 7800 Special: Ninja Golf, Desert Falcon, Alien Brigade
Readers Revival Legend of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse
Retro Revival SNK Gals Fighter, Bishi Bashi Special
Ultimate Guide #11 Strider
Unconverted Vapor Trx, Cloak & Dagger, Batman, Sky Raider



26 Sep 13

A Moment Burke Trieschmann
Back to January 1981, July 1996
Classic Moments Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
EndGame Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Evolution of Beat'em-ups
Your Videogame Icons
From the Archives Access Software
Future Classic #37 Red Dead Redemption
History of Oddworld
Homebrew Amstrad CPC 16K Rom Competition, Malaika, The Speccies, Batz
Import Only Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru
In the Chair Colin Porch
Making of Shadowrun, Myth: History in the Making, The Sims

Minority Report Famicom Disk System Special: Otocky, Nazo No Murasame Jo, Falsion
Readers Revival Chuck Norris Superkicks
Retro Revival The Apprentice, The Young Ones, Rage Racer
Story of Earthworm Jim
Unconverted Spatter, Pig Newton, UFO Senshi Yohko Chan, Desert Breaker



15 Aug 13

A Moment Teddy Lee
Back to May 1981, June 1996
Bluffers Guide Brain Strain: Puzzle Games
Classic Moments Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
EndGame Prince of Persia
Feature Top 25 SNES Games, Atari Jaguar 20 Years On
From the Archives Zeppelin Games
Future Classic #36 Pikmin 2
History of Cannon Fodder
Homebrew Covertape #2, Russian Blob, Shmup!, Lunar Rescue
In the Chair Sandy White
Making of Super Castlevania IV, Deactivators, Counter Strike
Minority Report The Apprentice
Power Up Spectrum 128K
Readers Revival Richard Scarry's Busytown
Retro Revival Rainbow Walker, PaRappa The Rapper
Story of Q*bert


FlashBack to the Future

18 Jul 13

A Moment Jordan Mechner
Back to
April 1981, May 1996
Bluffers Guide Shoot to Thrill! - Lightgun Games
Classic Moments Populous
Desert Island Disks Paul Norman
EndGame Jurassic Park
Feature FlashBack to the Future, 30 Years of NES: A Celebration, Top 25 Mega Drive Games
From the Archives Mastertronic
Future Classic #35 Bayonneta
History of Dino Crisis
Homebrew Arcade Game Designer 4.0, Sir Abadol, Oh Mummy, Stairrunner
Making of Chequered Flag, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Defender of the Crown
Minority Report Atari Jaguar Missile Command, Protector: Special Edition, I-War
Readers Revival F17 Challenge
Retro Revival Sagaia, Tomb Raider
Unconverted Gunforce 2, 005, Prop Cycle, Mr Goemon


Forgotten Masterpiece: Sega Master System

20 Jun 13

A Moment Gary Winnick
Back to February 1981, April 1996
Classic Moments ToeJam & Earl
Collectors Guide Sega Master System
EndGame Tiger Road
Feature Capcom: 30 years 30 games, Space Invaders 35th: Invasion of the Coin Snatcher
Feature Myst Memories
From the Archives Naughty Dog
Future Classic #34 Kuru Kuru Kururin
Homebrew The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard, Thunderturds, Funky Fungus, Ladybug
In the Chair Tom Kalinske
Making of Styx, Lost Vikings, Thief: The Dark Project
Minority Report Guardian
Readers Revival Nexus
Retro Revival Rolling Thunder, The Evil Dead
Story of Breakout


LucasArts: A Celebration

23 May 13

A Moment Peter McConnell
Back to September 1981, March 1996
Classic Moments IK+
Complete Guide Doctor Who
EndGame Sonic CD
Feature Inside The BBC Micro
From the Archives Taskset
Future Classic #33 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
History of Star Fox
Homebrew Gem Chaser, Heartbreak, Tetwels, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
In the Chair Martin Edmondson
Making of NBA Jam, Crusader: No Remorse
Minority Report Atari 8-Bit Special: Henry's House, Crumble's Crisis, Nightmares
Readers Revival Flashback
Retro Revival Nibbler, Stop the Express
Story of Microsoft: Bill's Gateway to Games
Unconverted Aqua jack, SWAT Police, Atomic Boy, Parallel Turn


Will Right SimCity

25 Apr 13

A Moment Stuart Ross
Back to August 1981, February 1996
Classic Moments F-Zero
EndGame The Super Spy
Feature 10 Launch Disasters, 30 Essential Shoot'em-ups
From the Archives Interceptor Software
Future Classic #32 Ico
History of Seventies Home Computers, Chase HQ
Homebrew Knights and Demons, Bomb On Pixel City, The Inheritance, Asteroids Emulator
In the Chair Chris Huelsbeck
Legacy of SimCity
Making of Indiana Jones Triple Bill, Adventure
Minority Report Mega CD Special: Heart of the Alien, Jurassic Park, Panic!
Readers Revival Dragon Crystal
Retro Revival Marvel Land, Klax
Ultimate Guide #10 The New Zealand Story


30 Years of Dragons Lair

28 Mar 13

A Moment Doug TenNapel
Back to July 1981, January 1996
Cheap As Chips Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
EndGame Shaq-Fu
Evolution of Platformers
Feature 30 Years of Dragon's Lair, Remembering Deathchase,
20 Killer PC Games
Feature PlayStation 2: A Celebration 2000-2013
From the Archives Bizarre Creations
Future Classic #31 No More Heroes
Homebrew You Have To Win The Game, Structris, Oils Well, El Hobbit (Vah-Ka's Cut)
Import Only AAH! Harimanada
In the Chair Mark Turmell
Making of Wriggler, Bubsy in Clawed Encounters of the Furred Kind
Readers Revival Metal Marine
Retro Revival ATV Simulator, Kirbys Dream Course, Wave Race 64
Ultimate Guide #9 Punch-Out!
Unconverted Devil World, Megadon, Galactic Warriors, Kabuki-Z


Amiga 500

28 Feb 13

A Moment Scott Adams
Back to June 1981, December 1995
Classic Game Pang
Cheap As Chips Kokotoni Wilf
Collectors Guide Amiga 500
EndGame Tekken 2
Feature The Mysterious Crash, Greatest Videogame Bosses, Conversion Kings
Feature Shadowfire: Out of the Shadows, Into the Fire
Future Classic #30 Rogue Galaxy
History of Micro Machines
Homebrew Wonderland, Deadline, Impact!, Teodoro No Sabe Volar
In the Chair Steve Kelly
Making of Planescape: Torment
Minority Report Commodore 16 Special: Tube Runner, Auto Zone, Timeslip
Readers Revival Chuckie Egg 2
Retro Revival Theme Hospital, Moon Patrol


30 Greatest Ever Power-Ups

31 Jan 13

A Moment Kurt Kalata
Back to March 1981, November 1995
Collectors Guide Sega Mega Drive
EndGame Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Feature 30 Greatest Ever Power-Ups, The King of Chaos
From the Archives Special FX
Future Classic #29 Dead Space
Gaming Legends Sid Meier
History of Civilization
Homebrew Lumascii, Christmas Carol vs The Ghost of Christmas Presents, Mary Poppins, Avalanche
In the Chair Jordan Mechner
Making of Rex, Star Castle
Readers Revival Don Doko Don
Retro Revival Rocket Knight Adventures, Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
Retro Shamer Back to the Future Part II
Unconverted Mysterious Stones - Dr. John's Adventure, Thunder Ceptor, Radical Radial, Ken-Go


Lode Runner 30th

3 Jan 13

A Moment Brian Baglow
Back to October 1981, October 1995
Cheap As Chips Stoneheep
Desert Island Disks Shahid Ahmad
EndGame Total Recall
Evolution of the PC Engine
Feature 20 Sega Games You've Never Played, Back to Basic
From the Archives Imagitech Design
Future Classic #28 Portal
Gaming Legends David Perry
Homebrew Hardsync 1st Mix, Down, Asteroids Emulator, Totems
Making of Lode Runner, Carrier Command, Rampart, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans
Minority Report Magical Puzzle Popils
Readers Revival Crush, Crumble & Chomp!
Retro Revival Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Agony, Rally Speedway
Unconverted Trick Trap 1771, Dr. Micro, Ultra X Weapon, Dark Tower


Nintendo Legends

6 Dec 12

A Moment Kevin Toms
Back to August 1985, September 1995
Cheap As Chips World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
EndGame Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Feature The Lord of Midnight - Mike Singleton, Nintendo Legends, The Music Men 
Feature Revisiting Bullfrog: 25 Years On, SCUMM Origins, 25 Games To Get You In The Festive Spirit
Future Classic #27 Viewtiful Joe
Homebrew Ridiculous Reality, Knightmare ZX, Streemerz, Crimbo
In the Chair Jeff Minter
Making of Sensible World of Soccer, Baldur's Gate, Uplink
Readers Revival Bumpy
Retro Revival Slalom, Grand Prix, Frank N Stein


The Ultimate Years

8 Nov 12

A Moment Artmagic
Back to May 1982, August 1995
Classic Game Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Cheap As Chips Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior
EndGame Operation Stealth
Feature The Ultimate Years, After Tetris, SNES Mode 7 Heaven, Half-Life Special
From the Archives Cascade Games
Future Classic #26 Mirrors Edge
Gaming Legends Jack Tramiel
History of Bullet Heaven: Contra, 20 Years of Kirby
Homebrew SQRXZ, Penguino, Mole Rat, Tiny Lynx Adventure
In the Chair Eugene Evans
Making of Point Blank, Hat Trick
Minority Report Arena: Maze of Death
Readers Revival Sweet Home
Retro Revival Sly Spy
Unconverted Hook, Funky Jet, Phantom II, D-CON


Psygnosis: End of An Era

11 Oct 12

A Moment Florent Gorges
Back to April 1982, July 1995
Classic Game Wonder Boy III
Cheap As Chips Jack the Nipper
EndGame World Heroes 2: J Max's Ending
Feature Legacy of Psygnosis, Before Videogames, Tales from the Retro Crypt
Feature It's Alive! The Konix Multi-System Is Back, A Journey into the Heart of Doom
From the Archives Digital Integration
Gaming Legends Shigeru Miyamoto
History of Final Fantasy
Homebrew Mage: The Enchanted Crystals, Imaginario Colectivo, Mazezam Challenge
Homebrew Vade Retro, Atic Atac
Import Only Umihara Kawase
Making of Renegade, Wacky Waiters
Readers Revival Alien
Retro Revival Pilotwings


30 Years of Robotron

13 Sep 12

A Moment Derek Yu
Back to March 1982, June 1995
Cheap As Chips Street Racer
EndGame Super Soccer
Evolution of Street Fighter 25 Years
30 Years of Robotron, Core Gaming: 35 Years of Apple II, iOS Gems
From the Archives Alternative Software
Future Classic #25 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
History of Pitfall! 30th
Homebrew Sabre Wulf, Snail Maze, Phantomas En El Museo, Surfshooter, Soulless
In the Chair Dennis Koble
Making of Major Havoc, Battle Squadron, Kane I+II
Minority Report Little Samson
Readers Revival 3D Stock Car Championship
Retro Revival Starstrike II, Mighty Bomb Jack
Unconverted Mystic Warriors, Cosmic Cop, Zippy Bug, Yamoto


Electronic Dreams

16 Aug 12

A Moment Keith Hamilton
Back to February 1982, May 1995
Classic Game Diddy Kong Racing
EndGame Alien Storm
Feature Electronic Dreams: The Rise of the Portable Arcade
Feature 20 Nintendo Games You've Never Played, Inside The Classic Game Room
Feature The Amiga Underground, 30 Years of the Commodore 64
Future Classic #24 Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny
Homebrew Soulless, Bouncing Bomb: Redux, Mowleco, Line Runner, Lost Disks of Sam
Import Only Twinkle Tale
In the Chair Julian Rignall
Making of Uridium, Liberation
Minority Report PC Engine Special: Gain Ground SX, Volfied, Cratermaze
Readers Revival Gradius III
Retro Revival Blue Print, Laser Squad, Time Pilot
Retro Shamer WWF Wrestlemania
Unconverted Riding Fight, Marine Date, Final Star Force, Under Fire


Origin Of Electronic Arts 30th

19 Jul 12

A Moment Jim Bagley
Back to January 1982, April 1995
Cheap As Chips The Lion King
Desert Island Disks Greatest Hits
EndGame Monster Party
Feature Origin Of Electronic Arts, On The Trail Of Mire Mare, Atari ST: The Neverending Story
Feature The Dungeon Masters, If it ain't broke... clone it! Xbox Live Indie Games
From the Archives Image Work
Future Classic #23 Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
History of Controversy "Controversial Games"
Homebrew Lost Disks of Sam, Fairy Well, Majikazo, Atlas, The Remaking of Downfall
Instant Expert #3 Electronic Arts
Making of Carmageddon, Tempest, The Daley Thompson Series
Minority Report Sword of Destiny
Readers Revival Crusoe
Retro Revival Super Soccer, Dynamite Duke
Unconverted Major Havoc, Riot, The Lost Castle in Darkmist, Mad Crasher


40 Years of Pong

21 Jun 12

A Moment Rod Lawton
Back to December 1981, March 1995
Cheap As Chips Dungeon Keeper
Classic Game Contact Sam Cruise, Lords of Chaos
Collectors Guide Vectrex
EndGame Zombie Ate My Neighbors
Feature Kick Off: A Football Legacy, Back to Skool Daze, GameCube Gems, Working Class Heroes
From the Archives Electric Dreams
Homebrew XNX, Darc, Downfall, Nu Pagadi!, Making of More Tea Vicar?
In the Chair Nick Jones
Making of Tekken, iBall
Readers Revival Caesar The Cat
Retro Revival Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Flying Shark
Story of Pong


Inside the Atari 2600

24 May 12

A Moment Lennie Moore
Back to November 1981, February 1995
Bluffers Guide Flight Simulators
Classic Game Thunder Force III
Desert Island Disks Andy O'Neil
EndGame Chase HQ: Special Criminal Investigation
Feature Inside the Atari 2600, 40 Reasons Why Atari Changed Gaming, Self-Preservation Society
Future Classic #22 Metroid Prime
Homebrew Hell Racer, UWOL: Quest For Money, Woolly Jumper, Vamperi, The Making of BB4CPC
Import Only Majyuuou
Instant Expert #2 Loop Drop Games
Making of Double Dragon, Citadel, Hogs Of War
Readers Revival Akira
Retro Revival Alien Syndrome, Cobra
Retro Shamer The Flintstones
Signature Series Diablo


Star Wars X-Wing Saga

26 Apr 12

A Moment Lloyd Mangram
Back to July 1982, January 1995
Cheap As Chips Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Classic Game Kid Icarus
EndGame Darkman
Feature 30 Years of the ZX Spectrum, Virtual Boy: More Than Meets The Eye
From the Archives Salamander Software
Future Classic #21 The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
History of Wipeout
Homebrew More Tea Vicar?, Mr Beanbag, Driar, Mecha 8
In the Chair Ian Livingstone
Instant Expert #1 Fighting Fantasy
Making of Cybernoid, The X-Wing Saga, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Minority Report Metal Warriors
Readers Revival Transylvania
Retro Revival Twin Kingdom Valley, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, Out To Lunch


Ocean Behind the Scenes

29 Mar 12

A Moment Andy Wear
Back to June 1982, December 1984
Cheap As Chips Gynoug
Classic Game Zaxxon
Collectors Guide NES: Nintendo Entertainment System
EndGame The New Zealand Story
Feature BBC Micro: Re-Educating the Masses, 25 Years of Metal Gear, A Life on the Ocean Wave
From the Archives Beau Jolly
Future Classic #20 Jet Set Radio Future
Homebrew R-Type, Jars' Revenge, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Cometfall, Diary of RG Rampage
Making of Lucky & Wild, The Hobbit
Readers Revival Dragon's Lair, Oids
Retro Revival Catcha Snatcha
Unconverted Dyna Gear, Exicting Soccer, Nova 2001, Oni - The Ninja Master




1 Mar 12

A Moment Mark Jones
Back to January 1983, November 1994
Classic Game Elite
EndGame Bubble Bobble
Feature Happy 100th Issue, Inside The ZX Spectrum, Eastern Blocks: Game Boy Tetris
Feature The Music Man: Rob Hubbard Interview, Bar's Odyssey: Ralph Baer & Magnavox Odyssey 
Feature 100 Classic Gaming Moments, David Crane's Tricks of the Trade
Feature Crash & Burn: US Videogame Crash 1982 - 1984
Extra Gift Reprint of Retro Gamer Magazine Issue 1 
Homebrew RG Rampage C64 Type-in, Bubble Bobble For CPC, Jumping, Seaweed Assault, Shoot
In the Chair Andrew Braybrook
Making of Sonic The Hedgehog, Grand Theft Auto
Readers Revival Developer Special Robotron:2084 Eugene Jarvis, Dangerous Dave John Romero


3D Monster Maze

2 Feb 12

A Moment Jonathan Temples
Back to December 1982, October 1994
Classic Game Bruce Lee, Golden Axe
EndGame Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Blanka
Feature Top 25 Amstrad Games, Playground Battles Commodore Versus ZX Spectrum
From the Archives Platinum Productions
Future Classic #19 Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance
History of Soul Calibur
Homebrew Shoot'em Up Destruction Set 2, Fickle, Coracle, Canabalt, Prince of Persia
In the Chair Eric Chahi
Making of 3D Monster Maze, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Thing On A Spring
Minority Report Gekisha Boy
Readers Revival Planetiod
Retro Revival Zynaps, Robocop Versus The Terminator
Signature Series Mega Man
Unconverted Rail Chase, Tank Force, Rock N Rage, Superior Soldiers


The Making of Metal Slug

5 Jan 12

A Moment David Darling
Back to November 1982, September 1994
Cheap As Chips Wonder Boy In Monster Land
Coin-Op Capers #12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Collectors Guide Sega Game Gear
EndGame B.O.B
From the Archives Rainbird Software
Future Classic #18 The Warriors
History of Space Harrier
Homebrew Dingo, Mighty Jill Off, Out-Space, Byte Me, Retro City Rampage
In the Chair Bruce Everiss, Paul Anderson
Making of Metal Slug, Alone in the Dark 1&2, Alundra, Oddworld Abe's Oddysee, Splat
Readers Revival Dragonia
Retro Revival Thanatos, Target: Renegade
Unconverted A.B Cop, Rollergames, Eight Forces, Ninja Clowns


Festive Special

8 Dec 11

A Moment Rawson Stovall
Back to October 1982, August 1994
Classic Game Strykers Run
EndGame Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Feature Covertape Wars, Gary Bracey, The Lynx Effect
From the Archives CRL Group
Future Classic #17 Dark Chronicle
History of Frogger, Dragon Quest
Homebrew Prince of Persia, Buzzsaw+ Foxton Locks Mix, Pepper 2, Space Disposal, Armalyte
Making of Batty, Super Star Wars Trilogy, Aztec Challenge, Zzap!64, The Sacred Armour of Antiriad
Minority Report Ironclad
Readers Revival Moley Christmas
Retro Revival Basildon Bond, Power Strike
Retro Shamer Time Killers


Final Fantasy VII

10 Nov 11

A Moment Eric Chahi
Back to September 1982, July 1994
Cheap As Chips Dino Crisis
Classic Game Toobin
Desert Island Disks David Leitch
EndGame Prince of Persia
Feature Top 25 Commodore 64 Games
From the Archives Domark
Future Classic #16 Panzer Dragoon Orta
History of Jetman
Homebrew Frank N Stein Re-Booted, Changs Adventure, Manhole, Patrol In Space, Dingo
Making of Final Fantasy VII, Radiant Silvergun, Kid Chameleon, The Revenge of Shinobi
Obscura Machina #9 Sharp X68000
Readers Revival Firelord
Retro Revival Mr TNT, Zombie Nation
Story of Monty Mole
Unconverted Osman, Kaiser Knuckle, R-Shark, The Battle Road


Bubble Bobble

13 Oct 11

A Moment Ken Levine
Back to August 1982, June 1994
Cheap As Chips Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis
Classic Game Castlevania Bloodlines
Collectors Guide Sinclair ZX Spectrum
EndGame Zool
Feature Bubble Bobble 25th: Bubble Memories
From the Archives Krisalis
Future Classic #15 Fahrenheit
History of Resident Evil
Homebrew Hyperviper, Bell Hopper, Wunderchar$, Way of the Exploding Foot
In the Chair Gary Penn
Making of Alien Trilogy, FIFA International Soccer, Project Firestart
Readers Revival Battletoads, Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
Retro Revival Ramparts
Unconverted The Ninja Kids, Spinal Breakers, Out Zone, Lady Master of Kung Fu


Maniac Mansion

15 Sep 11

A Moment Malcolm Evans
Back to December 1989, May 1994
Bluffers Guide Construction Software
Classic Game Trashman, Discworld
EndGame Toejam & Earl
Feature Chapter And Versus (Capcom Crossover Fighters), The Art of Amiga, The Best GBA Games
From the Archives Atari Corporation Part 2
Future Classic #14 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Homebrew Space Harrier, Sheepoid, The Keep, Lode Runner
Making of Maniac Mansion, Slightly Magic, Jones in the Fast Lane
Minority Report Aldynes
Obscura Machina #8 Pippin
Readers Revival Mortal Kombat II
Retro Revival Batman: The Videogame, First Samurai, UGH!, Fortress
Retro Shamer Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon
Unconverted G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Nitro Ball, Professor Pac-Man, Riot City


Computer Space

18 Aug 11

A Moment Duncan Jones
Back to November 1989, April 1994
Cheap As Chips Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!
Classic Game Parodius
Collectors Guide Super Nintendo
Coin-Op Capers #11 Rastan
EndGame The Lost Vikings
Feature Board of Videogames, 30 Years of Galaga
From the Archives Atari Corporation Part 1
Future Classic #13 Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
Homebrew NES Virus Cleaner, Frantic Freddy, Octopus, Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle
Making of Computer Space, Nodes of Yesod
Minority Report Kishin Douji Zenki FX: Vajura Fight
Readers Revival Cuthbert In The Jungle
Retro Revival Crusader: No Remorse, Werewolves of London
Signature Series Quake
Unconverted Shock Troopers, Tazz Mania, Power Drive, Mad Motor


Game Over for 8-Bit

21 Jul 11

A Moment Chuck Sommerville
Back to October 1989, March 1994
Bluffers Guide Vector Games
Cheap As Chips Dino Park Tycoon
Classic Game The GG Shinobi
Collectors Guide Amstrad CPC
EndGame Cruis'n World
Feature End of the 8-Bits
Future Classic #12 Gitaroo Man
History of Final Fight
Homebrew Jim Slim, Chopper Drop, Robots, Dino
In the Chair Steve Turner
Making of Grim Fandango, Chariot Race
Readers Revival Blinkys Scary School
Retro Revival The Firemen, Pac-Land
Signature Series Ninja Gaiden
Ultimate Guide #8 U.N. Squadron


20 Years of Sonic

23 Jun 11

A Moment Steve Wilcox
Back to September 1989, February 1994
Cheap As Chips Fairlight
Classic Game Solomons Key, Total Eclipse
EndGame Hammerin Harry
Feature Sonic Boom 20th, Spectrum Games That Time Forgot
From the Archives Treasure
Future Classic #11 P.N.03
Homebrew Cray-5, Mashed Turtles, Hora Bruja, Clone
Import Only Wonder Project J
In the Chair Michel Ancel
Making of Sonic Adventure, Bugaboo The Flea, North & South, The Untouchables
Minority Report Pieces
Obscura Machina #7 Panasonic M2
Readers Revival Hunchback
Retro Revival Zap't'Balls, Highway Encounter
Ultimate Guide #7 Smash T.V.
Unconverted The Outfoxies, Dog Fight, Enforce, Mad Crash


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

26 May 11

A Moment Shaun Southern
Back to August 1989, January 1994
Bluffers Guide Mac Gaming
Collectors Guide Sega Saturn
Desert Island Disks Ian Grieve
EndGame Prime Time Fighter
Feature The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Links Reawakening
From the Archives Westwood Studios
Future Classic #10 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
Homebrew Hard Hat Harry, Hyper Viper, NES 15, Kolmik Deluxe Edition
Making of Knightmare, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman
Minority Report Gauntlet: The Third Encounter
Readers Revival Virtua Fighter
Retro Revival World Games, Earnest Evans
Retro Shamer The A-Team
Ultimate Guide #6 The Legend of Zelda
Unconverted Bucky O'Hare, Tropical Angel, Super Space Fortress Macross, Survival Arts


Commodore C64

28 Apr 11

A Moment Chris Sorrell
Back to July 1989, December 1993
Cheap As Chips Jill of the Jungle
Classic Game Contra III: The Alien Wars
Collectors Guide Commodore 64
EndGame Street Fighter Alpha 3
Feature Street Fighter II 20th, Ridge Racer: Drift King
From the Archives Brøderbund
Future Classic #9 Knights of the Old Republic
Homebrew Sub Hunter, Lady Kakerlak, Gimme Bright, The Wicked Father
In the Chair Raffaele Cecco
Making of Sprint 2, Pirate Adventure, Starquake, Resident Evil Gaiden
Mapped #03 Starquake
Minority Report Zorgons Revenge
Readers Revival Tom Thumb
Retro Revival Die Hard, How to be a Complete Bastard, Jetpack
Unconverted 64th Street: A Detective Story, 4-D Warriors, Pioneer Balloon, Horizon


Missile Command

31 Mar 11

A Moment Andreas Axelsson
Back to May 1989, November 1993
Cheap As Chips T.L.L. Tornado Low Level
Classic Game Star Wars: Dark Forces
Coin-Op Capers #10 Missile Command
Desert Island Disks John Newcomer
EndGame Laser Ghost
Feature Attack of the Clones, Cave Story
From the Archives Firebird Software
Future Classic #8 Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening
History of Road Rash: Grazing Saddles
Homebrew Utter Tripe, Boulder Logic, Space Trip, UWOL 2
Making of PGA Tour Golf, Missile Command
Mapped #2 Exolon
Minority Report Nemesis '90 Kai
Obscura Machina #6 Fairchild Channel F
Readers Revival Landstalker - The Treasures of King Nole
Retro Revival Daredevil Dennis, Gods, Mickey Mouse
Unconverted Night Slashers, Hard Head, Red Alert, Violence Fight


The Collector's Guide To N64

3 Mar 11

A Moment Simon Butler
Back to April 1989, October 1993
Cheap As Chips Haunting Starring Polterguy
Collectors Guide Nintendo 64
EndGame Total Carnage
Feature Duke Nukem: Hail To The Duke, Shadow of the Beast: Beauty of the Beasts
From the Archives Incentive Software
Future Classic #7 Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Homebrew Repton: The Lost Realms, Stamp Quest, Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle, UWOL: Quest For Money
In the Chair Al Lowe
Making of Revenge of the Mutant Camels, The Lotus Series, Jet Set Willy II
Obscura Machina #5 SNES Satellaview
Readers Revival Coca-Cola Kid
Retro Revival PC Genjin, Spider-Man: The Video Game
Unconverted Magical Crystals, Angel Kids, ZZYZZYXX, Black Heart


Isometric Evolution

3 Feb 11

A Moment Tim Skelly
Back to March 1989, September 1993
Bluffers Guide Isometric Games
Classic Game Civilization II
Coin-Op Capers #9 Turbo OutRun
EndGame Superfrog
Feature Changing Worlds
From the Archives Mikro-Gen
Future Classic #6 Luigi's Mansion
History of Streets of Rage: Taking Back The Streets
Homebrew Ghost Castle 2, Genesis: Dawn of a New Day, Impossible Mission, Blade Buster
Lets All Play Super Castlevania IV
Making of Zub, Druid, Starglider
Mapped #1 Ant Attack
Obscura Machina #4 Fujitsu FM Towns Marty
Readers Revival Go To Hell
Retro Revival Bugaboo The Flea, Jetpac, 3D Deathchase, Stix
Retro Shamer Wild Streets
Unconverted Battletoads, Dead Connection, Karate Blazers, Downtown


Secret of Mana

6 Jan 11

A Moment John Wilson
Back to February 1989, August 1993
Cheap As Chips Deflektor
Classic Game Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun
EndGame Ecco the Dolphin
Feature Secret of Mana: The Secrets of Mana
From the Archives Virgin Games Part 2
Future Classic #5 God Hand
History of Lemmings: March of the Lemmings
Homebrew Smurf Challenge, Ball to the Walls, D-pad Hero 2, Mission 2 Mir
Import Only Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
In the Chair Tim Wright
Making of Sonic Spinball, The Pit, Jr Pac-Man, Where Time Stood Still
Obscura Machina #3 Tatung Einstein
Readers Revival Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle
Retro Revival Total Recall, Super Chase HQ
Ultimate Guide #5 Flashback
Unconverted Rave Racer, Robocop 2, Thunder Cross, Guardians of the Hood


25 Years of Rare

9 Dec 10

A Moment Richard Leinfellner
Back to January 1989, July 1993
Cheap As Chips Seymour Goes to Hollywood
Classic Game Stunt Car Racer
Desert Island Disks Steve Woita
EndGame Chelnov: Atomic Runner
Feature Rare 25th: A Rare Glimpse, Greastest Adventure Games that weren't by LucasArts
From the Archives Virgin Games Part 1
Future Classic #4 Shadow of the Colossus
Homebrew Horace in the Mystic Woods, Minestorm, Space Pixy, Cheril of the Bosque
Making of Banshee, The Terminal Man, Betrayal At Krondor
Obscura Machina #2 Capcom Power System Changer
Readers Revival Castlevania Legends
Retro Revival Daze Before Christmas, The Untouchables, Coin-Op Hits
Unconverted Tecmo Knight, Racing Hero, Off The Wall, Scud Hammer
Why You Must Play Master of Orion


The Ape Escapes

11 Nov 10

A Moment Jim Bagley
Back to December 1988, June 1993
Cheap As Chips Heimdall
Coin-Op Capers #8 Donkey Kong
EndGame Last Battle
Feature Don't Copy That Floppy
From the Archives Radical Software
Future Classic #3 Drill Dozer
History of Donkey Kong Country: Going Ape, The Complete James Bond Games: Licence to Kill
Homebrew Orion Prime, QBIQS, Morph, Little 15
In the Chair Allan Alcorn
Making of Primal Rage, Harvest Moon
Obscura Machina #1 C64GS - The Games System
Readers Revival Ghost Manor
Retro Revival Black Lamp, Ultimate Play The Game: The Collected Works
Unconverted The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy, The Karate Tournament, Lasso, Terra Force


Mario 25th

14 Oct 10

A Moment Hal Barwood
Back to November 1988, May 1993
Boss Rush Darth Vader
Classic Game Impossible Mission
EndGame Super Mario Bros 2
Feature 2D Gaming: Here and Back Again
From the Archives Parker Brothers
Future Classic #2 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
History of Mario: Mr Video Game
Homebrew Stormlord, Magic Tokens, Halo 2600, UWOL: Quest For Money
In the Chair Sid Meier
Making of Leather Goddesses of Phobos, GORF, Pilotwings 64
Readers Revival The Dambusters
Retro Revival Super Mario 64, Bank Panic, We Are The Champions
Same Name Different Game #12 Bionic Commando
Ultimate Guide #4 Super Mario Bros 3
Unconverted Lucky & Wild, NY Captor, Fighter & Attacker, Night Stocker


Laser Squad

16 Sep 10

A Moment Lorne Lanning
Back to October 1988, April 1993
Cheap As Chips Zoop
Collectors Corner Every Pal Xbox Game
EndGame Gunstar Heroes
Feature Julian Gollop: Lord of Chaos
From the Archives Micromega
Future Classic #1 Metroid: Zero Mission
Homebrew Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, Sir Abadol, Pipe Panic, Night of the Ninja
Import Only Rendering Ranger: R2
Making of Ms Pac-Man, Wizards & Warriors, Destruction Derby, The Day Of The Tentacle
Readers Revival Myth: History In The Making
Retro Revival Disney's Aladdin, Quo Vadis, Soft Aid
Pokemon Mini
Same Name Different Game #10 Sonic The Hedgehog, #11 Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Ultimate Guide #3 The Revenge Of Shinobi
Unconverted R-Type Leo, Konami '88, Dingo, Haunted Castle



19 Aug 10

A Moment Eric Schwartz
Back to September 1988, March 1993
Cheap As Chips Asterix
Classic Game Bill & Ted's Excellent Gameboy Adventure
Coin-Op Capers #7 Ikari Warriors
Desert Island Disks Larry DeMar
EndGame Tekken 2
From the Archives Dynamix
History of Excite Bike
Homebrew Trooper: Point 5, Virus, King of Pong, Neopong
Lets All Play Axelay
Making of Bad Influence
Readers Revival Civilization II
Retro Revival The Lords Of Midnight, Cylon Attack, Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Retro Shamer Back to the Future Part III
Retroinspection Atari 5200
Same Name Different Game #9 Batman Returns
Ultimate Guide #2 Axelay
Unconverted Domino Man, Gaia Crusaders, Kuri Kinton, Kamikaze Cabbie


Rainbow Islands

22 Jul 10

A Moment Alex Trowers
Back to August 1988, February 1993
Cheap As Chips Ecco the Dolphin
Classic Game Starfox 64
Definitive Centipede
EndGame Mega Man 2
From the Archives Superior Software
Homebrew Minion BBC Collection, Olticrun, Evil Magician's Return, Diagonal Ball 2
In the Chair David Crane
Lets All Play Rainbow Islands
Making of Lunar Lander, Micro Machines, Star Raiders, Kikstart Series
Readers Revival Dig Dug II
Retro Revival Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou, Elevator Action, They Sold A Million
Retro Shamer World Cup Carnival
Retroinspection Gamate
Same Name Different Game #8 Alien 3
Ultimate Guide #1 Rainbow Islands
Unconverted Diet Go Go, Sky Fox (AKA Exerizer), Pound For Pound, Sasuke vs Commander


Loving Lara

24 Jun 10

A Moment Steve Lycett
Back to July 1988, January 1993
Boss Rush Yorgle, Rhindle And Grundle (Adventure)
Classic Game Monty On The Run
Collectors Corner Game Gear
EndGame Flashback
Feature Loving Lara Croft, Thunder Force: Feel The Thunder
From the Archives Magnetic Scrolls
Homebrew Adventures In Time, Spike, Heart Stealer, Diamondz
In the Chair Roland Perry
Making of Rock Star Ate My Hamster, Shenmue, Xybots
Readers Revival Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link
Retro Revival Bloody Wolf, Repton, Aquanaut
Retro Shamer Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt
Retroinspection Atari 7800
Unconverted Alien vs Predator, JJ Squawkers, Killer Comet, Burning Rival


Prince of Persia

27 May 10

A Moment Ste Pickford
Back to June 1988, December 1992
Cheap As Chips Unirally
Coin-Op Capers #6 Super Hang-On
Collectors Corner Jaguar, Dreamcast and various
Desert Island Disks Neil Thompson
EndGame Starfox
Feature Prince of Persia: A Prince Among Games
From the Archives Hewson Consultants
Homebrew Dead On Time, Berzerk MMX, UWOL: Quest For Money, Kyd Cadet
Lets All Play Streets of Rage II
Making of Zork, A Boy And His Blob: Trouble On Blobolonia, Beatle Quest
Readers Revival The Three Stooges
Retro Revival Castlevania, Karnov
Retro Shamer Predator
Retroinspection Sega 32X
Same Name Different Game #1 Ghostbusters, #2 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Same Name Different Game #3 Shadow Dancer, #4 Sparkster, #5 Sonic Blast Man
Same Name Different Game #6 Action Biker, #7 Jurassic Park
Unconverted Vendetta, Dino Rex, Radar Scope, Magical Cat Adventure


Game Room

29 Apr 10

A Moment Masaya Matsuura
Back to May 1988, November 1992
Boss Rush Zombie Pirate Lechuck (Monkey Island)
Classic Game Chrono Trigger
Definitive The 25 Best 8-Bit Arcade Conversions of All Time
EndGame Real Bout Fatal Fury
Feature Game Room: Digital Dreams, Golden Axe: Axes To Grind: The Legend Of Golden Axe
From the Archives Traveller's Tales
Homebrew Island of Secrets, Worm!, Bombs Away, Box Reloaded
Making of Strider, Vib-Ribbon, Rouge, Trailblazer and Cosmic Causeway
Readers Revival Alien 3: The Gun
Retro Revival Stampede, Chickin Chase, Mikie
Retroinspection Apple II


John Romero

31 Mar 10

A Moment Dave Grossman
Back to April 1988, October 1992
Cheap As Chips Plok!
Classic Game Rez
Collectors Corner Neo Geo Pocket
Desert Island Disks Steve Bristow
EndGame Comix Zone
Feature Dizzy's Eggshellent Adventures
From the Archives Tynesoft
Homebrew UWOL: Quest For Money, Avoid, Blox 2, The Space Limits II
In the Chair John Romero
Lets All Play Beach-Head
Making of The Addams Family, Road Blasters
Readers Revival Jasper
Retro Revival NBA Jam, Game Over, Dr Mario
Retro Shamer The Scout Steps Out
Retroinspection Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Unconverted Dancing Eyes, Jack Rabbit, Crime Fighters, Black Panther
Why You Must Play Wonder Boy In Monster Land


The Definitive Ghosts 'N Goblins

3 Mar 10

A Moment Jon Hare
Back to March 1988, September 1992
Cheap As Chips Pilotwings
Classic Game The New Zealand Story
Coin-Op Capers #5 Double Dragon
Collectors Corner Sealed NES Games
Definitive Ghosts 'N Goblins
EndGame Total Recall
Feature Controlling History (joystick, game pad)
Homebrew Spectrum Games Bible, British Bob, Rick Dangerous, Pringles
Import Only Aquales
In the Chair David Braben
Making of XOR, Spy vs Spy Trilogy, Tapper, Puggsy
Readers Revival I, Ball
Retro Revival Hudson Hawk, Quackshot Starring Donald Duck
Retroinspection SAM Coupe'
Unconverted Zoo Keeper, Blood Bros, Biomechanical Toy, American Speedway


The Ultimate Hero

4 Feb 10

A Moment Martin Hollis
Back to February 1988, August 1992
Cheap As Chips Two Crude Dudes
Classic Game Uridium
Collectors Corner Handhelds
EndGame Robocop Versus The Terminator
From the Archives Durell Software
History of The Ultimate Hero: Sabreman
Homebrew Retaliot, Ghastly Night, Battle Box, King's Valley
Import Only La Abadia Del Crimen
In the Chair Martyn Brown
Making of Return Fire, Simon, Dan Dare, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Retro Revival Harvest Moon, Burger Time, Super Monaco GP
Retro Shamer Rise of the Robots
Retroinspection Colecovision
Unconverted 13 Games Never To Leave The Arcade



7 Jan 10

A Moment Philip Oliver
Back to January 1988, July 1992
Boss Rush Wario
Classic Game The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Coin-Op Capers #4 Nemesis
Collectors Corner Arcade Cabinets
Desert Island Disks John Gibson
EndGame Toki
Feature A Decade of Fallout
Homebrew Slubberdegullion, Attackwave, Sokoban, Juno First
Import Only Pulseman
In the Chair Stephen Crow
Making of Frenzy, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom/Shadow Over Mystara, Driver, Bubble Ghost
Readers Revival Faxanadu
Retro Revival Todd's Adventures In Slime World, Arabian Fight, Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude
Retro Shamer Last Action Hero
Retroinspection Sinclair ZX80


After Burner

10 Dec 09

A Moment Jeff Minter
Back to November 1987, June 1992
Bluffers Guide DOS Gaming
Boss Rush Dragon Breed
Cheap As Chips Winter Games
Classic Game Space Channel 5
Coin-Op Capers #3 After Burner
EndGame Dick Tracy
Feature The SID Crowd, Crash 25th: A True Crash Smash
From the Archives RamJam Corporation
Homebrew The Wild Bunch, Robotron: 6128, Homebrew, Super Cobra
In the Chair Peter Molyneux
Making of ToeJam & Earl
Readers Revival Half-Life
Retro Revival Myriad, Pinball: Revenge of the Gator
Retroinspection Sony Playstation
Why You Must Play Yie Ar Kung-FU


Tales from Monkey Island

12 Nov 09

A Moment Mike Hally
Back to October 1987, May 1992
Boss Rush Big Boss Metal Gear
Cheap As Chips Mercs
Classic Game Gribbly's Day Out
Collectors Corner 32X, N64, Saturn and various
Desert Island Disks Ben Daglish
EndGame Golden Axe: The Revenge of the Death Adder
Feature Tales From Monkey Island, The Trick of the Treat, The Top 25 Dreamcast Games
Homebrew The Krystal Connection, Boxworld 2, Galaxian, Last Amazon Trilogy
Lets All Play Paperboy
Making of Jet Force Gemini, Switchblade, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Readers Revival Bobby Is Going Home
Retro Revival Frost Byte, Frog and Flies, Master of Darkness
Retroinspection SNK Neo Geo AES
Why You Must Play Dragon Ninja


History of Final Fantasy

6 Oct 09

A Moment Harvey Elliot
Back to August 1987, April 1992
Boss Rush Albert Wesker Resident Evil
Cheap As Chips Duck Tales
Classic Game Kung-Fu Master
Coin-Op Capers #2 Space Harrier
Collectors Corner Sega
EndGame Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti
Feature Retro Tube: You Tube, Funspot Arcade Treasures
From the Archives First Star Software
History of The Complete Final Fantasy
Homebrew Factory Daze, Ghost N Zombies, H3xOR, Sudoku Master
In the Chair Geoff Crammond
Making of Syndicate, Die Hard Trilogy
Readers Revival Gorf
Retro Evolution Alien vs Predator
Retro Revival Combat, Bubble Ghost
Retroinspection Sega Genesis Nomad
Why You Must Play Cabal



10 Sep 09

A Moment Martyn Brown
Back to July 1987, March 1992
Boss Rush Andross StarFox / StarWing
Cheap As Chips Laser Squad
Classic Game Axelay
Collectors Corner Various Systems
EndGame Earthworm Jim
Evolution of The Arena Based Shooter
History of The Complete Ultima
Homebrew Berzerk Redux, Isora, Sewer Rat, Strip Off
In the Chair Gary Bracey
Lets All Play Moonwalker
Making of Asteroids, Starblade, Super Sprint, Legend
Readers Revival Discs Of Tron
Retro Revival Switchblade, Technician Ted, Cowboy Shootout
Retroinspection Tiger
Why You Must Play Power Drift


Feel the Burn! Bomberman

13 Aug 09

A Moment Charles Cecil
Back to June 1987, February 1992
Boss Rush Super Drunk Bubble Bobble
Cheap As Chips Grand Prix Simulator
Coin-Op Capers #1 Operation Wolf
Desert Island Disks Bob Flanagan
EndGame Trio The Punch - Never Forget Me
From the Archives Hudson Soft Part 2
History of The Complete Bomberman
Homebrew Knight 'N' Grail, Ctetris4c, Plumber, Skipp And Friends
Lets All Play Jack The Nipper
Making of Shoot'em-up Construction Kit, Lands Of Lore Series, Apidya
Readers Revival Bongo
Retro Evolution Might And Magic
Retro Revival TKO, PSSST, Movie
Retroinspection Finaru Furantier
Why You Must Play Slap Fight


Spy Hunter

16 Jul 09

A Moment Trip Hawkins
Back to May 1987, January 1992
Boss Rush Dural Virtua Fighter
Cheap As Chips The Terminator
Collectors Corner Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Conversion Capers Spy Hunter
Definitive Arkanoid
EndGame The Firemen
From the Archives Hudson Soft Part 1
History of Wally Week
Homebrew Rox, Wasp!, Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle, Gommy: Medieval Defender
Import Only Yu Yu Hakusho Sunset Fighters
In the Chair The Oliver Twins
Making of Spy Hunter, Stunt Race FX, Road Runner
Readers Revival MASK
Retro Evolution Simon The Sorcerer
Retro Revival Sky Skipper, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase
Retroinspection Sinclair QL


Super Metroid

18 Jun 09

A Moment David Crane
Back to April 1987, December 1991
Boss Rush Goro Mortal Kombat
Cheap As Chips Scrapyard Dog
Collectors Corner Various
EndGame Streets of Rage II
Feature For the People By the People
From the Archives Elite Systems
History of The Complete Metroid
Homebrew Zap, W*H*B, Fortress Of Narzod, Cannon War
Lets All Play Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Making of Toobin, Super Metroid, Wolfenstein 3D
Readers Revival Savage
Retro Evolution Phantasy Star
Retro Revival Snake Pit, Eden Blues, Retrograde
Retroinspection Acorn Archimedes
Why You Must Play Led Storm


Behind The Last Ninja

21 May 09

A Moment Eugene Jarvis
Back to March 1987, November 1991
Boss Rush Doctor Robotnik
Cheap As Chips Blaster Master
Classic Game Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Collectors Corner Sega
EndGame Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
Feature The 10 Best Tetris Games You've Never Heard Of
From the Archives Beyond - Challenging Software
History of The Complete Shinobi
Homebrew Escape From Arth, 3D Deathchase, R8tro, Slam Tilt
In the Chair John Twiddy
Making of Dandy, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Qwak
Pixel Perfect Mega Man
Readers Revival Alien Soldier
Retro Evolution Silent Hill
Retro Revival Demon's Crest, Quedek, Frostbite
Retroinspection Nintendo Virtual Boy


Pocket Power!

23 Apr 09

Back to February 1987, October 1991
Cheap As Chips Alex Kidd In Shinobi World
Classic Game Skool Daze
Collectors Corner Various
Desert Island Disks Kevin Toms
EndGame Sega Sonic Arcade
Feature History In Your Hands, Manic Miner The Lost Levels
From the Archives Revolution Software
Homebrew D-Pad Hero, I Need Speed, Be-Tiled!, Doris, Park Productions
In the Chair Archer Maclean
Making of Joust, Night Trap, Bounty Bob Strikes Back!, Stardust
Readers Revival Where's My Bones?
Retro Revival Strider II, Ghost Hunters
Retroinspection Nintendo Game Boy
Why You Must Play Rygar: The Legendary Adventure


Sega Mega Drive

26 Mar 09

Back to September 1986, September 1991
Cheap As Chips Confidential Mission
Classic Game Windjammers
Collectors Corner Various Computers & Consoles
Definitive Metal Slug
EndGame Knuckle Bash
Feature Retro Gamer Celebrates The Mega Drive
From the Archives DMA Design
Homebrew Tempest Xtreem, Bable Bable, Danger Tower, Demomania
Making of S.T.U.N Runner, Space Invaders, Dynamite Dan 1&2, Full Throttle
Readers Revival Zombie Zombie
Retro Revival Saboteur!, Super Thunder Blade, Renegade III: The Final Chapter
Retroinspection Commodore Amiga Special
Something Old Something New Super Street Fighter II HD Remix



28 Feb 09

Back to August 1986, August 1991
Boss Rush Bowser
Cheap As Chips Blue Lighting
Classic Game Jazz Jackrabbit
Collectors Corner SNK Neo Geo
Desert Island Disks Tony Crowther
EndGame The Punisher
Feature You've Got The Touch: iPhone
From the Archives Electronic Pencil Company
Homebrew Albatrossity, Airstriker, Amiga Robbo, Sort 'Em
Import Only Joy Mecha Fight
In the Chair Jon Hare
Making of Pac-Man, Resident Evil
Readers Revival General Chaos
Retro Revival Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Flicky, Black Tiger, Alien 8
Retroinspection Sega Mega-CD
Something Old Something New Pac-Man
Why You Must Play Rod-Land


Super Mario Kart

2 Feb 09

Back to November 1985, July 1991
Boss Rush M Bison
Classic Game Super Punch-Out
Collectors Corner Arcade Cabinets
EndGame Kung-Fu Master
Feature System Shock 2: A Shock To The System, Advert Rising
Full of Eastern Promise Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru
History of The Complete Mario Kart
Homebrew Mayhem In Monsterland, Mockatetris, Frosty The Snowman 2, Click!
Making of Robotron: 2084, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Making of
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, R-Type, Frak!
Readers Revival The Ooze
Retro Revival Sir Lancelot, Scooby Doo, Pacific, Bubbles
Retro Shamer Transformers
Retroinspection Phillips MSX
Something Old Something New R-Type Tactics



2 Jan 09

Back to October 1985, June 1991
Cheap As Chips Trojan
Classic Game Baldurs Gate
Collectors Corner Amstrad
EndGame Fighter's History Dynamite
Feature The Forgotten One's, Top 25 Isometric Games
From the Archives Accolade
High Score Pac-Man
History of Wing Commander
Homebrew Quikman 2008, Frogger, Hobgoblin, Trans Logic 2
In the Chair Jon Ritman
Making of Battlezone, Myst
Readers Revival Paradroid 90, Free Fall
Retro Revival Final Fight 3, Psycho Pigs UXB
Retro Shamer Captain America and the Avengers
Retroinspection Amstrad CPC 6128
Why You Must Play Renegade


Festive Special

4 Dec 08

Back to September 1985, May 1991
Classic Game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time
Collectors Corner Sinclair
Developer Lookback Microprose Part 2
EndGame Resident Evil
Feature Twilight Game Zone, Back to the Drawing Board, 12 Games Of Christmas, Activisionaries
Gallery Steinar Lund
History of Shining Force
Homebrew Bomb Jack, Nipik 2, Pegs, VB Racing
Making of SWIV, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Bounder
Readers Revival Mr Puniverse, Super Sprint
Retro Revival Xenophobe, Citadel
Retroinspection Atari ST
Something Old Something New Metal Slug 7
Why You Must Play Bonanza Bros.


Level 9

6 Nov 08

Back to January 1985, April 1991
Classic Game Quake II
Collectors Corner Playstation
Company Profile Level 9
Developer Lookback Microprose Part 1
Desert Island Disks Eugene Lacey
EndGame Double Dragon 3
History of Videogame Nasties
Homebrew Sudoku, Sub Hunter, Heist
Making of Alien vs Predator, International Soccer & International Basketball, Panzer Dragoon 1&2
Pixel Perfect Ghosts 'N Goblins
Readers Revival Gunfright, Kick Off 2
Retro Revival Xybots, Wanted: Monty Mole, Stormlord, Future Spy
Retro Shamer Street Gang Football
Retroinspection Acorn Electron
Something Old Something New Geometry Wars



9 Oct 08

Back to December 1984, March 1991
Collectors Corner Nintendo & Sega
Developer Lookback Shiny Entertainment Part 2
EndGame The Adventures Of Bayou Billy
Feature Running The Gauntlet, The Ultimate Adventure of Sir Arthur Pendragon
History of Castlevania
Homebrew Atomic Worm, Shotgate, Picross ST, Fusion
In the Chair Hideo Kojima
Making of Beneath A Steel Sky, Terrormolinos, Super Pipeline I & II, Rampage, Samba De Amigo
Readers Revival Guardian Heroes
Retro Revival Super Robin Hood, X-Men, Skyblazer
Retroinspection Commodore 16
Something Old Something New Gauntlet
Why You Must Play Mr Heli


Ant Attack!

11 Sep 08

Back to November 1984, February 1991
Classic Game Plane Scape Torment, Commando
Collectors Corner Dreamcast, Space Channel 5 & various
Conversion Capers Chase HQ
Developer Lookback Shiny Entertainment Part 1
EndGame Two Crude Dudes
Homebrew Sceptre of Baghdad, Elevators Amiss, Blue Star, Cavelon 64
Making of Defender, Soul Calibur, Night Shift, Stunts 4D Sports Driving
Pixel Perfect Super Mario World
Ready For Remake Ant Attack!
Retro Revival S.T.U.N Runner, Robo-Squash, Atic Atac, Jammin'
Retroinspection Game & Watch
Something Old Something New 1942: Joint Strike
Whatever Happened Marble Madness II: Marble Man
Why You Must Play Toki


Out Run

14 Aug 08

Arcade Inspection SNK Neo-Geo MVS
Back to October 1984, January 1991
Classic Game Ruff 'N' Tumble
Collectors Corner Various Games
Developer Lookback Konami Part 2
EndGame Crime Fighters
Feature Top 25 Arcade Games
Full of Eastern Promise Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus
Gallery Outrun, Sports
High Score Joust 2
Homebrew Go-Moku, 3d Deathchase, Splattr, Parachute
Making of Outrun, Cannon Fodder, Q*bert, New International Track & Field
Retro Revival Toobin', Bucky O'Hare, Jaws
Retro Shamer Bionic Granny
Retroinspection Intellivision
Why You Must Play Forgotten Worlds



17 Jul 08

Back to September 1984, December 1990
Classic Game Alex Kidd In Miracle World
Collectors Corner Various
Definitive Boulder Dash
Developer Lookback Konami Part 1
Desert Island Disks Ally Noble
EndGame Altered Beast
Gallery Konami, Horizontal Shoot'em-up
History of Complete Star Wars Videogames Episode II
Homebrew Mariano The Dragon - Capers In Cityland, Return To Fort Knox, Sirius
Making of Border Down, Marble Madness
Retro Revival Back to the Future, Guardians of the Hood, Kane, Sorcery+
Retro Shamer Superman 64
Retroinspection NEC PC-FX
Why You Must Play Enduro Racer


History of Star Wars

19 Jun 08

Back to August 1984, November 1990
Classic Game Streets of Rage II, Saint Dragon
Collectors Corner Various
EndGame Super Star Wars
Full of Eastern Promise Rakugaki Showtime
Gallery Star Wars, Puzzle Games
History of Complete Star Wars Videogames Episode I
Homebrew Shoot'em-up Designer, Stacker, Swapz
Making of The King of Kong, The Eye of the Beholder Trilogy, Star Wars, Klax, Ridge Racer
Retro Revival Spindizzy, Vectorman, Super Mario Bros 2, Son Of Blagger
Retro Shamer Shaq-Fu
Retroinspection Amstrad GX4000
Why You Must Play Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters


History of Zelda

22 May 08

Back to July 1984, October 1990
Classic Game Dun Darach
Collectors Corner Metroid Samus
EndGame Robocop 2
Feature Families Reunited
Gallery The Legend Of Zelda
History of Zelda
Homebrew Star Sabre, Metagalatic Llamas, Hyper Duel, The Pairs Are Gone
Making of Contra 4, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Stellar 7
Making of
R-Type Delta, Choplifter!, Crystal Castles
Retro Revival Assassin, Who Dares Wins II, Super Star Wars, Kid Icarus
Retro Shamer Pit-Fighter
Retroinspection NEC PC-Engine GT
Why You Must Play Heroquest


Sega's Dream Machine

24 Apr 08

Back to June 1984, September 1990
Cheap As Chips A Boy And His Blob
Classic Game Yars' Revenge
Collectors Corner Retro Gaming Magazines
Complete Lowdown The House of the Dead
Desert Island Disks Simon Munnery, Gareth Jones, Motorhead's Lemmy
EndGame Gunbird 2
Feature Reader's Top Gaming Moments, Painting Worlds with Roger Dean
Gallery Sega Dreamcast
History of Grand Theft Auto
Homebrew Even More Bloons, Open Doors, Locomotion, Quincy V Columbo Superstar Monkey Duel
Making of Retro Gamer Magazine, Gunstar Heroes, The Great Giana Sisters
Retro Revival Batman, Thundercats, XOR, Silkworm
Retroinspection Sega Dreamcast


Let's Fight! Beat'em-up Special

27 Mar 08

Back to May 1984, August 1990
Classic Game Mega Man II
Collectors Corner 70's & 80's Handheld and Portable Electronic Games
Company Profile Epyx: An Epyx Adventure
EndGame Contra III: The Alien Wars
Feature Top 25 Beat'em-ups, The 10 Best Racing Games You've Never Heard Of
Gallery Top 25 Beat'em-ups, Epyx
History of Might And Magic
Homebrew Shooot 2, Space Barnicale, Knytt Stories, Megasuper: Extreme, Pier Solar
Making of Skweek And Super Skweek, Medievil, Pastfinder, The Wizard
Retro Revival Jurassic Park, Mars Matrix, Pang, Alien Storm
Retro Shamer Pele
Retroinspection Best Of Britsh


Manic Miner

28 Feb 08

Back to April 1984, July 1990
Box of Delights Coin Op Hits II
Collectors Corner Japanese SNES
Definitive 194X: 1942
Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 3
EndGame Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Feature Top 25 Spectrum Games Of All Time
History of Command & Conquer
Homebrew Iwanaga, Fishie Fishie, Magical Drop CPC
In the Chair Matthew Smith
Making of Manic Miner, MDK, Geometry Wars Galaxies
Retro Revival Magic Sword, Mr EE!, Pogostick Olympics, Eternal Champions
Retro Shamer Bad Street Brawler
Retroinspection Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128



1 Feb 08

Back to March 1984, June 1990
Classic Game Ristar
Collectors Corner Beat'em-ups & Capcom
Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 2
High Score Scramble
EndGame Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
Feature Videogames Are Not The Only Fruit: Fruit Machine Conversions, Top 25 Racers
Gallery Pinball Machines
History of Elite
Homebrew Free Rider 2, Contour, Jack Frost
In the Chair Will Wright
Making of Chip's Challenge, Berzerk, Magic Carpet
Retro Revival Oh Mummy!, Pokemon Snap, Rival Turf, Burning Force
Retro Shamer Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Retroinspection Atari 800XL



3 Jan 08

Back to February 1984, May 1990
Box of Delights 2-Hot 2-Handle
Classic Game Jackal
Collectors Corner RPG
Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 1
Desert Island Disks Martin Hollis
EndGame Vampire Savior
Feature Top 25 Atari 2600 Games, The Arcs of Atari
Gallery Amusment Machines
Homebrew Aye Caramba, Mondo Medicals, Twang
Making of Rick Dangerous 1 & II, Robocop, California Games, Loom
Retro Revival Express Raider, Superman, Rampage, Neighbours
Retroinspection Commodore Vic-20
Whatever Happened Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation


Festive Special - Nights

6 Dec 07

Arcade Inspection Taito F Jamma Hardware
Back to January 1984, April 1990
Classic Game Road Rash
Collectors Corner Handhelds
EndGame James Pond II: Codename Robocod
Feature Pinball: A Whole Different Ball Game, Sega Saturn Magazine: Rings of Saturn
Full of Eastern Promise Battle Garegga
Gallery Games That Begin With "Z"
History of Christmas Games
Homebrew Monty's Christmas Special
Making of Nights, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Treasure Island Dizzy
Making of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Desert-Jungle-Urban Strike Series
Retro Revival Buggy Boy, Skate Or Die!, Zoo Keeper, NHLPA Hockey 93
Retro Shamer Dark Castle
Retroinspection Sinclair ZX81



8 Nov 07

Back to December 1983, March 1990
Classic Game Spy Hunter
Collectors Corner Sega Master System
Conversion Capers Green Beret
Desert Island Disks Rob Fulop
EndGame Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Feature Top 25 Run-'n'-Guns
Full of Eastern Promise Yume Penguin Monogatari
Gallery Videogame Tie-in
History of Doom
Homebrew Icy Tower, Karate Champ Remake, Galaxian 2007, Zub
Making of Rescue On Fractalus!, The James Pond Trilogy, Populous, Fort Apocalypse
Retro Revival Scuba Dive, Chiki Chiki Boys, Lucky & Wild
Retro Revival A Nightmare On Elm Street, Magic Mushrooms
Retro Shamer ET: The Extra Terrestrial
Retroinspection Sega Master System


Donkey Kong: Monkey Magic!

11 Oct 07

Back to November 1983, February 1990
Box of Delights The Magnificent Seven
Classic Game Bomb Jack
Company Profile Bullfrog
Developer Lookback Strategic Simulations Inc Part 2
EndGame NAM-1975
Face Off Potty Pigeon
Full of Eastern Promise Twinkle Star Sprites
Gallery Games Before Videogames
History of Donkey Kong
Homebrew Joe Gunn, Harrier Attack 2, Super Obliteration
Making of Rise of the Robots, Colin McRae Rally, Donkey Kong Country, Diablo, Sensible Soccer
Retro Revival Bionic Commando, Ikari Warriors, The Simpsons, Jump Bug, Beach Buggy Simulator
Retro Shamer Last Battle
Retroinspection Atari Lynx
Whatever Happened Horace In The Mystic Woods


Space Invaders

13 Sep 07

Arcade Inspection Capcom CPS-2 System
Back to October 1983, January 1990
Classic Game Micro Machines
Company Profile Big Red Software
Complete Guide Shoot'em-ups
Definitive Space Invaders Part II
Developer Lookback Strategic Simulations Inc Part 1
EndGame Operation Wolf
Full of Eastern Promise Silhouette Mirage
Gallery Street Fighter
Homebrew Sumotori Dreams, Nikujin, Call of the Dragon
Making of Tetris, Crazy Taxi, Sheep In Space
Retro Revival California Games, Starbike, Skweek, Cybernator, Raid Over Moscow
Retroinspection Acorn BBC Micro


Speedball 2

16 Aug 07

Back to September 1983
Classic Game Get Dexter, Metro-Cross
Company Profile The Bitmap Brothers
Complete Lowdown Worms
Definitive Space Invaders Part I
Desert Island Disks Andy Walker
EndGame Alien vs Predator
Full of Eastern Promise Soukyugurentai
Homebrew A Touch Of War, Everlasting Love, G-Force, Jet Speed
Homebrew Saucerlifter, Target; 2006, Balloonacy 2
Making of Miner 2049er, The Immortal, Batman The Movie, Blast Corps
Retro Revival Caveman Ninja, Monsters, Wings Of Wor, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Harrier Attack
Retroinspection Sega Game Gear
Whatever Happened Mail Plane


Mortal Kombat: Finish Him!!

19 Jul 07

Back to August 1983
Classic Game Quest For The Rings, Flood
Company Profile ID Software
Developer Lookback SNK Part 3
EndGame Sunset Riders
Feature Arcade Shooting Ranges: Zeke Just Kicked The Bucket!
Full of Eastern Promise Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti
High Score Tetris
History of Mortal Kombat: Bloodsimple
Homebrew Stronghold, Quantum Gardening, Lighthouse Lunacy, Ultra, Brickout, Groops
In the Chair Mel Croucher
Making of Archon, Quake, Aliens, Chuckie Egg
Retro Revival Panza Kick Boxing, Libble Rabble, Radiant Silvergun, Rod-Land
Retroinspection NEC PC Engine
Whatever Happened Pac-Man VR


Making of Jetpac Refuelled

21 Jun 07

Back to June 1983
Company Profile Thalamus
Developer Lookback SNK Part 2
Desert Island Disks Ed Rotberg
EndGame Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Zangief
Feature Worth A Thousand Words: The Art of C&VG
Gallery Atari Coin-Ops
Homebrew Conquest Of Mars, Medievil Mayhem, Ladybug, Thrust Extreme, Veck SE, Qwak
Making of Paperboy, Parallax, Putty, Duke Nukem 3D, Lemmings 1 And 2, Jetpac Refuelled
Retro Revival Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Powermonger
Retro Revival Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper, Rambo: First Blood Part II
Retroinspection Commodore Amiga 500


NES: When Grey Mattered

24 May 07

Archer MacLean Jimmy Tales #3
Back to June 1983
Classic Game Captain Blood
Conversion Capers Dragon's Lair
Definitive Frogger
Developer Lookback SNK Part 1
EndGame Alien Syndrome
Feature The Rise And Fall Of Virtuality
Gallery Game Adverts
Homebrew Blizzard's Rift, Questy, Cannon Bubble, Hunchback, Millenipede
Making of Goldeneye, Barbarian And Barbarian II, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Superfrog
Retro Revival Shinobi, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Rastan
Retroinspection Nintendo NES


25 Top Platformers

26 Apr 07

Archer MacLean Happy Days: Memories From A USA Arcade Auction
Back to May 1983
Boss Rush The Ninja's Worst Nightmare: Shadow Warriors, Shadow Dancer, The Ninja Warriors
Boss Rush Ninja Spirit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Definitive Wonder Boy
Developer Lookback Beam Software: From The Ashes Part 2
Desert Island Disks STE Ruddy
EndGame Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Feature Top 25 Platformers Of All Time
Gallery Game Adverts
Homebrew Bubblicious, Combat Remake Online, Hey Hey 128K, Izzy Wizzy, Iron Sphere
Making of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Jet Set Willy Online, Final Fight, Thanatos
Retro Revival Roller Coaster, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Friday The 13th
Retro Revival Solomon's Key, Death Star Interceptor
Retroinspection Dragon 32
Story of Virtua Fighter


Castlevania: 10th Anniversary Special

29 Mar 07

Back to April 1983
Classic Game Punch-Out!!, Shufflepuck Cafe
Company Profile Sega Technical Institute
Developer Lookback The Wizard Of Oz
EndGame Splatterhouse
Feature The Spirit of the Mad Gamer: CVG 1996-1999
Gallery Game Adverts
High Score Crystal Castles
Homebrew A Tribute Keith Campbell 1940-2006, Snaky Jake
Making of Banjo Kazooie, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, Pitfall!, Armalyte, Turbo Esprit
Re-Making of Streets of Rage
Retro Revival Strider, Hover Bovver, After Burner II, Sweevo's World
Retroinspection Bandai Wonderswan


The Definitive Contra

1 Mar 07

Archer MacLean The Missing Link!
Back to March 1983
Boss Rush The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
Classic Game Cannon Fodder, Feud
Company Profile Zenobi Software
Definitive Contra
Desert Island Disks Steve Wright
EndGame Donkey Kong Jr
Feature John Szczepaniak's Gaming Illuminati Part 2, Before They Were Famous
Full of Eastern Promise Hudson's Lost Mario Trilogy
Homebrew La Mulana, Streets of Rage, Typhoon 2001
Making of Cauldron And Cauldron II, Smash TV, Wipeout
Retro Revival Aliens, Jurassic Park, Forgotten Worlds, Super Tennis
Retroinspection Milton Bradley Vectrex
Story of The King of Fighters: Fist of Flame


The Definitive Xevious

1 Feb 07

Archer MacLean Defender Chestnuts
Back to February 1983
Boss Rush Prehistoric Isle In 1930
Cheap As Chips Metal Slug 1st Mission
Classic Game Donkey Kong Country, Zillion
Definitive Xevious
Desert Island Disks Stuart Fotheringham
EndGame R-Type II
Feature John Szczepaniak's Gaming Illuminati Part 1, Good Deal Games In Focus
Homebrew Star Defender III, Phantomas Saga Infinity, Star Wars, Bombzuka
Making of Last Ninja, Dungeon Master, The Secret Of Monkey Island, Head Over Heels
Retro Revival Alien vs Predator, Ranger-X, Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Double Dragon
Retroinspection Sega Saturn
Why You Must Play Panzer Dragoon Saga


Street Fighter: Fists of Fury

4 Jan 07

Archer MacLean Cosmic Surgery - A Galaxian Reborn
Back to January 1987
Cheap As Chips Monster Max
Classic Game Silent Hill, Castle Adventure, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Company Profile Data East
Developer Lookback Sensible Software
EndGame Batman
Feature Pokemon: Introducing The World's Favourite Videogame Series
Full of Eastern Promise Policenauts
High Score Missile Command
Homebrew Twin Kingdom Valley, Into The Valley, Star Strike, Demon Attack, Ghostbusters
Making of Earthworm Jim, Alter Ego
Retro Revival Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Exolon, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
Retro Revival Metal Black, Fantasia, Aliens
Retroinspection Commodore Amiga CD32
Why You Must Play Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike



7 Dec 06

Archer MacLean The Game On Show
Back to December 1986
Boss Rush Parodius
Classic Game Super Mario Land
Complete Lowdown Phantasy Star Online
Definitive Galaxian
Desert Island Disks Owen Rubin
EndGame Dragon Spirit
Evolution of Football Management
Feature Before They Were Famous
Full of Eastern Promise Akumajo Dracula X: Chi No Rondo
Homebrew Neon Wars Deluxe, Typing Of Ys, Pixelships Retro, Metroid Prime 2D
Making of Prince of Persia, The Way of the Exploding Fist
Retro Revival Combat School, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, Thunder Force III
Retroinspection Philips CD-i


Retro Revolution: Nintendo Wii

9 Nov 06

Archer MacLean Thinking Outside The Box
Back to November 1986
Cheap As Chips Batman
Classic Game Pilotwings 64, Super Mario Bros 3
Developer Lookback Sierra Online
EndGame Strider 2
Feature Mean Machines Magazine: The Mean Team
Feature The Adventure Begins: Origin of the Text Adventure Game
Full of Eastern Promise Hanafuda
Homebrew Newcomer, Tank Wars, Rick Dangerous II, Victory Road
In the Chair Dale Desharone
Making of Wizball, Broken Sword
Retro Revival Super Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong '94, Super Bomberman
Retroinspection Nintendo 64
Why You Must Play River City Ransom


Big, Beige & Beautiful: Commodore 64

12 Oct 06

Archer MacLean One Hell Of A Journey
Back to October 1986
Boss Rush Mothership In Phoenix
Cheap As Chips Solar Jetman
Classic Game Spy vs Spy, 3D Monster Maze, The Revenge Of Shinobi
Company Profile Tec Toy
Definitive Lode Runner 
Desert Island Disks Steve Ellis
EndGame Bloody Wolf
Full of Eastern Promise Sin & Punishment: Successor To The Earth
Homebrew Oolite, Castlevania Dracula's Shadow, Farmer Jack In Harvest Havoc
Advanced Space Battle
Making of Exile, It Came From The Desert
Retro Revival Robocop, Paradroid, Snatcher, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Retroinspection Commodore 64
Why You Must Play SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash


Ghosts 'N Goblins: Ghoulish Secrets

14 Sep 06

Archer MacLean Digital Watches
Back to September 1987
Cheap As Chips Mercenary Force
Classic Game Dynamite Headdy, Alien 3
Definitive Defender
Developer Lookback Codemasters: Coding Back The Years
Desert Island Disks Ed Logg
EndGame NARC
Feature The Spectrum Legends, Ghosts 'N Goblins
Full of Eastern Promise Rusty
Homebrew Sinclair Spectrum Allstars Volume 1, Space Tanks, Titan Attacks!, Pushover
Making of Samurai Warrior: The Battle Of Usagi Yojimbo, Lazy Jones
Retro Revival Operation Wolf, Mission: Impossible, Splatterhouse 2
Retro Revival Gargoyle's Quest, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
Retroinspection Oric-1
Why You Must Play The Divide: Enemies Within


The Making of Starfox

17 Aug 06

Archer MacLean Meeting God!
Back to June 1989, A-Z of the 80's: D is for...
Classic Game The Great Escape, Kikstart II
Company Profile Core Design
Definitive Bubble Bobble
Developer Lookback LucasArts Part 2
EndGame Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
High Score Asteroids
Homebrew Beggar Prince
In the Chair Ralph Baer
Making of Starfox, Breakout, Last Hope
Retro Revival Defender, Dynamite Dan, Bruce Lee, Monty On The Run, Photo Boy
Retroinspection Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Why You Must Play Herzog Zwei!


Genesis: Mega Drive

20 Jul 06

Archer MacLean 360 Motion Sickness
Back to December 1987, A-Z of the 80's: C is for...
Cheap As Chips Thunder Force II
Complete Lowdown Magic Knight
Conversion Capers Hard Drivin'
Definitive Out Run
Developer Lookback LucasArts Part 1
Desert Island Disks Bob Polaro
EndGame Double Dragon
Full of Eastern Promise Gomola Speed
Homebrew Streets of Rage Remake, Gamex
Making of Boulder Dash, Zelda: Wand Of Gamelon & Link: Faces Of Evil
Magic Moments Tanks, Dinosaurs, Mine Carts, Dragons, Horses
Retro Revival Comix Zone, Cybernoid, The Terminator, Golden Axe, Robotron: 2084
Retroinspection Sega Mega Drive
Why You Must Play Actraiser


To Be This Good Takes... Sega

22 Jun 06

Archer MacLean Game And Watch
Back to July 1986, A-Z of the 80's: B is for...
Company Profile Sonic Team
Definitive Raiden
Desert Island Disks Nick Pelling
EndGame Mercs
Evolution of Rolling Thunder
Feature Super Sonic: Sonic The Hedgehog 15th, Across The Pond
Homebrew Metroid Remixed, Game & Watch Online, Sushi Samurai
Making of International Karate And IK+, Pinball Dreams
Magic Moments Warrior Blade Rastan Saga III
Retro Revival Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, Spiky Harold
Retro Revival Spider-man vs The Kingpin, Snake's Revenge, Jurassic Park
Retroinspection Atari Jaguar


Pitfall Harry

25 May 06

Arcade Inspection Sega Model 2
Archer MacLean Being In Charge Of SFX
Back to June 1986, A-Z of the 80's: A is for...
Company Profile Hi-Tec Software
Developer Lookback Activision: Activisionaries
Desert Island Disks Howard Scott Warshaw
EndGame Dragon Ninja
Feature Maximum Magazine: Maximum Carnage
High Score Gorf
Homebrew Stop The Express, Project Paradroid
Making of Target: Renegade, Ghostbusters, Forbidden Forest
Retro Revival The Muncher, Huang Di, Chase HQ, Wild Guns
Retro Revival The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Retroinspection Amstrad CPC 464
Whatever Happened Starfox 2


Gremlin Graphics

27 Apr 06

Archer MacLean Driving In Black And White
Back to May 1986
Cheap As Chips Rex
Definitive Gradius
Developer Lookback Gremlin: Gremlins In The Machine
Desert Island Disks Eugene Jarvis
EndGame Growl
Feature Oliver Frey: Sheer Art Attack
Homebrew Head Over Heels, Exolon DX, 
In the Chair William "Trip" M Hawkins III
Making of Another World, Dragon's Lair, Creatures
Magic Moments Beat'em-up Bonus Bouts: Alien Storm, Golden Axe, Final Fight, Shinobi
Retro Revival APB, The Trap Door, Sheep In Space, P-47: The Phantom Fighter, Midnight Resistance
Retroinspection Nintendo Game Boy Color


SNESational: Super Nintendo

30 Mar 06

Archer MacLean Ten Steps To Heaven
Back to April 1986
Cheap As Chips Sega Marine Fishing
Company Profile Palace Software
Conversion Capers Gauntlet
Developer Lookback Ocean: Life On The Ocean Waves
Desert Island Disks Malcom Evans
EndGame Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
Feature God Games: Good God!
Global Gaming Games Van Die Bosveld
Full of Eastern Promise Border Down
Homebrew Driller, Ghosts 'N Goblins v0.4, Ice Guys, The Slarti And Stash Space Saga
Magic Moments Gunstar Heroes
Making of Worms, Bloodwych, Mule
Retro Revival Batty, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara
Retro Revival Super Mario World, Space Harrier, Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Retroinspection Super Nintendo SNES


Renegade: 8 Bit Beat'em-up

2 Mar 06

Archer MacLean The Bug Report
Back to March 1986
Cheap As Chips H.E.R.O.
Company Profile US Gold 
Complete Lowdown Freescape 1987-1992
Desert Island Disks Gary Liddon
EndGame The Simpsons
Feature Beat'em-ups: 8-Bit'em-ups
Full of Eastern Promise Splatterhouse Part 3
Global Gaming With Fire And Sword
High Score Q*bert
Homebrew Total Eclipse, Hungry Horace PC, Metal Warrior, Mr Beanbag
In the Chair Tim Schafer
Making of Sam & Max Hit The Road, Impossible Mission, Quazatron
Retro Revival Fantasy Zone, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, Diet Go Go
Retro Revival Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Castlevania IV
Retroinspection Commodore Amiga 1200
Whatever Happened Sonic X-Treme



2 Feb 06

Archer MacLean Missing The Pink
Back to February 1986
Boss Rush Wally The Walrus: The New Zealand Story
Cheap As Chips 3D Deathchase
Classic Game Sonic The Hedgehog, Mr DO!
Company Profile Imagine
Complete Lowdown R-Type
Developer Lookback Team 17
Desert Island Disks Warren Davis
EndGame Final Fight
Full of Eastern Promise Gley Lancer
Global Gaming Spiel Uber Alles
High Score Centipede
Homebrew Beggar Prince, Pitfall II, Seawolf, Reaxion
In the Chair Nolan Bushnell
Making of Turrican
Retro Interview Geometry Lesson: Geometry Wars
Retro Revival Star Wars, Batman, Jack The Nipper, Diddy Kong Racing, Devil Crash
Retroinspection Atari 2600


Ultimate: A Rare Find

5 Jan 06

Archer MacLean Pavlov's Robot
Back to January 1986
Cheap As Chips Sega Rally Championship
Classic Game Flashback, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Knight Lore
Company Profile Technos
Complete Lowdown Tomb Raider
Developer Lookback Rare: A Rare Breed 
Desert Island Disks Pickford Brothers Part 2
EndGame Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Global Gaming Nuts About Brazil
Homebrew Zaxxonrr, Domnetris, Gloop!
In the Chair Stephen Robertson
Retro Revival Elevator Action Returns, Turbo Esprit, River Raid, Axelay, Sabre Wulf
Retroinspection SNK NeoGeo Pocket


Rubber Love: ZX Spectrum

Dec 05

Archer MacLean Atari Creates A Stink In 1972
Back to December 1985
Boss Rush Count Dracula In Super Castlevania IV
Cheap As Chips Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap
Classic Game Dizzy, Super Metroid, Simon The Sorcerer
Company Profile Amsoft
Complete Lowdown Leisure Suit Larry
Developer Lookback Magnetic Fields
Desert Island Disks Pickford Brothers Part 1
EndGame Prehistoric Isle In 1930
Feature The Legacy Of Perfect Dark
Full of Eastern Promise Thunder Force V
Global Gaming In The Land Down Under
Homebrew Monty On The Run v1.0, Joe's Adventure, The Adventures Of Jim Slim In Dragonland
Magic Moments Strider
Retro Revival Contra Spirits, Head Over Heels, R-Type, Jetstrike, Elite
Retroinspection Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Whatever Happened First Samurai


Atari Lynx + Zzap! 64

7 Jul 05

Auction Watch CPC Uncovered
Back to
July 1985
Coverdisc The Last Ninja
Desert Island Disks Tim Skelly
EndGame Robocop
Extra Gift Zzap! 64 Tribute Magazine
Games That Weren't Cookie, Sanxion, Fire And Ice
Hardware Atari Lynx, Import Gaming, A Brief History Of Videogames Part 3
High Score Spy Hunter
Next Level Gaming
Sega 32X
Strange Games
Pictionary, Win Lose Or Draw
Retro Scene Stranded, Iron Sphere
Software Little Computer People: Virtually Alive
Software Robocop: The Future Of Film Licences, Legend Of The Last Ninja


Sega Special

9 Jun 05

Back to June 1985
Coverdisc 2D Shooters
Desert Island Disks Paul Carruthers
EndGame Sonic CD
Games That Weren't Combat Two, Putty Squad, Pac-In-Time
Global Gaming Holland
Hardware Sega Game Gear, A Brief History Of Videogames Part 2
Japan Happy Play Noise Legends Reborn, Space Invaders
Killer Apps
Sonic The Hedgehog
Next Level Gaming Sega Mega-CD
Play To Win PiMania, Groucho, Splat!, The Staff of Karnath, The Mountains of Ket, Psytron,
Play To Win Jet Set Willy, Hareraiser, Eureka!, Kokotoni Wilf, Doomdark's Revenge, Moon Cresta
Retro Revival Duke Nukem
Retro Scene Astro Nell, Higgledy Piggledy, Platform Game Designer, Tanks 3000
Software Skool Daze: The Old Skool
Strange Games Bronkie


Nintendo Famicom

12 May 05

Back to May 1985
Coverdisc Elder Scrolls: Arena
Desert Island Disks Mr Biffo
EndGame Gryzor
Feature Indiana Jones And The Gaming Ark, Feel the Force: Nintendo Test Force - Probotector
Game of the Month Shadowfire
Games That Weren't Daffy Duck, Universal Monsters, Apocalypse II
Hardware Nintendo Famicon, A Brief History Of Videogames Part 1
High Score Missile Command
Japan Happy Play Noise Retro Japan Sports
Killer Apps
Goldeneye 007
Next Level Gaming Amstrad CPC 6128
Profile Gilsoft: The Welsh Wizards
Retro Revival Gauntlet
Retro Scene Boulder Dash, Q*bert, Cover Tapes: Game Music Covers
Software King Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Shadowrun
Son of Arcade Hunt North Wales
Strange Games NCS Chou Atiki


Super Mario

Apr 05

Back to April 1985
Coverdisc 100 Emulators
Desert Island Disks Eric Ginner
EndGame Flood
Feature Abandonware: Gone But Not Forgotten, Tomb Raider: Boxes Of New Sealed 8-bit Games 
Game of the Month Impossible Mission
Games That Weren't Flood 2, Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery, Moto-X, Lunar Jetman
Global Gaming Russia
Hardware MSX Appeal
High Score Star Wars
History of Star Wars Videogames Episode 3: Revenge Of The PC
Japan Happy Play Noise Neo-Geo / Neo-Geo CD, Metal Slug, Viewpoint, Starfox 2
Killer Apps
Kick Off
Next Level Gaming Commodore 128
Profile Delta 4: Delta 4-Eva
Retro Revival Elder Scrolls Saga
Software Star Control: Control & Conquer, Super Mario 64 DS
Strange Games Product Placement


Atari 7800

17 Mar 05

Back to March 1985
Coverdisc Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters
Desert Island Disks Gordon Houghton
EndGame Resident Evil
Feature The Ritman Report, Retro Treasure, Retro Passion, Hollywood Player: Film Licences
Game of the Month Skool Daze
Games That Weren't Solar Jetman, Lunar Jetman, Deadlock, Tyger Tyger, Tran
Hardware Atari 7800 ProSystem - Steve Golson
High Score Frogger
History of Star Wars Videogames Episode 2: Lucasarts Strikes Back
Japan Happy Play Noise Sega Saturn, Nintendo Game Boy Light, Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie
Next Level Gaming ZX Spectrum 128
Retro Revival
Spy vs Spy, Resident Evil
Software Star Control: Control & Conquer
Strange Games The Godfather, Platoon, Tom Sawyer/Adventures Of, Apocalypse Now, Radio Flyer


Double Dragon

17 Feb 05

Back to February 1985
Coverdisc Amiga Forever v6.0: WinUAE, WinFellow & Amiga ROM Files
Desert Island Disks Jamie Fenton
EndGame Double Dragon Advance
Feature Retro Collector: 20 Rare Games, Altered States: Unoffical Roms, Ports & Pirate Consoles
Hardware Atari 5200 Super System
High Score Galaxian
History of Star Wars Videogames Episode 1: The Atarian Assault
Japan Happy Play Noise Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Killer Apps Tetris
Profile Jullian Gollop: Creating Chaos, Steve Willcox: Are You Elite?
Retro Revival Metal Gear
Software Double Dragon: Double Trouble - Coin-op Conversions
Strange Games Super 3D Noah's Ark, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Hellraiser, Taz



20 Jan 05

Coverdisc The Complete Llamasoft 8-bit Catalogue
Desert Island Disks Vicky Carne
EndGame Alien Storm
Feature Plug And Play, Big Nintendo Is Watching
Feature Big In Japan, Plug And Play: Commodore 64 Cartridges
Gallery Atari 2600
Hardware Amstrad PCW: PCW Power, Sharp X68000: Arcade Heaven,
Atari 2600: Project Stella
Profile Jeff Minter: Clearly Minter, Atari Online: AtariAge
Retro Reviews The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Yarkon Blues, Lunaris, Backgammon, Airwolf


20th Century Games

21 Dec 04

Advert Retro Gamer Anthology 164 Page Collector's Edition
Coverdisc Durell Big 40 Hits
Desert Island Disks Violet Berlin
EndGame Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation
Feature Superplay: Speed Runs & World Records, Trashman: Talking Trash - Malcom Evans
Feature Games of the Century: 20th Century Fox Movie Tie-ins,
Keep The Faith
Feature Jet Set Go: Jet Set Willy Mobile, Format of the Future: Codemasters CD Games Pack
Feature Interactive Fiction Competition 2004
Gallery Durell
Hardware Amstrad GX4000: The GX Factor, Apple Macintosh: Mac Attack
Profile Durell: Discovering Durell
Retro Reviews Metal Dust, Zx Football Manager 2005, Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness, Pac-Man World
Retro Reviews Atari Anthology, R-Rtype III, Goldeneye 007, Frak!


Game & Watch

23 Nov 04

Coverdisc The Games Factory, 50 PC Retro Games
Coin-op Conversions Final Fight, Street Fighter II
Desert Island Disks Goldie Lookin Chain
EndGame The Last Ninja
Feature Don't Believe The Hype: Over-Hyped Games, Game & Watch Multi Screen: Watch A Go Go
Gallery Game & Watch
Hardware Apple IIGS: Apple II Forever
Profile Infocom: The Next Dimension
Retro Reviews Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, The Smirking Horror
Retro Reviews Columns CPC, Reaxion, Leaderboard, Kick Off
Software Last Ninja: Way of the Ninja, Dungeon Master: Mastering Chaos


Pocket Power + Your Sinclair

26 Oct 04

Arcade Hunt Skegness, Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Essex
Coin-op Conversions Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Strider
Coverdisc 76 Retro Remakes Competition 2004, Interactive Fiction Competition 2004
Desert Island Disks Jason Moore
EndGame Super Metroid
Feature Your Top 100 Games Part 2, Echoes of the Spectrum: ZX Audio, Back In Time Live 2004
Extra Gift Your Sinclair Magazine
Hardware Commodore Amiga: Hola Amiga!, Nintendo Game Boy: Pocket Power
Profile Mirrorsoft: Reflections of Mirrorsoft
Retro Reviews Out Run 2, Midway Arcade Treasures 2, Metal Slug 3
Retro Reviews Hunter, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game


Konix Multi-System

28 Sep 04

Coverdisc Graftgold Collection 50, Konix Multi-System Video
Desert Island Disks Archer Maclean
EndGame Operation Thunderbolt
Feature Classic Gaming Expo US, Your Top 100 Games Part 1
Gallery Graftgold
Hardware Konix Multi-System: Best of British, Dreamcast: Recurring Dream
Profile Treasue: Treasure Trove, Graftgold Creative Software: Golden Years
Retro Reviews Gradius V, Turrican 3, Cyber Wing, Battle Chess, Rise of the Robots
Software Bubble Bobble: Bubble Trouble, Turrican: Turrican Trilogy
Software Ultima Escape From Mount Drash: The Mythical Mount Drash


Atari ST Family

31 Aug 04

Arcade Hunt Southport, Tramore, Matlock Bath, Pendine
Coin-op Conversions After Burner, Out Run
Coverdisc 50 PC Retro Games, Spectrum Games Completed Video
Desert Island Disks Keith Campbell
EndGame Out Run
Feature Classic Gaming Expo UK, The Wisdom of Matthew Smith Interview
Feature Over The Rainbow: ZX Game Endings, The Retro Ryder Cup: Golf Games
Feature DIY Creator: Game Creation Tools - Francois Lionet
Gallery Atart ST
Hardware Atari ST: The Atari ST Family, Romantic Robot Multiface: Box of Tricks
Profile Level 9: The Next Level Part 2
Retro Reviews RetroSphere, 1945 I & II, EggHead in Space, Stunt Car Racer, Rampage


Atari Worship

27 Jul 04

Coin-op Conversions Hang-On, Space Harrier
Coverdisc Beneath a Steel Sky & 20 More Adventure Games
Desert Island Disks David Doak
EndGame Golden Axe
Feature JagFest UK: On The Prowl, Jet Set Revival: Jet Set Willy Hacks,
Construct Your Own Coin-op
Feature Famitsu Magazine: The Final Word, Olypmic Gold: Olympic Sports Games
Gallery Atari 8-bit
Hardware Atari 400/800: World of Atari - Nolan Bushnell
Profile Level 9: The Next Level Part 1, Revolution: Join the Revolution, Skoolz Out: Happy Daze
Retro Reviews Frantic Freddie, INV+, Sonic Advance 3, Double Dragon Advance, Double Dragon C64


Sega Ages

29 Jun 04

Arcade Hunt Rhyl North Wales
Coverdisc 50 Retro PC Games, 20 Emulators, 18 C64 Games & Demos, Gamebase64
Desert Island Disks Scott Adams
EndGame Another World
Feature Classic Gaming Expo UK & US, Miner Willy: The Mega-Tree Mystery
Feature BASIC Instinct: Magazine Type-ins, Lords of Midnight: House of Lords Part 2
Feature Ant Attack!: Empire of Ants - Sandy White, Boxing Clever: 80's TV Spin-off Games
Gallery 80's TV Games
Profile Sega: Sega Ages, Protovision: One Vision, Gamebase 64: GB64
Retro Reviews R-Type, Reaxion, Zxokoban, Chase HQ


Nintendo's Greatest  Games

27 May 04

Coverdisc 25 Retro PC Games, 18 C64 Retro Music Tracks, Emulators
EndGame Aliens
Feature Nintendo's Greatest Hits: 8-Bit to 64-Bit, Play It Again SID: C64 Sound Chip,
Feature Creature Feature: Alien & Predator Games, Lords of Midnight: House of Lords Part 1
Feature The Beautiful Game: Football Games, Dino Dini Interview, Emulation Nation
Gallery 1986
Hardware Amstrad CPC: Amstrad Action
Profile Memories of Telecomsoft - Richard Hewison


Acorn Archives

15 Apr 04

Coverdisc Gremlin's Greatest Hits 250, Gremlin Adverts & Inlays
EndGame Prince of Persia
Feature The Clone Wars: Piracy, Hero Worship: Superhero Games,
Gaming On The Go: Handhelds
Feature Arcade at Home: Jammaplus, Repton: Repton Retrospect 
Gallery 1985 
Hardware Acorn Archives
Profile Cronosoft: Cronosoft Chonicles
Retro Revival Space Invaders - Nishikado Interview, Sabre Wulf, Altered Beast, Metal Gear
Retro Revival Ghosts 'N Goblins, Doom, Prince of Persia, Spy Hunter, Leisure Suit Larry
Retro Revival Mortal Kombat, NARC, Out Run, Shining Force, Shinobi, The Last Ninja
Retro Revival Castlevania, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Slug, Pitfall, Metroid, Spy vs Spy, R-Type


Commodore Uncovered

Apr 04

Coverdisc 100 PC Retro Games & 50 Emulators
EndGame The Secret of Monkey Island
Feature The Top 50 Retro Game Characters, Inside Crash Towers: Newsfield Crash & Zzap! 64
Feature Play Another Day: James Bond Games, Fantastic Dizzy: Dizzy History, Pieces of 8-bit
Feature Retro Game Creator: Multimedia Fusion Beginner's Guide, Emulation Nation 
Gallery 1984
Hardware Commodore 8-bit: Commodore Uncovered
Profile Retro Remakes: Retrospec And Ovine By Design


Sinclair Special

Mar 04

Coverdisc 200 PC Retro Games & 75 Emulators
Feature Lord of the Rings: Return of the Rings, Miner Willy: Hall of the Miner King
Feature Top 100 Retro Games, Horror Movie Licences: Licence To Kill, Emulation Nation
Gallery 1983
Hardware Sinclair: Sinclair Researched
History Mastertronic: A History, Street Fighter: Street Fighting Clan